Balcony and loggia what’s the difference: a detailed review

Balcony and loggia what's the difference: a detailed review

Loggia and balcony have their own design features and external differences. There is such an abbreviation, known to many - SniP. SNiP - the so-called Building Regulations and Rules, which give the basic definition of the concepts of a balcony and a loggia. And in identifying the concepts should be guided precisely by these norms.

What is a balcony and loggia by the rules

The balcony is a fenced-off area, which obviously stands out from the facade plane.

Balcony and loggia what's the difference: a detailed review

Loggia is a built-in or attached building, on one side is open, and on three sides walled

One design differs from the other and other significant features.

Features and differences of two designs:

  1. Plate - this is the defining difference between our balcony and the loggia. The balcony opens up to the space on three sides, it is roughly said that there are no walls, no roof. The same plate only one side is attached to the wall of the house as a console and visually hanging in space.
  2. Loggia - this is part of the interior, it never stands for the front of the house, it is included in it. The same plate is already supported by the three sides on the wall of the house. And the roof at the loggia is the stove of the upper loggia.

Balcony and loggia what's the difference: a detailed review

The loggia is more reliable than the balcony as the feature of the balcony is a cantilever construction - fixing the slab only along one wall

But we can not say about this type of construction, like a balcony-loggia. From its standard counterparts, it is distinguished by the fact that part of this room stands for the very plane of the facade, and part is built into the building itself. But, if you say everything, then in a new building you will not actually find such a solution, it is extremely rare.

Set of furniture for a loggia (video)

The balcony differs from the loggia: dimensions

There is such a thing - the standard width of the balcony. It came from the last century, when four decades, beginning with the 50's and ending with not so long ago the 80th years, mass construction of apartment buildings went on. Typical houses, immortalized, including, in the film Eldar Ryazanov, became one of the symbols of the era.

Balcony and loggia what's the difference: a detailed review

Not always a balcony or loggia can meet standardization

Design institutes developed "series" - standard projects, so that the mass production of building structures could be fully ensured. Then the very standard width of the balcony was born.

Most of the balconies today have a slab width of 3275 mm, and the projection from the wall is 800 mm. The standard size of the loggia is plates 1200 to 5800 mm.

The difference between a loggia and a balcony is also important in that this plate is divided into two apartments in the middle, and the width became equal to 2900 mm. An exception is the corner loggia, when the size changes due to the docking of the two slabs.

What's more: a balcony or a loggia

Judging by the typical sizes, it is easy to conclude. But today there are loggias of different design, there are very large loggias, which are often converted into another living room. Of course, after warming.

Balcony and loggia what's the difference: a detailed review

Different ideas can be realized by having not a small loggia. One of them - warming

If you sum up the comparative results, you get such a reminder:

  • The loggia with the building has three common walls, while the balcony has only one. But if the loggia is semicircular or angular, there will be two common walls.
  • The loggia has a ceiling, the balcony of this part is stripped;
  • The balcony is always issued for the facade of the building, the loggia is not;
  • On a loggia in many cases it is possible to spend heating, with a balcony to do it legally and safely it does not turn out;
  • When you equip a balcony, you always take into account the permissible load, with a loggia such manipulations are not required;

Both the balcony and the balcony by norms do not belong to the heated premises, and if you have heated the loggia, the space will be included in the total area of ​​the dwelling.

Design options for balconies and loggias (video)

Warmth of the loggia: what is it?

Warming the loggia will be necessary, if you are going to combine the loggia with the room, thereby increasing the area of ​​the room. At the same time you need to insulate everything: floor, ceiling, walls. Do not be afraid of the fact that due to this warming, "eat" a substantial part of the area of ​​the loggia. The insulation will take no more than six centimeters, and this is not so much already.

Features of the insulation of the loggia:

  1. The walls freeze quickly, it's not a myth. So, it is necessary to delay heat. In most cases, foam foil and foam foam insulation boards are used for this.
  2. Before warming it is necessary to carefully close all the cracks so that the wind does not walk under the heater. Additional layers of insulation must usually be covered with polyethylene.

Balcony and loggia what's the difference: a detailed review

Insulated design, figuratively speaking, turns a loggia into a large thermos that perfectly preserves heat

After warming, you can start cosmetic repairs.

But there is something to be said about the balcony, although one association with the apartment differs from the other.

Can the kitchen be combined with a balcony

Very often a kitchen is combined with a balcony. What can this give? On the former balcony you can arrange a small dining room, or make it a place for a refrigerator and freezer, that is - storage of food.

Balcony and loggia what's the difference: a detailed review

Balcony in the shape of a bay window can become a working area of ​​your kitchen

If you combine the apartment with a loggia, the opportunities are even greater. Popular today option - a study or a workshop for the needlewoman. They often turn a loggia into a sort of cottage-reading room, where there is a sleeping place, cozy and pleasant for pastime, bookshelves or a bookcase, pillows, rugs, etc., and, of course, good lighting.

Combining the kitchen with a loggia (video)

Balcony and loggia - two, in fact, different rooms, and one and the second can be combined with the apartment, coordinating their actions with the relevant organizations. With this decision, you can give life to your idea, increase the functionality of the apartment and transform it externally.

Good luck!

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