Shopping Idea: a necklace Pompet Paris

Shopping Idea: a necklace Pompet Paris

Question look, I just found out ceremonial necklaces specially devised for dogs. These are the creations of Géraldine Kaiser, marketed under the brand Pompet Paris. As she found nothing to her liking for Happy, her Jack Russell dog. Suddenly, she started to work and had the idea to launch this new series of ceremonial necklaces, inspired by Tibetan bracelets.

Geraldine plays on natural and raw harmonies or dare blends bright and blurry colors she uses natural wood beads, source of stones, Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, Tiger Eye decorated with small charms Skulls, Peace and Love or Buddha. All beads are smooth and soft for comfort neck of your companions .. Each model carries a small tassel, brand signature.

Everything is made in Paris and hand. A true work of artist and artisan! The collars are available in 5 sizes (25, 30, 35, 40 and 50cm) depending on the dog's neck and may optionally be custom made according to the wishes and desires of his master.Shopping Idea: a necklace Pompet ParisShopping Idea: a necklace Pompet Paris

Since I got mine as gifts to become its ambassador, I never left him. My mistress puts me every morning and I'm very proud because I feel ... a real ham chic and trendy accessory!
Shopping Idea: a necklace Pompet Paris
Attention, it is indeed a necklace for home and should in no way replace the necklace with the medal of your companion.
Prices: from 28 to 50 €.

Contact: Tel Pompet Paris. : 06 11 43 04 80


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Noirmoutier potato

Noirmoutier potato

The feast of potato of Noirmoutier will take place this coming weekend on May 7 This is the 15th edition.

The Bonnotte, a very pretty name, so this is the famous potato that great leaders snapped at exorbitant prices. I saw a small cardboard € 90 to 17 in "Grand Frais".

Well, the next day there were more. Like what, even at that price, it should be very good small potato. 

This is one of the oldest 'early "French. Everything is unique in this potato.

The taste is fruity and delights the palate. Each year, its low production is an event that shakes the gastronomic world.

So what better. And besides, it will be fine.

Good harvest.

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Lighting for work surfaces

I found, Ikea, a type of lighting specifically designed to work plans. 

Lighting for work surfaces

Features - Grundtal lighting - IKEA

Provides an even light over the countertop; good when preparing food
Designate : Mikael Warnhammar
Bulb included.
To be used with ANSLUTA cord system, sold separately; can be connected to the power supply up to 10 lamps connected in series.
Halogen bulb G4 12V 10W
Leg: Steel
Diffuser: glass
Cover: ABS plastic, polycarbonate plastic
Price: 30 euro
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The Manehouarn Domaine Brittany

Morbihan and Lorient region hold many treasures, the domain Manehouarn Plouay is the country of those.

In a unique, 50-hectare park, the Domaine Manehouarn offers two outbuildings of the eighteenth century renovated to accommodate many guests.
On one side, a cottage can accommodate up to 39 people, the other six apartments to the capacity of 2 to 6 beds each. The formulas are adaptable: half board, full board with breakfast or free management ...

The Manehouarn Domaine Brittany

The Manehouarn Domaine Brittany

Price: 3974 € the week or 960 € for the weekend cottage
Domain Manehouarn - 56240 Plouay. Such. : 02 97 33 05 93. Website:

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molten basalt pavers

The terrace this house, added long after its construction did not meet the style of the whole building. We proposed to cover a canopy glass in a style corresponding to the date of construction of the house (late 1800).

molten basalt pavers

To keep a contemporary twist, we have proposed to replace the lining of the terrace below the entrance, to replace it with a material more in line with the style of the House. We stay in a mineral coating with paving stones molten basalt (Black with blue highlights). More information on this product here.

molten basalt pavers


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An expert look to organize your kitchen

An expert look to organize your kitchen

Marianne is a Evennou specialist design of small spaces "Smart". The cooked remains one of his favorite rendezvous. Storage, lighting, layout, installation, detour to the kitchen with the interior designer Marianne Evennou, which tells us all for optimized case by case kitchen.

You often work in small spaces, how do you approach the case from the kitchen?

Marianne Evennou: This piece has the most vital function: to feed and share! So I do not hesitate to ask often in the middle of the space. It must radiate.

When there is room, you prefer the open kitchens?

Marianne Evennou: If I can break down barriers, I do, but with an opening which lets out the look. I realize now a kitchen designed as a cabin placed in the large living room with a loft. This comparison gives higher awareness volumes.

The appliances, apparent or hidden in the kitchen?

Marianne Evennou: I am very impressed with these wonderful robots, smart tools for pressing, rolling, crush, heat, grill ... The kitchen is such a special place that it seems legitimate to highlight this little laboratory. Do not show the appliances or dishes would be for me as a library without books.

Do you have favorite colors for the kitchen?

Marianne Evennou: I prefer the soft, muted colors, such as shades of gray and blue. But I made up a lot with the personalities that appeal to me. I try to translate what I perceive them.

And preferable materials?

Marianne Evennou: Always simple enough. I often have budgetary constraints that force me find tips, unexpected materials. I choose them easy to maintain and that age well. I like the sideboards in white tiles or cement, soils powdered steel or polished concrete, or even hand-painted, the concrete countertops, marble or granite from Zimbabwe.

For the kitchen, direct and indirect lighting?

Marianne Evennou: I'm not a fan of bright lights. We need an effective light on the work plan, but I then installs small bright spots for the atmosphere, preferably with a dimmer.

The meals in the kitchen, is a habit that you share?

Marianne Evennou: I always preferred the kitchen to live. I live in a large studio with a rather small kitchen, like a glass box where everyone loves cramming.

The creation of storage is always a complicated step. How do you design for a kitchen?

Marianne Evennou: First I ask my clients all out, keep only the useful items. I do not like hanging cupboards, I do my best to avoid them. So I give them as discreet as possible and I cover everything that is not beautiful. I leave apparent that I find fun and can be staged: the dishes, appliances, utensils. Leave them at hand is like an open invitation to take action.

© Jean-Marc Palisse

By Lily Champris, House French Magazine No. 3 March 2014

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A small room very clever bathroom

A small room very clever bathroom

For 2 years, we are renovating room by room, our little house. The bathroom being the last piece, I had time to think about the atmosphere, the colors, materials.

This room is small (About 5 m2), What I wanted above all, it is a sleek set and optimized spaces.

Very attracted by the spirit retro returning cement tiles in Deco necessarily seduced me. And I found the pattern that matched us in these shades of gray, faded, perfect for a gentle atmosphere while providing character!

A small room very clever bathroom

A small room very clever bathroom

Then shower or bath? My husband voted for the shower when I could not simply ignore the bathtub. This handset has been the perfect option: a nice sized bath, which alights on a caillibottis and a pivot shower door. Realized all / thought my stepfather, without whom this would not have been possible!

A small room very clever bathroom

Finally, with the same wood as the caillibottis he was able to realize the bathroom cabinet, the access steps to the shower where lurk the storage, giving coherence and harmony to all.

That left me to draw pretty ideas to perfect the decoration and avoid clutter: as the side wall soap dish basins, but also hand shower. Emilie.

A small room very clever bathroom

A small room very clever bathroom

>> Find Emilia on his blog, Emilie Parizot

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Good manners and politeness, would you have the Excellence?


Good manners and politeness, would you have the price of'excellenceAh ... good manners! Formerly, this is how one could describe this or that, as a token of a refined education. Is this a phenomenon of ancient times? Yes, some will say that I speak of a bygone era, those who agree with me they would then tradi-reac New? Our company has in any case not the prerogative of good manières.Alors incivility why they were on the rise?

Whose fault is it ? Failure to education? Failure of living together values? Priority Individualism? Indifference to others? Intrusion NICT? We have the answer daily on the subway, at the wheel of our cars, doing our shopping at merchants, ...

" It's my turn ! " " It's my place ! " " Me first ! "Hectic impatience, biting aggressiveness verb sing loud! And it's not a matter of generations, far from it to observe some seniors in museums, they should enjoy leisure time, they unfortunately sometimes the first to rush you!

My joker? My secret weapon? A smile ! Yes smile often many miracles and I use it daily as armor against the ambient aggression of all these citizens of 7 to 77 years spoiled, pressed as much as crushed by our company! Courtesy, as you make yourself scarce!

I was very much amused to browse the small guide of good manners, which looks like a slightly retro book published by Larousse ... I'll be able to review for the umpteenth time whether to place the water glass to the right or left, for Otherwise, what I consider ESSENTIAL, to be called the life skills or etiquette, these are many more courses that guides should be put in fashion!

And you, what do you think ? Let go and tell because it will better said and smiled .. A word to salvation!

Good manners and politeness, you'd have the price of excellence, Larousse (2015)

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Tart apples and questches fashionable Luneville

Tart apples and questches fashionable LunevilleSunday questches tart apples and fashionable Luneville. I think it was still one of the last beautiful trips with sun and mild temperatures well. Of course, we decided to take a walk in the Vosges. Actually, it's only an hour from Strasbourg. I really wanted to photograph beautiful cows in close before they return to the barn. And to see in nature, he had to go through Lorraine with our shoes, as in Alsace, one hardly finds in. Each region has its own culture and its own farm. So we found the girls at the roadside. They have obviously taken the break for more than half an hour. Happy to pass on the string 'of In My Dreams of Love ", the time of a ticket.Tart apples and questches fashionable LunevilleTart apples and questches fashionable Luneville
Continuing our trip, we saw the sign "Luneville" and Castle. " Why not ?. He was burned over much of his buildings and wanted to see what it gave in restoration. .The surprise is that we arrived on the pretty square in front of it, where the flower market was held, pumpkins, pumpkins, vegetables, potatoes and so on varieties but collection. Of course, my second companion, Nikon, did not hesitate to take pictures (and I was also photographed) .especially I did not know certain products.
Tart apples and questches fashionable Luneville
Tart apples and questches fashionable Luneville
Traders have the radiant smile of the sunshine. The Sunday strollers delighted with this very nice little interlude, bought flowers. Then our steps took us to the pleasant streets with yet beautiful window boxes. I liked this old side France and the restoration of state Castle is well underway. It is headed by the historical monuments that are detail by detail, to rebuild the identically.
Tart apples and questches fashionable Luneville
Tart apples and questches fashionable Luneville
On our return, we went through some of that lovely Lorraine. With its beautiful churches in the round tower. The autumn leaves were falling on the road. On returning, we had a little hungry. We ended this pleasant walk with a good tart plum, red apple and frangipane. I like this makes tastier cake queen for a day. Yes, after a visit to a castle, it was necessary.

Preparation : 20 minutes   -   cooking: 40 minutes

Cost: easy and affordable

For a nice pie

1 pastry roll -  

1 pouch for frangipane

500 g plums - 4 apples

3 packets of vanilla sugar - 20 cl cream

4 eggs - 5 cups milk

some cane sugar - jam quince

Tart apples and questches fashionable Luneville

Tart apples and questches fashionable Luneville



- Preheat oven to mark 6 (180 °).

- Wipe the plums, cut them in two, remove the stones. Cut the apples into slices.

- Prepare the frangipane into the bowl. Pour in the cream, eggs, milk and vanilla bags.

- Mix well with a whisk by hand so there are no more lumps.

- Roll out the pastry with the baking paper in a pie pan. Pull over there half plum in the first mixture and cover with frangipane. Place the apple slices over last. 

- Bake for about 40 minutes, until the edges of the pie are golden brown.

- Just before leaving your pie, sprinkle with cane sugar to caramelize some apples for 10 minutes max.

- Remove the pie from the oven, unmold it gently on a grid by removing the baking paper and leave to cool. Putting the pieces a little quince jam.

This is a pie that I made after I had in the fridge. It was juicy, with that little bit of cream smelling almond that was in the frangipane. 

WARNING : Apple seeds are removed. I put the whole slices for the nice photo.

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California, spectacular villa perched on the cliffs of Carmel

Carmel-by-the-Sea, a wild and rugged coastline, the raging elements, a landscape breathtaking, it is the decoration of this luxury villa currently for sale by TopTenRealEstate. A contemporary house, famous for hosting the final scene of a 1971 film Clint Eastwood "Play Misty for Me" ( "Play Misty for Me").

Sotheby's International Realty.

Sotheby's International Realty.

The current owner has undertaken since its acquisition 3 years ago, much work in the house ($ 2 million). The choice of interior decoration was made on a range of clear and relatively neutral colors to enhance the masterly views of the Pacific Ocean. The house has three bedrooms and bathrooms and a separate guest house with one bedroom and a private bathroom.

Sotheby's International Realty (25) Sotheby's International Realty (17)

Sotheby's International Realty (12)

Since the early twentieth century, artists, actors, writers and musicians have been attracted by the natural beauty of the coast of Carmel and the Monterey Peninsula. Many entrepreneurs and executives live Carmel or Carmel Valley, Carmel Highlands. The rules of life in this small town are unique. The heels are not allowed without permission. No mail delivery at home. No street lights in the streets ... The city has become a model for urban planners around the world to discover its secrets.

This house is currently for sale (negotiable furniture) at $ 11.9 million price. A high price but with such impressive sea views ...

Sotheby's International RealtySotheby's International Realty (13)

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Poppy cake of my childhood

Poppy cake of my childhood

So when I saw this soft, with a poppy pot, I said to myself, that's my cake today. It has a lemony taste it, this little crunchy little seeds that roll like marbles under the teeth. Mind your angelic smile. I read a whole article on it, and I could not imagine what we could do except put it on the bread .... Anyway, I really enjoyed myself with happiness. I wish you all a great weekend !!!

It is a cake poppy that I had put on my old blog. I emerged from my files, because it reminds me of my childhood. I remember a bakery in Sicily (with my mom) where on the stroke of 10 am, a good smell was walking in the street. Of course, I told my mom "O mamma fame" and shoo the nice bakery baguette under the arm and eating the stalk with pleasure and gluttony.

Poppy cake of my childhood

Poppy cake of my childhood

preparation:15 min    -   baking : 25 min

Cost : easy and affordable

For a pretty cake


3 c. tablespoon poppy seeds

100 g of soft butter

150 g of sugar

2 eggs

6 c. tablespoons milk

175 g flour

½ baking powder

zest of 1 lemon untreated


- Whisk the softened butter in a bowl with the sugar. Add the eggs and milk, whisk, then add the flour and yeast.

- Add poppy seeds and rind finely grated lemon. Pour the mixture into a cake pan.

- To cooking, 20 to 25 min, in an oven preheated to 180 ° C.

- Remove the cake from the oven, let it cool before unmolding.

It keeps very well 2 days, but it is so good it does not 2 days !!!!


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Sea bream tartare with peaches

Sea bream tartare with peaches

I'm back from vacation and this is the fish and tartar period in Eleanor. In addition it is true that it is good for health. By cons in this recipe that I made, one likes or dislikes. I'll hear yuck, not good, I do not like. I will say that at least to try it once, for those who are a priori of the thought. You may say that this is an idea that falls backwards, and I also totally understand those who do not support fish.
* Ohhhh cuckoo, I see you upside down with my little head. Amazing Facts * 


I tasted raw fish there are already a few years. During a period where I was representative in a seminar in Nancy. At the restaurant the input monkfish dish was a tartare. A beautiful
success, because since I love.

The life that I have not had the opportunity to eat until my coming on Strasbourg. Japanese restaurant I was to discover "Osaka" and miracle, it served raw fish. I go there at least 2 to 3 times a year. By cons must absolutely fresh fish, otherwise
it's a disaster.

I wanted to try myself another variant, with another fish because often used or salmon,
or monkfish.  From an idea of ​​Cyril Lignac. It was fine as wine tasting.




Sea bream tartare with peaches

For gourmands 2:


200 g very fresh sea bream fillets

1 yellow peach

½ red grapefruit

½ lime

5 fennel seeds

3 dill

5 seeds pink peppercorns

1 olive oil net

1 vanilla

salt and pepper

Cut the vanilla pod and scrape the inside with a knife to extract
seeds. Place them in a bowl.

In a saucepan, heat the olive oil without making smoke. Pour it over the seeds  vanilla and let steep.

Chop the dill, book it in another bowl.

Peel and cut into cubes fishing. Mix the diced fish and dill. Using a knife, crush
fennel seeds and add them to fish and dill in the bowl. Press the half-grapefruit and green lemon half. Pour the juice into the bowl.

Detail the bream fillets into strips, then into cubes. Add them to the bowl and mix

Effritez few pink peppercorns over the bowl, add the vanilla oil previously

Mix together salt and pepper, then ceviche marinate 30 minutes in refrigerator.

Train round ceviche to the punch and serve immediately.


A good little white will make her happy. 

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Complete sourdough baguettes

Complete sourdough baguettes

Good evening gourmands! Today I'll show you how to prepare these delicious baguettes full sourdough bread. Nothing complicated in this recipe, just need a little patience and organization and you will get fluffy and tasty baguettes, ideal for sandwiches or toast health!

Complete sourdough baguettes

Complete sourdough baguettes

Like other revenue sourdough bread it was inspired by a recipe from Éric Kayser, a famous French baker who published a reference book, Larousse The Loaf. I love all his recipes and very clear explanations allow to obtain a perfect result every time. Go and see my country bread, buns or croissants and pains au chocolat! (French version at the end of articles)

Complete sourdough baguettes

The only difference with the original recipe is that I used a rather old leaven that has gone through several drinks and was therefore not the force of a freshly made leaven. But even so the bread is excellent!

For 3 rods 325g:

  • whole wheat flour 500g
  • 360g of water at 20 ° C
  • 100g of liquid leaven home (recipe here)
  • 3 g of fresh or dry yeast 1.5 g
  • 10 g salt

Find the full article with photos of step on Tarthélémy HERE.

Kneading the robot: the flour, water, yeast, yeast and salt in a bowl. Knead for 4 minutes at low speed and 6 minutes at high speed.

A ball with the dough and let stand covered with a damp cloth for 1 hour. The dough should increase in volume.

Flour the worktop and divide the dough into three equal parts. Form balls and let stand for 15 minutes covered with a wet cloth.

Flatten dough, fold the upper 1/3 to the center and seal with the fingers, do the same with the bottom. Fold the dough in half and press with the base of the hand to seal the edges.

Leave breads formed with the opening below on a lined baking sheet of parchment paper. Thebitter bread with a knife or scissors and let rise for 1:30, covered with a damp cloth.
to preheat the oven
at 200 ° C with a plate at the bottom. Just before baking bread, pour 50 ml of water on the hot plate and bake for 25 minutes or until they are golden.

Complete sourdough baguettes

Your rods are ready! I hope that you will like :-)

Enjoy your meal!

If you want to hear from me often feel free to follow me on:


Instagram (add #cuisineenscene hashtag and tag it @cuisineenscene if you publish a photo of my recipes)



© 2010-2017 - kitchen scene

All texts and pictures are the property of kitchen Scene, thank you not to use without permission.



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A welcoming terrace for sunbathing

Hello, we moved in late July 2010. I was looking forward to develop this terrace because I can not stand to see a terrace without plants and without flowers. Last year I first bought the palm tree, he took back the winter and two tall pines. This year, I installed window boxes with geraniums and small tender green pines. Basically I made my vegetable garden (tomatoes, strawberries, peppers and herbs). On the wall, there are lavender, sage and verbena ... What makes me unique and beautiful terrace? Well it is I who have everything arranged and selected, so it is a creative and personal pleasure. And it feels good and I think that's the main thing. Emmanuelle

A welcoming terrace for sunbathing

A welcoming terrace for sunbathing

>> You also send us photos of your deck

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Cheesecake and poppy my way

Cheesecake and poppy my way

It's been long since I'd not prepared cheesecake, but this time I rather wanted a Käsekuchen as it is called here in Germany.

The recipe is different for Käsekuchen, or cheesecake (similar to the Alsatian view), is used Quark, a fairly compact cheese, not the philadelphia. It also beats the egg whites. The result is sparkling, less compact than a cheesecake, but just as creamy.

Here, the cake is often flavored with lemon and it is not uncommon to put a poppy paste layer. It is then called the Mohn-Käsekuchen. I love it!

Cheesecake and poppy my way

I used a pot of poppy paste purchased in my organic supermarket. If you are looking on the internet you will find recipes to prepare it yourself, it's not complicated.

As my poppy paste was quite compact, I untied with apricot jam (which also allowed me to finish my pot started), but if you do it yourself, it will not be necessary .

Finally, I chose to sweeten my cake agave syrup. I fear it is too liquid, but absolutely not!

Moreover it is frothy, creamy and not too sweet. A real joy ;-)

Cheesecake and poppy my way

1 to 20cm mold:

For the pastry:

  • 200g flour
  • diced butter 100g
  • 1 or 2 tablespoons cane sugar
  • Cold water
  • poppy pastry 140g
  • apricot jam 80g

For the cream:

  • cheese 250g 40% fat
  • lean white cheese 250g
  • 100g double cream
  • Separate 3 eggs
  • 50g agave syrup (or more if you like sweet)
  • 40g cornflour
  • zest and juice of 1/2 lemon
  • 1 sachet of vanilla sugar (optional)

Mix the dough ingredients, darken the mold. Cover poppy-apricot mixture.

Mix cottage cheese with cream, yolks and syrup. Add zest and lemon juice, cornstarch and beaten egg whites until stiff. Pour over bottom covered with poppy.

Bake in a preheated oven at 200 ° C for 45 minutes. Cool, then chill overnight.

Cheesecake and poppy my way

If you can not find it sweet enough, you can cover it with honey, agave syrup, or sprinkle with icing sugar before serving.

Cheesecake and poppy my way

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