Brunch at & quot; Bistró of Central & quot ;, Madrid

Brunchbistro 7

Madrid is full of restaurants, bars and cafeterias, but La Central de Callao is a special place: it's a bookstore, stationary (and treasure cave), part of which is devoted to the restoration. You eat from breakfast to dinner, and you can even drink a drink in the evening ... It is a versatile address!

As a brunch fans, we went for a ride, and I was very pleasantly surprised: for € 22, you will enjoy a very complete brunch, plentiful and delicious.

Brunchbistro 12

Add 3 € and you'll get a more cocktail :-)

Brunch therefore includes:

A hot beverage, here coffee, exquisite!

Brunchbistro 2

A cool drink, here kiwi juice, strawberry and honey, delicious!

A cool drink, here kiwi juice, strawberry and honey

Brunchbistro 1

A sheet of bread, butter and jam ...

A bread board and mini croissants with butter and jam

And mini pastries, excellent!

Brunchbistro 5

I loved the mini "bread custard" ...

Brunchbistro 6

A main dish: eggs Benedict (or scrambled) with spinach and smoked salmon,

A main dish: eggs Benedict (or scrambled) with spinach and smoked salmon

To fall!

To fall!

And for dessert, a slice of cake or a fruit salad:

Brunchbistro 10

Brunchbistro 11

We were thrilled!

And to digest, take a walk on the side of books, they have a very interesting selection. I love the kitchen range (they even sell tableware and lunch boxes), or the children's book ...

Good weekend and good brunch to all :-)


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Tart raspberries way teurgoule

Tart raspberries way teurgoule  

Yes, it was one of my shots cores, raspberry pie to the teurgoule. I wanted to share again, because I think it's pie which was swallowed faster than lightning coffee. 

Found on the supplement of theExpress,  "  The Express styles "I tear from the package as soon as he arrives home, she damned his eyes for weeks. Already the rice is my guilty pleasure, I had to succumb to this greed. Eleonora holiness was prepared. I noticed all my ingredients to not miss anything. Here I am at the promo trays raspberries. And go in a divine blend cinnamon, sugar and vanilla... at the right rice cooked Norman, and what about the smell in the whole house, but happiness !!!  

I know this is not the true way teurgoule baked for four hours, but made by Gontran Cherrier, he says that it is a way for him to make his teurgoule.Une recipe made by his maman as a child.  


Tart raspberries way teurgoule 

Tart raspberries way teurgoule 


preparation: 25 min -    6 greedy:      

Cooking rice pudding:   about 20 to 25 min 

tart Cooking: 15 to 20 min  

 your pie  

1 dough roll blasted 24 cm  

45 g of round rice 

37 cl of whole milk 

30 g brown sugar 

½ tablespoon shaved cinnamon 

¼ vanilla pod 

3 raspberries trays  



- Heating a pot of water with a pinch of salt and, as soon as boiling, y blanch rice 2 min, then drain. Preheat oven to 180 ° C (th 6). 

- Pull down the dough roll that the baking sheet covered with baking paper. Prick pulp and cook for 15 to 20 min. 

- Pour the milk into a pan (non-stick if possible) with cinnamon, seeds of vanilla pod (there are already prepared by the Vahiné trademark), brown sugar. From the first boil, add the rice, stir and simmer for about 15 to 20 minutes, stirring occasionally. If it's too runny, continue cooking: it must remain little milk. Transfer to a bowl and let cool. 

- On round serving dish, spread three or four "drops" of rice pudding, to adhere the pie shell. Then there gently slide the pastry disc. 

- Place on the pastry a layer of rice milk of about 0.5 cm thick, smooth with a spatula, allow the free edge of 1 or 2 cm. 

- then arrange the raspberries as for a classic pie. 

  It was a fun and funny mixture ... .to remake.  

 This is a recipe from Gontran Cherrier  "Baker and culinary creator". One way to do his rice pudding.   


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Fun, little indoor bike

Hello, this is my favorite decorative object. While I was looking for a "real" old motorcycle in a trade fair, I had a crush on this motorcycle riding. I love it because thanks to it, my passion for motorcycle creeps into my living room. Near the entrance, it welcomes visitors, bikers or not unanimous and occupies an unusual way space always a bit empty and difficult to develop under the stairs. Ghislaine


>> See more photos of the house of Ghislaine

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Deco idea: a gutter in my kitchen

Hello, this is my favorite object in my kitchen decor in Amiens. In the interior and exterior renovations, there was no kitchen, no tiles or wall ... We just kept the hood which was originally (1920), but we have moved and the door scrap the old porch. That's when clearing the rubble I intercepted my father with a piece of zinc gutter. Its location was natural for me and a stroke of luck the size was perfect. So I arranged under the hood. I have not done it: he now serves as storage for towels, sponges, potholders or other kitchen utensils that we still need to reach. Sylvie


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Me and François Mitterrand to the theater Nursery

ME AND FM Pepiniere Displays

If you are disgusted with politics and that you have low morale, then nothing like the show "François Mitterrand and I" which is played at the theater Nursery.

Introduced in 2016 in the programming of Theater du Rond-Point, this one scene is from the wacky text Hervé Le Tellier, a member of the Oulipo and pillar of the France Culture radio program "The Papuans in the head, published Nicoles at Lattes in March 2016.

In a staging of Benjamin Guillard, Olivier Broche is irresistible. This member Deschiens Deschamps-Makeieff sometimes looks like a Lucchini.

ME AND FRANCOIS MITTERRAND Letter Photo (copyright-free (c) Raphael Arnaud)

Have you ever came to mind to write to the president? Well just like the children write letters to Santa, our anti-hero Hervé will send a postcard to President François Mitterrand. No this is not a joke! And even they will become friends! But if, but if you're not dreaming ...

"To congratulate François Mitterrand's election two years ago, I wrote him a postcard of Arcachon, in September 1983. Francis replied. I find "thanking my letter," assured me that my remarks would receive "all the attention they deserved" and would be "taken into account", "in the shortest possible time." And he assured me of his "best wishes". Others might have confused his reply with a form letter. Not me. I replied, and Francis received a new response to the content rather close. Has thus established a very personal correspondence between him and me, until his death. I continued with all those who have succeeded by Jacques C. Francis H., and all, without exception, took my remarks "into consideration" and assured me of their "best wishes". It is this connection with our presidents that I finally decided to reveal to the public, to testify before history.

You understood, in this correspondence is his story that scrolls that of a man, that of a desperately lonely man. ME AND FRANCOIS MITTERRAND Photo Armchair (royalty-free (c) Raphael Arnaud)Tirelessly, the answers arrive. Identical. Administrative. Empty. He filled and honored, continuous and persistent. It ignites enthuses this great epistolary friendship with the great of this world.

During this conference an unlikely we will see scroll the French political history of the Mitterrand years to seven-Holland. Neither Bernie nor Carla, Julie naked, not be forgotten that Guignol review.

If you, too, he took you want to write before his departure to François Hollande, hurry, it'll have much time. In any case, you do not deprive yourself of this parenthesis of humor and laughter.

Me and François Mitterrand The theater Nursery

Practical info for book: here

Playing since January 25, 2027, from Tuesday to Saturday at 19h.

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The loft of Thierry Mugler in New York

Welcome to the couturier Thierry Mugler! In his New York loft, located in the Chelsea neighborhood, the designer asked his interior designers to achieve an interior height of his haute couture collections: surprise!

In this apartment of 400 sqm, the dining room itself is 45m², when we know the property prices in New York, there is nothing to be afraid! ;)

But if you did not faint of heart (and well-filled purse) know that this beautiful penthouse is on sale for 8 million dollars at Sotheby! If you buy it, do not forget to invite us there ...


The loft of Thierry Mugler in New York

The loft of Thierry Mugler in New York

The loft of Thierry Mugler in New York

The loft of Thierry Mugler in New York

The loft of Thierry Mugler in New York

The loft of Thierry Mugler in New York

The loft of Thierry Mugler in New York

The loft of Thierry Mugler in New York

The loft of Thierry Mugler in New York

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Quiz: Win the recipe box Sophie Dudemaine

You have 7 days to send us the best photos of your kitchen or your house to try to win "My recipe box" Sophie Dudemaine full of 300 recipes.

Quiz: Win the recipe box Sophie Dudemaine

How to win "My recipe box" Sophie Dudemaine?

To try his luck, it's simple: just send us before December 14, 2011 at midnight, the best photos of your kitchen. Whether small or large, modern or traditional, open to the living room or dining room ... we accept all styles. Not want to send photos of your kitchen, choose another room! But beware, send us all about beautiful pictures because the winner will be the user that sent the most beautiful picture.

You can now send your email to [email protected] not forgetting to attach:

- your photos (maximum 10)
- a text telling us your kitchen or your house

Learn more about "My recipe box"

In a pretty box closed by an orange silicone band are offered the 300 best recipes of Sophie, in the form of laminated cards. 150 savory recipes separated by dividers 6: appetizer, meat, fish, vegetable and unique flat. 150 sweet recipes separated by two spacers: dessert and snack. Each recipe is accompanied by practical advice and tips or Deco signed Sophia. Something to appeal to fans of Sophie and all aficionados of good food and super easy!

The closing date is December 14, 2011 at midnight. Writing will select the photos received his favorite who wins "My recipe box" Sophie Dudemaine.

The pictures you like the most:
- Photos well framed
- good quality Pictures
- Photos with color
- The zoom on a detail Deco

The pictures you like least:
- The dark and dull pictures
- Poorly framed pictures
- Photos without explanatory texts
- Vertical photo (horizontal preferred)
- Too small images (less than 650 pixels)

Send your photos to [email protected]

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Tutorial: pencil pots to make family

Temperatures drop, the perfect opportunity to make a little do it yourself ! Go hop I realized (with my daughter) of pencil pots by recycling cans.

Recently, I had set aside a few cans. I piochée my reservation papers some paper (Easy enough when regular scrapbook like me). I also used the adhesive varnish and my small cutter. Finally, I gathered my poking and masking tape adhesive tapes. The hardest part of this achievement is probably to choose the paper :). It only remained to us put everything.

This activity has delighted my little girl of 6 years (its realization, at the bottom of this article), even my 10 year old boy has thrown a glance supported :).

Now I have one wish, making variants: pots succulent candle jars...

I think I succumb to the upcycling trend !!!  This is to recover materials / products that you no longer use to transform materials / quality of products or superior utility. So you're like me ???

pencil case

IMG_3583 IMG_3585 IMG_3587IMG_3589



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Design meets Mathilde Bretillot

Design meets Mathilde Bretillot

- Hello, can you introduce yourself in a few words?

Mathilde Bretillot, Designer and interior designer

- Tell us about a project you're proud of ...

107 RIVOLI, shop bookstore Transformed of Decorative Arts

A place that is a must in Paris, connecting the mode and design. The redevelopment provides smooth playback and leaves a beautiful place to micro event spaces.

The highlight is the living link between a sales area and the museum has an extraordinary heritage and a program of contemporary exhibitions.

- What role do you give your creations? What is the design for you?

"Every crossed space should enrich us, make us happy, to resonate memories and awaken dreams. "

Design is a connected practice, to others, to memory, to the present, utopias, issues of all kinds. 

- In what environment do you work? What are your sources Inspiration?

All that expresses movement and light.

Design meets Mathilde Bretillot

Design meets Mathilde Bretillot

Design meets Mathilde Bretillot

Design meets Mathilde Bretillot

Design meets Mathilde Bretillot

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Nets fluxes mackerel in tomato crushed

A fishing fish recipe to a reasonable price, it is possible.
I suggest you make mackerel fillets in tomato crushed. The price of mackerel is less than 5 € per kilo, admit that it is not for a wild fish? In addition, I suggest you cook at low temperature, not only for the economy but for mackerel keeps its softness.
Prefer large mackerel, they will more icing to the cuisson.Vous serve this dish with couscous with fresh coriander, a real treat!

Nets fluxes mackerel in tomato crushedeasy recipes

For 6 persons

Preparation time : 15 minutes - Cooking time 30 minutes environ- Oven : T 80 ° C

Cost : Low

my ingredients

  • Fillet of mackerel: 12
  • red onion straws or 3
  • Tomato big: 5
  • Garlic cloves 2
  • thyme: 1/2 bunch
  • Laurel: 1 sheet
  • Parsley dish: 1/2 bunch
  • Olive oil: 20 cl
  • Salt, pepper: for memory

Nets fluxes mackerel in tomato crushedmy recipe

  1. Wash the tomatoes.
  2. Heat a pot of water, remove the stalk tomatoes and make a cross with a knife on the other side. Plunge tomatoes 30 seconds in boiling water, then in a bowl of cold water.
  3. Remove the skin of the tomatoes, cut them in half to remove the seeds and cut the tomatoes into large dice. Book.
  4. Peel and slice the onions, sweat the gently in a pan with olive oil, two sprigs of thyme, two cloves of garlic, salt to avoid burning them. When the onions are stewed, add the tomatoes and bay leaf, let the sauce cook gently, stirring regularly.
  5. Make heat the oven T 80 ° C. ChStatic alue and not ventilated.
  6. Pour the crushed tomatoes in a dish, season the mackerel fillets and place them flesh side on tomatoes, pour a little olive oil over the fish and bake T 80 ° C, 15 to 20 minutes.
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Luxury residence in Miami

Miami since its inception in the 60's a laboratory of new architectures. Once again, this project by the architects and designers of cabinet space Touzet Studio demonstrates well. Facing the bay to enjoy the sea views through huge windows, the house also has a swimming pool that makes you want to emigrate to Florida!


Luxury residence in Miami

Luxury residence in Miami

Luxury residence in Miami

Luxury residence in Miami

Luxury residence in Miami

Luxury residence in Miami

Luxury residence in Miami

Luxury residence in Miami

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Enigma 2 with Father Fouras …

Enigma 2 with Father Fouras ...
Congratulations! The mysterious voice was indeed that of the Father Fouras and for good reason, here I am on vacation in Fouras-Les-Bains in Charente-Maritime, a pretty seaside resort conveniently located opposite the island of Aix and especially I am a prisoner at Fort Boyard!

Emboldened by the ocean air, I feel like that's like a filibuster air, ready for any challenge. But for now, I'm still in Fort Boyard head to head with Father Fouras ! To be honest, I do not lead off because it is not easy to leave their drag ... Oh! Ah! Good joke! My first puzzle to solve before joining the mainland from Fouras-les-Bains and for once, I need a helping paw. Starting to help me and to team up with your favorite yorkie?

Enigma 2 with Father Fouras ...

So listen to your turn the question of Father Fouras and send me your answers otherwise I may well be imprisoned and quarantined in the Fort! Help my friends!

The mystery of the Father Fouras

You found the answer! Quick, write it directly on my blog or my facebook page! Your turn if I remain a prisoner! SOS Survival Kit for Yorkie pirate!

Enigma 2 with Father Fouras ...
Thanks to the actor Benoît Pac for imitation of Father Fouras.

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Escapade design in Amsterdam: The Conservatorium

In seeking an idea weekend in Europe, rich in culture and architecture City, Amsterdam is an ideal destination. The Conservatorium Hotel is a home base for all designated design lovers. Located in the heart of the museum district, it occupies what was once a music conservatory. The building is the work of architect Daniel Knuttel and everything inside was recently redesigned by the famous Italian designer Piero Lissoni. Known for its pure understated lines, Piero Lissoni provides the Conservatorium chic style and design. The hotel offers 129 rooms in many places closed windows or glass walls to maximize the entry of natural light.

The furniture consists of classical and contemporary pieces from the biggest design brands such as Cassina and Vitra.

More information:

Conservatorium Hotel Amsterdam design

Conservatorium Amsterdam luxury design

Conservatorium Hotel Amsterdam luxury design

Conservatorium Hotel Amsterdam design

Conservatorium Hotel room luxury design

Conservatorium Hotel Penthouse luxury hotel

Conservatorium Hotel Amsterdam pisicne design

Conservatorium Hotel Amsterdam spa boutique

Conservatorium Hotel Amsterdam luxury spa design

Conservatorium Hotel Amsterdam spa pool design

Conservatorium Hotel Amsterdam Spa 5 star restaurant

Conservatorium Hotel Amsterdam spa design luxury restaurant

Conservatorium Hotel Amsterdam Spa

Amsterdam Conservatorium romantic luxury spa


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Leko car Ikea: info ou intox?


Under his tarp, Leko, the car according to Ikea is full of mystery ... The "Car of Tomorrow", "convenient, environmentally friendly and accessible to all" seems too good to be true. And also a bit surreal ... Leko Ikea would "adjustable at will, both break and cavorted" allowing to "Ikea transport items you want " ! The painful memory of an equation on the Ikea parking lot: Billy shelf cartons + dishes + mini safe Clio = mission possible, up to the surface ...

So "the concept car of tomorrow", Embodied Leko, he would actually brainwashing? One thinks of little clues over putting us on the trail of a publicity stunt Ikea, a super car. The designer of Leko Christophe Grozs talks about "the most responsible and most friendly to go to Ikea" and the Internet rumors are already underway ... A group of Facebook has also been created: "Those who understood the Leko (Ikea car) is a marketing hoax" with serious track evoking a co-operative. The video on the Ikea site is registered with a URL containing the word "carpooling"...


Go for the curious, the Leko car will be unveiled on 31 March by Ikea, as part of the week of sustainable development. Meanwhile, if you want to know a bit more: And a final index for the road (yes I know it was easy ...). Attention outstanding:


And you, what do you think, info ou intox? Do you have an idea of ​​what hides under his tarpaulin Leko? The bets are open…

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VIP of the niche …

VIP of the niche ...

Valérie Lang and yours truly ... Credit. Nils Boldt-Christma

Really, everything is good to flaunt ourselves as circus animals. Y'en really fed up and I am determined to boycott this kind of canine gathering. So that leaves us a little quiet. After Lancel and gala Truffle - exhausting for small animals like us - now the BHV made his show with "VIP of the Niche" to celebrate four years of BHV La Niche,

The show will be on a podium in the street, open to all. Participants walk the red carpet facing an exceptional jury that will determine the best duo! A grooming area will be available for a live canine makeover. I can not imagine grabs of the fair it will be. LOL.

Incognito I prefer to go myself romp on the red carpet of Cannes to attend the 11th Palm Dog organizes buddy Toby Rose. Remember the photo exhibition where I put in the studio with the star actress Valérie Lang alongside Charlotte Rampling? A big moment !

But if you participate with your favorite companion in the parade, it will be an opportunity to go for a ride in this dog concept store for a leash, a new necklace, a designer bowl, a toy ... And as you can imagine, my mistress rubs me over ... a feather flock together: I love shopping.

Registration until Saturday, April 23, 2011 on [email protected]

Parade before BHV La Niche
42, rue de la Verrerie Paris 4th

VIP of the niche ...

VIP of the niche

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