Dream Hotel in Santorini

Located in Oia, on the charming island of Santorini greek hotel called Perivolas Oia Santorini.

With its small traditional houses converted into luxury hotel and its infinity pool is the ideal resting place for the Indian summer!

Dream Hotel in Santorini

Dream Hotel in Santorini

Dream Hotel in Santorini

Dream Hotel in Santorini

Dream Hotel in Santorini

Dream Hotel in Santorini

Dream Hotel in Santorini

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Dream Hotel in Santorini

Dream Hotel in Santorini

Dream Hotel in Santorini

Dream Hotel in Santorini

Dream Hotel in Santorini

Dream Hotel in Santorini

Dream Hotel in Santorini

Dream Hotel in Santorini

Dream Hotel in Santorini

Dream Hotel in Santorini

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Let the light in a 75 sqm too dark

Located in offormer stables, the second and top floor courtyard, this apartment considerably darkened by building on the street is much higher. Its L-shape extends over 75 square meters and creates a beautiful 3 pieces. But before moving, our customers have come to our agency and asked us to renovate this apartment to make it more functional and contemporary organization, delivering equipment standards and above all to make the brighter.Facade of old stables Studio'Archi

Our approach has been to the light in by all possible openings. On the roof, we opened two large roof windows (Skylight) in the stay. To increase the volume of the room, the ceiling was filed and décoffrées beams, in favor of a sloping insulation lining following the roof slope.


studio'Archi verrière d'atelier séjour velux poutre

studio'Archi verrière d'atelier velux poutre salle à manger table meuble mdf

studio'Archi Verrière escalier meuble table poutre

studio'Archi escalier verrière d'atelier entrée


For sheds light cooking, toilet and bedroom 2, we took the light from a second backyard, brighter than the first.

To leave circulate light and light traffic areas, we have replaced most of the walls by transparent windows workshop-type (metal and glass) Between the living room and the entrance, between the kitchen and the hallway between the bedroom and 1 bathroom. All these parts and receive light from different directions and sufficiently light to be bright and comfortable.

The proliferation of windows also allows theprospects lie from one end to the other of the apartment and give an impression of space.

studio'Archi cuisine verrière d'atelier meubles crédence

studio'Archi cuisine inox verrière atelier blanc meuble

studio'Archi Chambre verrière atelier suite parentale salle de bains porte coulissante

bathroom Recordin'Archi verrière atelier porte coulissante baignoire béton

The Room 1

studio'Archi salle d'eau douche à l'italienne mosaique


apartment Plan

This project was realized with Gilles LEFEVRE (Architect)


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Pasta al pesto and red desire

Pasta al pesto and red desire

Suspected of being fat, pasta is often banished from our plates. Yet they have many health benefits: low in fat and high in carbohydrates, they are
particularly satiating! Just choose the ingredients that accompany them. So, dive without shuddering in the pasta world ... and I love the pasta. There, it is Italy that I put on the plate. A beautiful austerity flavor in the ingredients. Buon Appetito. 


Pasta al pesto and red desire

For a small family: 


preparation: 20 min 

cooking: 15 min 


400 g of macaroni 

20 cocktail tomatoes with stalk 

7 garlic cloves 

1 bunch basil 

40 g nuts 

50 g of grated Parmesan chips + 30 g 

10 cl olive oil 

salt pepper




Peel and chop 2 garlic cloves. Rinse tomatoes keeping their peduncle. Heat 1 tbsp. soup
oil in a frying pan. Add the tomatoes. Cook 2 min. 

Pour water into the pan. Cover and braise the tomatoes 10 minutes over medium heat, basting often
with the juice. Add chopped garlic, salt and pepper, cook 10 minutes. 

For the pesto, thin out and chop basil. Crush the pestle with the pinions and the rest of peeled garlic.
Stir the grated parmesan then the remaining olive oil poured mesh while mixing. Add salt and pepper. 

Cook a bit firm pasta in boiling salted water. Drain and toss with the pesto. sprinkle the
parmesan, decorate tomatoes and serve hot. 

A good smell of garlic was in the house ...
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greedy Journal of my tour of Sicily

Sicily 10

This year, after big holiday plans in Thailand, Peru, Japan and South Italy, darling and I opted for a tour of Sicily in the opposite direction of clockwise.

Note that I'm going to Sicily every summer (almost) since 1999, where I spend a two-week family vacation. It always stays the residence Terrarossa Taormina because the owner Elena and her right arm Alfio, we always reserve a warm welcome. Besides being a haven of beauty, the residence became our vacation home as a second home.

As two years ago (last summer we were in France), my boyfriend and I joined my parents, my brother and his girlfriend there. After two weeks Taormina, we went head to head on 10 August to Lipari, then Palermo, Scopello, Trapani, Agrigento and back to Catania (Bypassing Ragusa Unfortunately, the stay does not leave us the time!), Before returning to Madrid last Saturday, August 22

The stay was wonderful. We saw impressive landscapes, ate delicious things, met great people and shake like crazy. All it takes to get satiated happiness. I hasten to you a report :-)

Sicily 2

First stop: Taormina. We never tire of this small town, albeit very touristy, but a unique charm! Terrarossa, where we enjoy a magnificent view of theIsola Bella, we go down every day at the beach, taking long steps, which allows us to stay in shape (important for a dancer!). At noon we eat at home, good Italian things bought at the supermarket on the way to Letojanni (a car is essential!).

Sicily 3

Prosciutto di Parma Pomodori, mozzarella, Olive, Ricotta al Forno, Capperi, pesto di Pistacchio, Pane di Semola ....

Sicily 4

We enjoy and lounging at the pool of the residence, if it is not too full.

Sicily 1

In the evening, we go dinner (on foot also, part of daily gymnastics) in the village, all in length. The restaus are expensive, and I find you eat less than a few years ... But there are still some unavoidable, as cannolo Roberto or the granita Bam Bar.



Second stop, the island Lipari (Aeolian). Perhaps the most "tourist" too, but we loved it anyway! There is a sacred atmosphere on this island. Although housed at Gattopardo Park Hotel, it has traveled much of the island in electric bicycle (essential given the differences in height!) and walk. If you venture in Pianoconte admire the panorama of Quattrocchi and stop you al Bivio, on the way to the baths of San Calogero, to eat delicious bruschetta with ham, tomato, ricotta, parmesan and pistachios, and a wind salad bread, olives, capers and tuna.

Sicily 51


Lipari town is small, mignone and full of pastries, groceries and nice shops.

Sicily 6

Sicily 8

The Marina Corta, the harbor is beautiful.

Sicily 7

We left by boat, a car we rented in Milazzo and we stopped quick lunch in Cefalú. She deserved it stays there, but it will be for the next time, because Palermo was waiting for us!

I did not remember me from such a beautiful city. The streets are dirty, going from a crowded street in a very dark alley where there is not a cat and scary, but it's a place Magic. It was small lunch twice in the same place, the bar Aluia, right next to our hotel. I liked their granita (gelsi con panna and strawberry on the second day, with natural brioche and nutella) ... The cappuccino was also very good. We'll have to go back!

Sicily 9

Sicily 11

You would think that serve industrial whipped, but no, it is made on site and it shows!

Sicily 12

To be like the real Sicilians, you also order a cake that is dipped into the granita for it permeates the mixed fruit juice with cream. It's exquisite!

Sicily 14

Sicily 13

Sicily 15

For those who love nutella, they also have a bun stuffed with famous spread, they heat the oven or fryer before you serve it still warm. Irresistible.

Sicily 22

To soak in the cappuccino course ;-)

Sicily 23

Wander the streets of the city and discover the wonders it contains! The fruit are displayed around the outskirts of a place or an old palace ... Kudos for the nice Palazzo Mirto and Cathedral, grand.

Sicily 16

Sicily 17

Sicily 18

In the Mercato Del Capo, any loan Teatro Massimo, There's the Trattoria Supra I Mura where you eat delicious things: antipasti and homemade pasta, and at a very affordable price!

Sicily 19

Sicily 20

Sicily 21

After Palermo, we went to visit friends who have a house Scopello. We fell in love with this place, a small village very animated the eve of August 15, with a concert in the main square and a great atmosphere. We dedicated our Ferragosto to the Zingaro Nature Reserve, a true wonder. 6 extended creeks approximately 7 km of steep path that we have traveled round trip. The landscape is unique and although we had damn hot, nothing beats the pride of having been through!

Sicily 24

For dinner, treat yourself to a restaurant Castellammare Del Golfo, at La Timpa for example, overlooking the course and very friendly service.

After these two idyllic days, management Trapani, the Sicilian city closest to Africa. We see it, we feel it and it's great! It reminded us a little Cadiz ...

Sicily 25

We were fortunate to arrive on the day of the couscous festival and it is pot luck, on tables set up on the fish market, we tasted the fish couscous (and black cuttlefish too!), the specialty there. One of my fondest memories of this trip!

Trapani is a colorful, lively, bright and warm. My favorite of mine!

Sicily 26

Aside from the small town, the Saline are to be seen at all costs. You will see how is the harvest of the famous salt from Trapani. Try to go in the evening to enjoy the beautiful evening light ... but even in full afternoon is wonderful!

Sicily 27

Admire the view of the Egadi Islands ...

Sicily 28

Sicily 29

And of course the must is to spend a day in Erice, a small medieval village on the mountain that you see from Trapani ... A marvel! We followed the recommendations of our guide and went taste touritique menu Caffé Maria (same owner as the Pasticceria Maria Grammatico, the most famous of Sicily) very complete for only 13 €! Antispasta, Course, Dessert and Coffee + Water, definitely worth it, especially as you enjoy on a terrace with a beautiful view of the sea.

Sicily 30

As you can see we were in the sun but the cool heights cleared and we had a great time.

Sicily 31

The server brought us a favor and let us order Genovesi dessert, no extra (instead of cookies menu almonds). This is the specialty of Erice: a small cake made of pastry stuffed with pastry cream and covered with icing sugar.

Sicily 32

Go see the castle and churches and admire the panorama of the Saline Trapani peak or Monte Cofano ...

Sicily 33

After this beautiful stage we went to Agrigento through the Scala dei Turchi, an impressive beach as a great white staircase that descends into the sea.

Sicily 34

Too many people on the tip! We we got settled on the small beach to the left, least populated, to eat our panino ;-)

Sicily 35

arriving at Agrigento, we set foot in our Bed and Breakfast, La Casa di El, warmly greeted by Alfonso, the owner.

We had an excellent dinner in the restaurant that he recommended, Opera. We recommend the dish Sapori Di Mare, antipasti of the sea, to share.

Sicily 38

Sicily 37

Sicily 36

City Bar Gambrinus will prepare a salad caprese quickly done well done :-)

Sicily 39

Remember the Valley of the Temples, a huge archaeological park, Unesco World Heritage! And if you get accosted by a Mexican guide with braces, go ahead, it will make you spend the most entertaining 3 hours of your stay! We even had the right to marriage to Greek. So now, I announce to you, I got married, and with a dress and everything!

Sicily 40

I said that the lady in the picture is an Italian tourist, guides her hair was brown and short. Just in case you're interested ;-)

Sicily 41

And now it was time to go Catania... We would have liked to see Ragusa, Siracusa and see (you already know), but it had also thrown a look at Etna before you go!

So we frolic in Catania, I knew that the market ... It is a beautiful city with great cathedral and a lovely medieval castle that hides a nice museum.

Sicily 42

Il Duomo, Catania

Our hotel registered us away for a half day (from 8:45 am to 15h) on Etna for € 55 per person with the company Etna Tribe ... Everything looks great, the guide picked us up in a minibus, it is 8 tourists. Along the way he shows us a house destroyed by an eruption.

Sicily 43

The only catch is that once arrived at the tourist platform at 2000 meters above sea level, we do not want to go to the souvenir shops, and craters that height is of little interest.

The guide offers us the option to go up with the funicular for 30 € extra per person. Except having arrived at 2500 meters, we do not see much and we have to go to 3000 meters with buses every field, to the thin amount of ... 62 € per person! We therefore paid 234 € to spend about 3 hours Etna. A bit expensive perhaps.

Sicily 48

But I must say that at 3,000 meters it's like being on the moon, it is exotic! We are above the clouds, hot stone is touched, it is at the edge of the active crater of Etna. It's worth the detour!

Sicily 44

Sicily 45

Sicily 46

Sicily 47

In return we stopped to visit a cave, then a small farm that produces honey Zafferana, where we tasted honey and other local products.

Sicily 49

I made my greedy memories racing :-)

Sicily 50

And that was the last day of this Sicilian dream.

In short, 2015 was one of the best summers of my life, it is clear :-) I hope it will inspire you to visit Sicily!

Back in Madrid and our Spanish routine ...

And I already full of recipes to share with you :-)

Good Thursday to you!

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Date exhibition Giuseppe Penone in Versailles

After much given recently in the spectacular with Jeff Koons and Murakami facilities in the park Castle of Versailles, those of Giuseppe Penone will talk less since the Italian sculptor gives in humility the relationship between man and nature. Guest in the program of theYear Ours, his work delights as his approach is a priori against the authoritarian geometry "French garden".

Penone, he wants to "stress ... in fact the strength and power of nature before man. "But he joined Le Nôtre by its desire to generate novel plant forms. The man is one with nature as in the myth of the nymph Daphne which turns into a laurel. The artist in love trees so intertwined bronze, stone and Carrara marble white trunks and branches to invent another form of harmony.

Giuseppe Penone Exhibition from June 11 to October 30, 2013

Palace of Versailles, chateauversailles.fr

Date exhibition Giuseppe Penone in Versailles

Giuseppe Penone, Tra scorza e scorza, 2003-2007. Bronze and lime. Work produced thanks to Castello di Rivoli Museum of Contemporary Art.

Side by Paris.

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Philippe-Joseph Salazar, Bristol Award winner 2015 Lights (French test)

Bristol Price Lights 2015

At a time when France is recovering from the bewilderment of this Friday, November 13, 2015 and on this day of national homage to all the victims of jihadist attacks must certainly remember, share the emotion, sadness but resist more as ever, and start reading!

Reading news that trying to Philippe-Joseph Salazar with its "armed Words" which received the palm of Bristol Price 2015 Lights in the "French test" category Thursday, November 12. The discussions, live on France Culture, in a special broadcast "From Grain to Grind" led by Hervé Gardette were tightened. The jury, chaired by Jacques Attali, gave preference to Philippe-Joseph Salazar for his "Armed Words", published by Publisher Lemieux, a young publishing house. Proof, if some doubted that there are literary awards choosing essays and authors, without any influence from their editor! QED.

Bristol Price Lights 2015

An attempt to read urgently as it gives the keys to understanding the relentless rhetoric at work in the ideology of Daesh. Hard-hitting! A duty to read, an educational tool for teachers ... read the excellent analysis published on the website Non Fiction. See also what is said Christophe Barbier, a member of the jury in this short video on Web TV Culture. But'll go to the winner:

The purpose of the book, Armed Words, the jury of Bristol Price kindly crown, is precisely to put under the lights of the projector of my discipline, rhetoric, persuasion occasions technologies, amplified, engineered by nine Islamic state, the Caliphate.

A new totalitarianism has emerged: that of Islam propagandist. Will we be the last stone of this rhetoric cemetery that name Europe? Each great period saw the fall of a rhetorical form and replacing it with another - the debate between equals, in Athens, yields to the pressing eloquence of Rome; Rome bows to turn Christian preaching; the old regime falls divine right when the Revolution tribunes mounted the rostrum; the nineteenth century witnessing the replacement of the political debate by the economic transaction, "the power of money"; it causes the rise of populist regimes of Mussolini to Mao, banking on the power of eloquent leader who guides the people. And even that was gone.

For half a century, so we thought our floor space would be forever protected against these temptations dead and buried. We fooled. History has caught her breath, she now has a booming voice, and his breath is hot. What to do ? Stop believing that the course of world we found its climax. Search in our history means a ressaisissement. We arm rhetorically because the time will come when we will have to talk to the Caliphate and teachers of jihadism, and belligerently to coexist with the enemy, not only counteract the field with the force that is necessary, but above the counter field of persuasion. For us to give voice. "

Word to the wise, fiat lux!


Recall still the two finalists of this second edition of the Bristol Price Enlightenment: for music lovers, but not only, "Why music? "The pen of the philosopher Francis Wolff helps to understand the subtlety of this discipline. That would also be a civilization without the ineffable bond of music, this art that unites us for the best? Those who have seen the movie Timbuctu remember ... and the tragic reality occurred in the symbolic place of the Bataclan in either the glaring evidence.

Cov-Francis Wolff

Jacob Rogozinski is a dive to understand the motivations of hate who move within a company. Commit massacres justified in the name of a God or ideology with its procession of torture and killings in numbers. He starts his historical-philosophical investigation with those called witches of the Middle Ages, lepers ... is not loose and his book reads like a thriller, proof that philosophy is accessible to all. See his interview Friday 13 as micro Lilou Mace.



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Before / after: the patio Amelie refurbished for optimum relaxation

Before / after: the patio Amelie refurbished for optimum relaxation

This terrace is the center of the house and offers shade in the morning for breakfast and in the evening at the time of pastis! We renovated, changed the soil to the white stone and painted the walls a bold color. We opted for the Fermob furniture of different blues by creating a space "as the bistro." Different pots and works of artists and craftsmen are part of the decoration as in most of our achievements. Fatboy lamps.

I hope that this achievement will please you and remind you of your holiday at the time of the season!

The front patio:

Before / after: the patio Amelie refurbished for optimum relaxation

The patio below: Before / after: the patio Amelie refurbished for optimum relaxation

Before / after: the patio Amelie refurbished for optimum relaxation

Before / after: the patio Amelie refurbished for optimum relaxation

Before / after: the patio Amelie refurbished for optimum relaxation

Before / after: the patio Amelie refurbished for optimum relaxation

Before / after: the patio Amelie refurbished for optimum relaxation

Have a look on the website of Amélie

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Holiday home in Ardèche

Holiday home in Ardèche
Chaix, holiday home in Ardèche

 Staying in Ardèche for the summertime, it's tempting not?

Chaix, beautiful boutique guest house in the Ardèche countryside, open all year 11 people. In winter, we are left with the fireplace in the spacious living room of 60m2; summer aperitif in the garden beside the pool. Gite 4 ears to this charming home, located 17km from the capital of nougat Montelimar and 15 km from Privas, city renowned for its candied chestnuts!

Inside this house of character of 250 m2, decoration of modern and simple style, all elegance and sobriety.

Holiday home in Ardèche

Charming renovation, stone house, facing south

Holiday home in Ardèche

07210 St Lager Bressac
[email protected]
To come by air, the nearest airports: Avignon or Lyon or railways: Valencia station stop.

Holiday home in Ardèche

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Date exhibition Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera Art molten Paris

"Frida Kahlo / Diego Rivera Art molten" : A couple, two works. The Orangerie Museum brings together the most famous Mexican artists of the twentieth century and Côté Paris accompanies the event October 9, 2013 to January 13, 2014.

I suffered two severe shocks in my life: a traffic accident and Diego Rivera "confided Frida Kahlo. Their tumultuous passion made to enter into the legend, hand in hand. Here are the two great figures of Mexican modern art held at the Orangerie Museum. On eloquent photographs accompany the works; they tell how the couple was celebrated. Stars !

When they meet in 1923, Diego Rivera is already an established painter. He toured Europe, stayed in Montparnasse where he attended Juan Gris, Picasso, Zadkine, Modigliani, and took part in cubism. Back in Mexico, he enjoys public commissions. He is twenty years older than Frida Kahlo. She is beautiful, racy; it is ugly, potbellied. "The dove and the elephant" says the father of Frida. A dazzling love! They convolent Coyoacán in 1929 are wrong - she has an affair with Léon Trotsky; among other infidelities, he seduced the sister of Frida - they divorced in 1939, can not remain separated, remarried a year later.
Brush Rivera murals, decorative cycles and monuments that tell the history of Mexico, extol communism. Kahlo is all in introspection. "The work of Frida is a huge self-portrait," says Marie-Paule Vial, co-curator of the exhibition. She began painting during convalescence following his tragic accident. at age 18, she is the victim of a collision between the bus that takes her home and a tram, she fractured pelvis, was hospitalized a month on a bed without moving. She would never get over it: during his life, the young woman will suffer a thirty surgeries and a leg amputation. His paintings tell his pain including the famous Broken Column where it represents the body planted nails and strapped into a steel corset.

Kahlo and Rivera led parallel careers. Nevertheless, they have the same attachment to their Mexican land, a common interest in rural, pre-Columbian myths, the interbreeding of their culture ... Our haired beauty and raven eyebrows not happy she takes the traditional Tehuana dress of Indian women ? A look that will make her a fashion icon! Frida, the woman artist, released, bisexual Frida, martyr, became a heroine, the subject of feminist studies, many of fictionalized biographies of a Hollywood movie. Notoriety, she exceeded her man.

"Frida Kahlo / Diego Rivera Art in fusion" of 9 October 2013 to 13 January 2014. Orangerie Museum, 75001 Paris. Such. 01 44 77 80 07 and musee-orangerie.fr

Date exhibition Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera Art molten Paris

FRIDA Kahlo 01. Self-portrait in a velvet gown, 1926. Oil on canvas. Collar. Arquitecto Enrique Garcia Formenti.

Date exhibition Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera Art molten Paris

FRIDA Kahlo 02. The Broken Column, 1944. Oil on canvas. Collar. Museo Dolores Olmedo, Xochimilco, Mexico City.

By Laurence Mouillefarine.

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Pumpkin pie and banana, whipped coconut (+ video)

Pumpkin Pie

You desperately looking for a recipe for Halloween (Or just to celebrate the fall) that out of the ordinary?

Bingo, this recipe is for you!

I present this delicious "pumpkin pie", a sweet pumpkin pie, to the banana and honey, with ricotta for creamy and covered coconut cream chantilly and of salted butter caramel.

Not rocket science to prepare this pie, you'll see it's much easier than you think! Watch my video that proves it :-)

I had such a good memory of my sweet pie with carrots and milk jam, I did not hesitate to get into a pumpkin pie recipe. As I still had three very ripe bananas I decided not to add sugar, cream, and instead I used a creamy organic honey to sweeten. I added ricotta cream to give to the device. Finally, I covered the whole of coconut cream whipped with vanilla, and I decorated the cake with pecans. Serve cold with hot caramel sauce with salted butter, and the experience will be unique!

Pumpkin Pie 1

My only regret is to have used a pastry ready rather than homemade, but I made that choice to make the recipe more accessible ... In fact the shortbread house is the best option and is very easy to achieve . In addition the texture is much better, and the incomparable taste of butter to that of an industrial dough. So do not hesitate to make the dough yourself! I offer you my recipe here.

Pumpkin Pie 9

In an improvised recipe, I was very pleasantly surprised: just enough sweet, the flavors of banana and pumpkin perfectly bound, whipped coconut vanilla perfect ... And even if the pie was split after cooking, I ' I could well conceal ;-) But be careful when cutting units, the pie is very delicate!

Pumpkin Pie 10

This is one of my favorite blogs, Minimalist Baker, I discovered whipped coconut cream base. A quick fix for vegans course, but also for those who want a change! And for coconut fans, of course ;-)

Pumpkin Pie 4

For a mold of 20 cm diameter (8 parts), you will need:

For the pie:

1 pastry ready or homemade

350g pumpkin puree home (recipe below)

3 very ripe bananas

100g honey

140g ricotta

3 eggs

1 D.C. spice to gingerbread

1 cinnamon d.c.

For the whipped cream:

1 can (350 to 400g) of coconut cream, put in the fridge for at least 12 hours

2 packets of vanilla sugar

4 C. S. icing sugar

For decoration:

Pecan nuts

Salted butter caramel

Pumpkin Pie 2

For the mashed pumpkin, cook 400g pumpkin 5 minutes to steam or microwave, drain the pieces and then mix them.

Preheat oven to 200 ° C.

Go for jacketed pan with parchment paper with your dough.

Mix the mashed pumpkin with bananas, add the honey, ricotta and mix again. When the cream is smooth, add the eggs and spices, mix well and pour the cream over the pastry base.

Bake for 45 minutes to 1 hour. The cream should be taken.

Let the pie cool in the open oven off and then put it in the fridge for 6 hours minimum.

Before serving, whip the cream with the icing sugar and vanilla sugar. Pour the cream on the cake and decorate with chopped pecans.

Pumpkin Pie 7

Serve iced cake with warm caramel sauce and salted butter.

Pumpkin Pie 6

Difficult to resist!

Pumpkin Pie 3

My recipes you enjoy? Feel free to follow me on:


Instagram (add the tag #cuisineenscene if you publish a photo of my recipes)



Enjoy your meal :-)

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The Sardinia Caterina Murino

The Sardinia Caterina Murino

Caterina MURINO

Sardinia ! Another destination that my mistress dream of discovering. To be honest, this is not intended in the program immediately because let it work a little to pay my kibble! Finished the holidays ! But a trip, it can also be an account by opening the pages of a book, or at a meeting ... And it's a real trip I could do by accompanying my mistress in one of its Appointment. And all this without leaving Paris with a single metro ticket!

Montmartre charming design direction in a cafe - Chez Marcel - top for a confidential meeting with the sublime Caterina Murino. She obviously cracked saw me glued to land tails of my mistress.

Takeoff - without luggage - around my water dish. I reach the ears! And I can tell you that I got believed the white sandy beach Listening Caterina us about her homeland that she has agreed to tell us exclusively for all my fans.

The Sardinia Caterina Murino

Capo Testa - Santa Teresa di Gallura - Credit Francesco Nonnoi

In VF, it gives :

Sardinian earth

If ard in our ancient language, means the "star dancers"

It's a strange image of us, the Sardinian people so "closed" if "austere" so severe but in the secret of our deeper nature, we are born "dancers" ... a magical land. How can we evoke in words the pride that is felt to be born on Earth as Sardinia.

Its beauty comes not from the transparency of its crystalline waters, or his white plumbs that plunge into the sea, or its maquis of intense green, wild and barren nor myrtle scent of juniper and cistus, nor the wonderful warmth that envelops the twelve months of the year, or his mistral that beats the coast one day, or three, or five, consequently, neither of azure sky whose light radiates directly from God; in fact, one is fascinated and falls under the spell of his magic, strength and character that transpire from this Earth.

His story: it originated dancers of stars - free in a free land - the Phoenicians to the Carthaginians through the Aragonese fought and hunted by our great Queen Eleanor, queen alone among so many kings of Italy.

Its magic, its folklore, its festivals, its music, dances, songs, her jewelry, her culinary art, its own language, Sardinian.

This is the happy island of a proud people, closed, shy, listens and is silent, who knows and recognizes the purity of the mind of another, with the reservation of the first moments and gradually this opening of the heart.

This is the land of honesty, self-respect, of what is ours and what is not ours.

A people who can recognize the opportunity that had it from birth and growing up in the respect.

A people of dreamers but whose roots run deep, close to its beautiful cork oaks and olive trees.

This is the land of my ancestors.

It's the Earth that gave me of Christmas.

It's the Earth that carries me in his bowels.

It's the Earth that makes me cry, just by hearing the sound of his name.

This is the Land of Sardinia.

And now, in VO:

Terra di Sardegna.

If ard, nella nostra lingua Antica, significa "Danzatori delle stelle" ...

E 'di noi un'immagine Curiosa sardi cosi' chiusi cosi 'austeri cosi' Severi, nel cuore my Segreto della nostra stessa natura siamo nati "danzatori" ... su una Terra Magica.
Come possono the word descrivere the orgoglio che si prova ad essere in una Terra nati come la Sardegna.
La sua bellezza non-zero 'data dalla limpidezza delle sue acque Smeraldine, non-zero' data da any rocce bianche che cadono has strapiombo sul mare, non-zero 'data dalla sua "macchia" di un verde intenso selvaggio e rigoglioso, non-zero' data da what profumo di mirto, di ginestre e di cisto, non-zero 'data da which tepore meraviglioso che i avvolge dodoci mesi dell'anno, non-zero' data dal suo maestrale bat che le sue coste o 1 o 3 o 5 giorni consecutivi, non-zero 'data da which cielo azzurro con la sua luce irradiata direttamente da Dio; cio 'che piu' affascina e fa innamorare e 'la sua magia, la sua forza, che il suo carattere traspira dalla sua terra.
La sua storia delle stelle -liberi danzatori dai su una terra liberation have Fenici, have Punici per passare agli Aragonesi combattuti e scacciati dalla nostra great Eleanor, unica Regina tra i tanti Re d'Italia.
La sua magia, le sue tradizioni popolari, the sue feste, sue the musiche i suoi balli, i suoi canti, i suoi gioielli, la sua arte culinaria, the lingua sua.
E 'Isola Felice di un Popolo fiero, chiuso, Schivo, ascoltatore non Parlatore, che conosce e riconosce the purezza dello spirito altrui con la diffidenza dei primi istanti e con la consegna delle chiavi del proprio cuore per la vita.
E 'Terra dell'onesta', e 'Terra del rispetto di noi stessi, di cio' che ci appartiene e di cio 'che non ci appartiene.
A Popolo che its riconoscere fortuna che gli e 'toccata went nascita cresce e nel rispetto di Essa.
A di Popolo Sognatori con le radici ben piantate accanto alle sue querce e i suoi ulivi.
E 'Terra dei miei avi.
E 'Terra che mi ha regalato i natali.
E 'Terra che mi port nelle viscere.
E 'Terra che mi fa Versar lacrime al solo suono del suo nome.
E 'Terra di Sardegna.

So fatal question? Caterina she has a dog? A cat ? Well no ! Impossible, she travels too! But his other passions, when it is running or not on stage? Green plants, gemology with jewelery design for the brand Victoria Casal and especially Africa through AMREF. Ambassador this 1era African NGOs, she leads a formidable fighting on the ground to raise awareness of mortality in sub-Saharan Africa and raise funds. Goal ? Train 30,000 midwives end of 2015.

You know what ? When we left, she gave me lots of big kisses! There I funds, I cracked. I should have asked her if she would do exceptionally dog ​​sitting when my mistress will make his trip to Sardinia! Woof!

The Sardinia Caterina Murino

Giara di Gesturi Cagliari - Credit Francesco Nonnoi

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Trifle with candied chestnuts

Trifle with candied chestnuts

One again dessert of colorful Christmas and very easy to do. chocolate macaroons, candied chestnuts, Amaretto and mascarpone work wonders in this beautiful cup. I just changed that the original recipe with cream base that initially looked like a pot of glue. Not terrible. But later, it was an extraordinary smoothness. A bit like the cream of Tiramisu. For the few  macarons it takes, I advise you to buy them. Unless you are full of momentum to achieve. I took mine at "Paul".
Come on, let's go of her spoon full of greed for the feast on.


Trifle with candied chestnuts

Trifle with candied chestnuts 


preparation: 15 min

Cost : easy and affordable

For 4 people

8 macaroons with chocolate or 1 big per person
6 candied chestnuts (I took this recipe bursts of candied chestnuts much cheaper and very good)
250 g mascarpone
200 g of white cheese 40% fat
1 egg white
1 C. s to sugar
1 C. Amaretto (optional)


- Whisk the mascarpone, cream cheese and sugar. Beat the egg white and fold it to the machine. Add the tablespoon amaretto (optional). Mix well so that it is creamy.

- Crush coarsely 2 macaroons chocolate per glass.

- Cover mascarpone mixture, then crumble a brown and glossy half on top.

Sprinkle possibly a little cocoa and serve chilled.

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Date exhibit at the Orsay Museum: Italy full forms!

In 2015, hundreds of furniture and objects trace the Musée d'Orsay in Paris, a story of Italian decorative arts, Art Nouveau to the beginnings of the "design" modern. The exhibition "Dolce Vita. Decorative Art Italian 1900-1940, the liberty to industrial design "runs until 13 September 2015.


Orsay Museum

Major exhibitions dedicated to the decorative arts and furniture are not so frequent. Having reclaimed its collections in this area, The Orsay museum, in Paris, moved, in 2015, a superb panorama of the Italian creation between 1900 and 1940. Through a hundred works and furniture (desks, chairs, lamps and ceramics), the chronological path of "Dolce Vita" recounts filigree, two stories intertwined, that of Italy at the time of the First World War and the horrors of fascism of Mussolini and the decorative arts until the advent of the industrial production and that the later called design.

A fertile period that opens with Art Nouveau, trained in Italy or liberty style Floreal (Frederico Tesio, Carlo Bugatti, Eugenio Quarti), all curves and arabesques, quickly hustled by the vanguards and minds futurists, before the "return to order" and to a certain classicism in the 1930s, characterized by modernism and Art Deco (ceramics Gio Ponti).

Furniture, objects and paintings to explore during the exhibition at the Musée d'Orsay

Supported by a quartet led by commissioners Guy Cogeval, museum president Orsay and the Orangerie, the 2015 exhibition aims to put this fundamental chapter in the history of decorative arts in Italy in its cultural and artistic context . Furniture and objects are thus faced with a series of paintings of the same period, the divisive Gaetano Previati the symbolist Giovanni Segantini, the futurist Giacomo Balla to the master of abstraction Lucio Fontana.

Practical information on the Expo "Dolce Vita. Italian decorative art 1900-1940, the liberty to industrial design "
Dolce Vita exhibition at the Orsay Museum until September 13, 2015

place: Orsay Museum,
1, rue de la Legion of Honor, 75007 Paris,
date: until September 13, 2015.
hours: Open from 9:30 am to 18h from Tuesday to Sunday, except Thursday until 21h45.
Closed on Mondays and 1 May and 25 December.
Prices : full price, 11 euros; reduced price: 8,50 euros.
Website : http://www.musee-orsay.fr/

access: Metro: line 12, station Solferino
RER line C, Musée d'Orsay station
Bus 24, 63, 68, 69, 73, 83, 84, 94
Taxi: removal and recovery taxi or specialized vehicles Quai Anatole France

By Guillaume Morel
House French Magazine April / May, 2015.

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Living Fitness in Paradise Beach (Morocco)

Credit Paradis Plage Surf Yoga & amp; Spa Resort

Credit Paradis Plage Surf Yoga & Spa Resort

For lovers of surfing and yoga, Paradise Beach is my favorite address and discover this winter. From Essaouira to Marrakech via Fez and Tangier, Morocco remains one of my favorite destinations. At 25 minutes north of Agadir, near Taghazout is a unique concept for rest and relaxation.

Most surfers know what "spot" Morocco; for the uninitiated, is an address that we would want to keep secret. If the establishment of a hundred rooms (including suites and some bungalows) is referenced, we would like the place keeps its authentic appearance.

Credit Paradis Plage Surf Yoga & amp; Spa Resort

Credit Paradis Plage Surf Yoga & Spa Resort

From your room overlooking the vast beach with reflections dancing in the ocean of gray and blue shades ... Nothing more beautiful than the sight of the sunset. You will definitely right, during your stay in the traditional singing of Glaouis who gather on the beach around a campfire.

Credit Paradis Plage Surf Yoga & amp; Spa Resort

Credit Paradis Plage Surf Yoga & Spa Resort

A destination that will delight both lovers of relaxation that most athletes. If you are not familiar waves for surfing, nor tempted by an initiation, then you will find your happiness with the practice of yoga. The "shala" built in wood with glass windows is located on the beach facing the ocean, you will be able to do your sun salutations at 8 am or 11 am and then at 17.30. Then pool or beach!

Credit Paradis Plage Surf Yoga & amp; Spa Resort

Credit Paradis Plage Surf Yoga & Spa Resort

My advice, start your day with a great tonic walks on the beach at low tide. You will come across hordes of seagulls and can watch the trailer blue boat fishermen after they installed their nets.

Credit Florence Batisse-Pitcher

Credit Florence Batisse-Pitcher

Credit Florence Batisse-Pitcher

Credit Florence Batisse-Pitcher

Credit Florence Batisse-Pitcher

Credit Florence Batisse-Pitcher

Then gradually, the ritual of installing sun loungers and parasols ... By late morning, the local shop is organized with camel riding: you will eventually negotiate a ride especially if you have children . Another distraction: the passage of a few souvenir sellers.

Credit Paradis Plage Surf Yoga & amp; Spa Resort

Credit Paradis Plage Surf Yoga & Spa Resort

Side dish on the menu: Moroccan cuisine with generous buffets, grilled fish tagines and all variants. Several possible formulas for lunch to your small or large appetites with snack beach or the poolside restaurant. Cute little sin breakfast that I recommend: traditional pancakes, prepared before your eyes with infinite patience by the cooks, will deserve. Each turn !

But a trip to Paradise Beach worthy of the name requires a detour if not more, by the spa for a steam bath and massage where you will be greeted by his manager, always smiling and radiant Marie-France and his team. While it is best to avoid summer heat, Paradise Beach is the destination called into ideal shape for the rest of the year! Shh, I did not tell you ...

Credit Paradis Plage Surf Yoga & amp; Spa Resort

Credit Paradis Plage Surf Yoga & amp; Spa Resort

To organize your stay, please contact the agency's Planéteurs!

Paradis Plage Surf Yoga & Spa Resort

  Immi Ouaddar - Essaouira Route



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New Art Deco hotel by François Champsaur



Perpetuating Art Deco codes such was Specifications entrusted the interior architect and designer François Champsaur for the renovation of the Hotel Maison FL (Eiffel pronounce!), located in Paris one cable Trocadero in Passy district. And after the visit, we can say that this renovation of this 4 star is a success, especially for the 62 rooms and the apartment of 96 sqm in the attic with a view of the Eiffel Tower.

The rooms in the house are biased FL furniture designed by François Champsaur, with the vast gilded mirror horizontal tear. Superb! They benefit, in addition to extensive work, with elegant stained glass creation between the rooms and bathrooms to offer it in daylight. Anyway, congratulations to the Long family, especially Anne-Marie, who took over the hotel in 2007 for leading these major renovations and have uses François Champsaur. Continuing the tour in pictures ...




Room Facilities: Furniture and custom mirrors signed François Champsaur, Curtains Pierre Frey, carpet Ege Carpets Toulemonde Bochart, Sheer Jab chairs Fermob on balconies and terraces.

But the most careful and most successful of this deco Art Deco style lies in the bathrooms with wonderful alchemy of noble materials. The mosaics made entirely of glass paste take the limelight with superb, not heavy bling. Jolie feat ...





Materials and equipment: Mosaic Trend made exclusively of glass paste, in area, Paris 16 / model fittings Ascot, Horus / composite able washbasin Porcelanosa / wood imitation tile mixed with drowning solid / model Bath Ambient Vaio Kaldewei / shower tray cornesa, at ambient Kaldewel / radiator towel Nevi chrome Acova

Climb to the top floor of this hotel in Paris near the Eiffel Tower, which was built a beautiful apartment of 96 sqm with two bedrooms. Each has its own dressing room and 100% new bathroom dressed in an Art Deco style. But best of this Parisian attic apartment is not it the terrace overlooking the Eiffel Tower ...?






Go down to the bar of the Hotel Maison FL ...



The facade Hotel Maison FL, initially Hotel Regina de Passy, ​​was designed in 1930 by architect Gabriel Brun. She then won the first prize of the Contest of the facades of the city of Paris. Bow windows, tiles, triangular balconies and other Art Deco ironwork are still loyal to the appointment.



Rooms from 190 euros / day, apartment of 96 sqm € 1,000 / day

Hotel Paris, FL House, 6 rue de la Tour, 75016 Paris www.maisonfl.com


François Champsaur www.champsaur.com

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