Corn salad with eggs, beets and mushrooms

Corn salad with eggs, beets and mushrooms

I love this salad. Beautiful colors, amazing flavors and simple to do!

For 1 person:

  • 1 hard-boiled egg
  • 100g of mince
  • 4 sliced ​​mushrooms
  • 1/2 cooked beetroot
  • Salt and pepper

Simply present the salad in bowls, seasoning and voila :-)

Corn salad with eggs, beets and mushrooms

With hazelnut oil drizzle of balsamic vinegar and a slice of wholemeal bread, is a pure delight!

Corn salad with eggs, beets and mushrooms

Enjoy your meal!

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Salad with quinoa and bulgur

Salad with quinoa and bulgur

I had never made recipes with quinoa. Not that it did not interest me, but I had not had the opportunity to try it. It's done and I do not regret it. As you know, I love books and I enjoy every visit I make to the FNAC and in the large area where I walk between noon and 13 pm when I can. I did not need much this day in racing, I head gently to the radius of books. In marketing, we do not do better than to put yourself beautiful colors at eye level.

And there, crack, boom, boos ... .a nice  purple pink appears on the surface of my nose. Very small, but big choice that I discover and the price is affordable. Zap in my wicker basket, box pass. Again I do not regret it. By flipping the longer I discovered that it was made by Sylvie. Who is Sylvie ????. Who does not know the blog "  From appetizers  ". It's her. A feast for the eyes. Sylvie thank you.

So let her beautiful recipe ... I think you are hungry ?????

 Salad with quinoa and bulgur


Preparation time: 20 min

Cooking time: 20 min

Easy to do.


For 4 oceans of happiness:


180 g of mixture: quinoa-bulgur (Tipiak)

4 tomatoes

1 tsp. tablespoon candied dried tomatoes

200g frozen seafood

1 tsp. soy sauce to

2 chopped garlic cloves

chopped parsley

olive oil.


Salad with quinoa and bulgur

Put a pot of salted water to heat and immerse the mix quinoa, bulgur. Cook the time indicated on the package. Drain and let cool.

Cut the tomatoes into small cubes after removing the seeds. Mix the tomatoes with candied dried tomatoes and half a tablespoon of olive oil. Divide between the glasses.

Heat 1 tbsp. tablespoons olive oil in a pan and fry the seafood thawed and patted dry for 10 minutes. add the garlic and parsley.

Pour the quinoa in a bowl, sprinkle with soy sauce, olive oil, add the seafood and salt.

Divide the salad in the glasses.


Ps: for my part, I let the hot quinoa, given the season and I put the tomatoes at room temperature.

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Kitchen utensils: cast iron pot, steel knives, the focus is on solid!

Cooking tools satin and wooded boards, this simple and robust accessories to cook well. Casserole cast iron, steel knives, or wooden board, indulge by solid dishes, which will be your best ally in the kitchen. It is good weapon wooden cutlery is left to simmer in a pot, and everyone goes to dinner.

Kitchen utensils: cast iron pot, steel knives, the focus is on solid!

1. Baking dish in cast iron, 44,90 €, Revol Bon Marché.

2. Chopping fiber paper, 22 €, Epicurean Bon Marché.

3. Poêlette blinis cast iron € 49.95 Staub.

4. Spaghetti spoon "Hjalte" € 4.99, Ikea.

5. Steel Knife,199 € Kai Bon Marché.

6. Pot "Tiera" ceramic and wooden spoon, 74 €, Star Earth for Habitat.

7. Pan cast, element of the baking tray from the MalleW. Trousseau (1100 € 9 utensils).

8. Baked chicken glazed stoneware, 79 €, the Malle W. Keychain.

9. knife titanium and steel, 95 €, Stealth Evercut Bon Marché.

10. Grated, 39 €, The Conran Shop.

11. Skimmer 'Mara' plastic, € 5, Home.

12. Nutcracker cast iron, 35 €, Hobart Conran Shop.

13. Peeler and 5 tablespoons kit for appetizer, € 35.90 and € 9.95, thanks.

14. Terrine cast,41,50 €, Revol Bon Marché. wooden boards, from 45 €, The Conran Shop.

Tile "Tip" earthenware, € 11.95 m2, Leroy Merlin

Photo © Jean-Marc Palisse
By Amandine Schira House French Magazine No. 3 March 2014





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A gift design for a child: The little chair & quot; Tica & quot;

The children's chair "Tica" The rocking Company

They do not walk yet but they love it already! They cling to it to stand up, the push to get started and enjoy settle around the coffee table, with large ... Later, they use it to dine, or to draw tinker ... and then they grow up and sit it for homework, build a puzzle or play an endless game of Monopoly in the company of their siblings, also installed on their essential small chairs. But beware, this is a very personal item, each his own!

The highchair constantly moves from one room to another, it also finds its place on the terrace or garden. But, it's the living room throne it most. So we as parents are passionate about design and decoration, it is to be beautiful, and above all she is married with our inner ...

I had a heart for the chair "Tica" Therockingcompany the brand. This is a mini chair, scoubidou which comes in many colors. It is accompanied by delightful small offices and has the advantage of existing in several sizes. And it's comfortable, enveloping, light and strong, for his sympathetic look, it adapts to all interior styles.




_1360885 - copy

_1370154 - copy



rocking the company
Screen shot 2015-12-06 at 16.44.33

Screenshot 2015-11-25 at 15.14.06

Screenshot 2015-12-01 at 13.01.47

Screenshot 2015-12-01 at 05.13.35

_1090004 Kopie - copy

Photo credits: The Rocking Company

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Cookies with Nutella house with rolled oats and nuts, without eggs

Cookies with Nutella house with rolled oats and nuts, without eggs

Here is a recipe drawn an image in baking book. She challenged because I wanted to finish my Nutella jar vegan (the better to make another one) and does not contain eggs.

Cookies with Nutella house with rolled oats and nuts, without eggs

If like me you have everything you need on hand, you will not regret this little half-hour spent in the kitchen!

Cookies with Nutella house with rolled oats and nuts, without eggs

The recipe for 16-18 cookies, slightly modified:

  • 80g 70g butter
  • 175g of chocolate spread with hazelnuts and cocoa (Nutella® or why not a homemade nutella?)
  • 175g 170g small oatmeal + 2 cc flour
  • 70g Hazelnut mixed nuts (cashews, walnuts, almonds), coarsely chopped

Preheat oven to 200 ° C.

Melt butter, stir in the chocolate spread, then add the remaining ingredients. Form balls the size you want, that you place on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.

Cookies with Nutella house with rolled oats and nuts, without eggs

With this amount of dough, I made 13 cookies.

Cookies with Nutella house with rolled oats and nuts, without eggs

Bake of 10 to 12 minutes.

Remove tray from oven and let cookies cool. Beware, they are very brittle!

Cookies with Nutella house with rolled oats and nuts, without eggs

Use a thin spatula to move them. I love the crusty side below which caramelised :-)

Cookies with Nutella house with rolled oats and nuts, without eggs

Oh and taste of cereals and butter, nuts who crunch, the smell of chocolate spread which perfumes the house ...

All that together is downright irresistible!

Cookies with Nutella house with rolled oats and nuts, without eggs

A must with a sweet yogurt :-)

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An address Deco in Amsterdam …

I liked the shop Sakha Amsterdam, located at 110 Haarlemmer Straat. There are decorative items (dishes, candlesticks, wooden cups ...) and fashion (mesh, etc.) made by artisans, the slow fashion! The atmosphere is warm and makes you want to hang out there ... Wood, white and green plants are place. The scenes are successful there. The smell of coffee and tea reinforces this friendly atmosphere. Here, as in many places in Amsterdam, a kitchenette is integrated in the bar or shop, it's nice!

sukha shop amsterdam

fashion shop and deco amsaterdam

wood sofa and blue white cushions

swing of wood inside

sukha showcase

suka detail swing showcase

mezzanine sukha

sukha shop

cabine'essayage bois rideau blanc diy

wooden objects

presentoirs wood and white windows

sukha shop amsterdam

kitchen open to the shop

decor wall panel

Photos: Moltodeco

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A chic apartment graphic walls …

It is in a building in the center of Milan in the Brera district Arianna Lelli Mami and chiara Di Pinto, the creative Studiopepe have built an apartment. The place is sophisticated, elegant and comfortable, in agreement with the Milan life. This project : " the visit "Is part of the Fuorisalone 2017 installations presented during the Milan Furniture Fair. The apartment dates from the early 19th century, it features large windows, moldings and beautiful wooden floors. One Studiopepe labor characteristics are the "walldrawing" graphics made on the walls. It's an idea I really liked these colorful geometric patterns enliven the walls extend in places on the ceiling, cover windows and various architectural elements. flesh color, yellow, ocher, burgundy and blue-green were chosen for these patterns. The colors blend together elegantly, they are found in every room of the apartment creating harmony. The painting comes from the Sikkens brand.

I have also enjoyed all the furniture designed by the great masters of design, the seats covered with velvet, the use of brass and marble, the thick curtains that divide some parts as the entrance and the living room, the screen placed before a window that dims the lights, objects, lighting, carpets (cc-mat), round mirrors and then the bathroom with contemporary sanitary Agape.

The living room

milan apartment living room

studio apartment milan pepe

salonapparetment milan front window screen

flat screen in front of window

living room curtain to separate two environments


DC carpet living apartment milan

milan apartment living

living room wall

original detail paint


The dining room

living room wall painted

detail lamp wall and colored

detail paints walls dining room

Wall colored room amanger

detail dining room shelves

dining apparetment milan

dining room apartment wall colors

Bedroom: room bed

round mirror chamber

blue bedroom wall green and yellow mustard




sink and mirror round

detail fixture bathroom

bathroom vases

detail vases

detail hinge wall

painting walls detail


detail deco corridor casts

the visit studiopepePhoto credits: Photo 1-4-6 Italianbak, photo 7: C-C mat. The other photos Moltodeco

Project Arianna Lelli Mami and Chiara Di Pinto of studiopepe

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Date Paris Design Week in September 2015

The Paris Design Week is programmed as every year in line with Maison et Objet September issue. The principle ? Invite the public to discover the good design addresses in Paris. The Paris Design Week runs from Saturday, September 5, 2015 to Saturday, September 12, 2015. It gathers 300 participants.

New in Paris Design Week: the exhibition now! Off the course and the Project.

Program of the Paris Design Week:
Friday, September 4, 2015: Nocturne, openings and cocktails Saint-Germain-des-Prés.
Saturday, September 5, 2015: Nocturne, openings and cocktails Marais, Bastille and Stalingrad.
Monday, September 7, 2015: Nocturne, openings and cocktails neighborhoods Opera, Concorde and Etoile.
Thursday, September 10, 2015: Prize-Giving RADO STAR PRIZE France during the evening now! Off to the Docks - City of Fashion and Design.

Practical information about the Paris Design Week
From Saturday, September 5 to Saturday, September 12, 2015 in Paris.

Photo: SDP

Photo: SDP

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Quiche with spinach and feta

Quiche with spinach and feta

After a course of pumpkin, it is the spinach that are at the forefront!

I was creative for this quiche: a pastry made of corn flour, feta cheese instead of grated cheese, and beef broth to flavor my spinach ...

Quiche with spinach and feta

Well, the verdict is exquisite!

Maybe a little hard to cut if you do not chop the spinach ... but I love them so much in branches!

For a diameter of 20cm mold:

100g cold butter, diced

corn flour 150g (careful, not polenta!)

wheat flour 50g

a pinch of salt

1 egg


500g frozen spinach branches, thawed and drained

200g cream

200g feta cheese (I used that in cow's milk)

1 portion of " Knorr bouillon pure "

3 eggs

1 handful pine nuts


Mix the ingredients of the dough with your fingers. Go for your pan with the dough (I do it by hand, without having spread to the roller) and cook the dough blank 10 minutes at 200 ° C.

Mix the cream, eggs and broth, add the spinach. Pour this into the precooked bottom and cover of the crumbled feta and sprockets.

Bake at 200 ° C for about 35 minutes (check that the gears do not burn).

Quiche with spinach and feta

Serve warm,

Enjoy your meal!

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Date of Milan Furniture Fair 2017

Become unavoidable, the Milan Furniture Fair every year more and more people from the 4 corners of the world. This new edition will be held from Tuesday 4 to Sunday, April 9, 2017. So if you are also interested in what affects the furnishings and layout of the house, sleep and already book your tickets! Having toured the 2,000 exhibitors, enjoy a moment to savor la dolce vita ...

Date furniture fair in Milan from Tuesday 4 to Sunday, April 9, 2017 at the Fiera Milano in Milan.
Fiera Milano, Strada Statale del Sempione, 28-20017 Rho (Milan), Italy.



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legendary stay at the Royal Savoy Lausanne

Credit Royal Savoy Lausanne

Credit Royal Savoy Lausanne

London, Lisbon, Berlin ... And if you take the tangent European destinations connected and that contrary to all the modes you program your weekend both city but kind? Besides its capital, Switzerland treasures. Lausanne direction with a fine excuse for this trip. A myth if not two! Indeed, the events of autumn 2016 has been the reopening of the Hotel Royal Savoy Lausanne and the opportunity to discover right next to Vevey, fabulous museum space dedicated to Charlie Chaplin inaugurated last April: Chaplin's world . A magical program especially with the approach of the holiday season! The temporary rink will be a fairytale for all ages!

Inaugurated in 1909 after three years of work, the Hotel Royal Savoy Lausanne has long been listed as a symbol of the Lausanne prestige both in size than its neo-Gothic castle. After having been forgotten over the past decades, the palace just rise from the ashes: five jobs and a total investment of 100 million francs! Its unique architecture in Lausanne is a heritage that has naturally classified the establishment in Note 2 to the historical monuments and its majestic portal in Note 1. This is all! But before discovering the journal sublimated version of this XXIe century, inaugurated with great pomp, try a fleeting Proust's madeleine to regain its old soul.

Credit Royal Savoy Lausanne

Credit Royal Savoy Lausanne

In the early twentiethe, the hotel and tourism industry is booming following the creation of the railway line of the Simplon. At the origin of this project, there were three architects Charles Mauerhofer Adrian van Dorsser and Charles-François Hello. Even then, the trio of architects himself the challenge of making essential and monumental hotel. The renovation of the facility at a cost of 125 million Swiss Francs through the group Burgenstock Selection, the company's property Katara Hospitality Switzerland AG to which it belongs.

In Art Nouveau style with neo baroque influence through its apical towers, the hotel is beautifully designed in prestigious materials: it's fashionable address in the region. Regulars of rail transport, including the famous Orient Express, make stopover there. The property is then simply called the Royal Hotel before becoming few years later, the Royal Savoy.

The brochures in the 20's boasted " excellent location close to the city and the lake. (...) Its position on the main road from Geneva to Montreux makes it particularly accessible room, delicious halt any given motorists who visit the shores of Lake Geneva. (...) The whole of this beautiful garden stands picturesquely against the bright background of the lake and the Alps. "(Portrait of the hotel when it opened in 1910!)

Aristocrats, illustrious personalities like the royal family of Spain and Queen Fabiola of Belgium, Prince Victor Emmanuel of Savoy (1993), Carl Lewis, American Olympic champion or football legend, Pele Brazilian listed among others in the book Golden.

Today the hotel remains true to the ambitions of this legendary past. At the helm of this ship, Alain Kropf: 160 employees for 196 rooms and suites in the historic building in the Garden Wing. Among the nuggets of the renovation: the Penthouse suite, a jewel of 350 square meters!

Credit Royal Savoy Lausanne

Credit Royal Savoy Lausanne

His other significant extras? The Cigar Lounge for amateurs. And if the Lounge Bar is one of the jewels of the Hotel Royal Savoy Lausanne, the most unusual is the Sky Lounge, located on the 7th floor of the historic building: the perched terrace offers a 360 ° view of the city, the lake and the Alps.

Credit Royal Savoy Lausanne

Credit Royal Savoy Lausanne

Welfare side, Spa 1500 m2 dedicated with the luxury of an indoor and outdoor pool, a wet area with sauna, steam room and Jacuzzi and 8 treatment rooms for beautiful cosmetics menu and massages.

Credit Royal Savoy Lausanne

Credit Royal Savoy Lausanne

Finally, both leaders to share kitchens and regale the guests who will gather in the Royal Brewery divided into four areas - the Great Hall, the buffet, the alcove and the Veranda -. The restaurant also has a wonderful terrace of 40 seats overlooking the gardens. Besides the Chief Executive Chef Julien Krauss, there is the signature leader Marc Haeberlin! The first oversees a brigade of 36 chefs. It offers a fair cuisine, refined and generous oriented local products. By partnering with artisans label "Land Vaud" Chef puts the product at the center of her kitchen by focusing on quality. The second If he learned his craft on the solid foundation of the Escoffier school, he modernized the recipes, lighter sauces. With talent, creativity and humility, Marc Haeberlin enriched the map of the house of new creations that perpetuate the spirit of this establishment run by the palates of France.

Hotel Royal Savoy Lausanne
Avenue d'Ouchy 40, 1006 Lausanne (Hotel Entrance: Avenue de Cour)
+ 41 21 614 88 88
[email protected]

For your transport to Lausanne: the comfort of the TGV Lyria.

TGV Lyria 3H 35
Up to 5 A / R per day
For more information:

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My little fir (idea Deco-shopping)

14961_MyLittleSapin Maxi-miniThis is not fir the Elysee arrived by barge in Paris, but my little tree this Christmas is very Cop 21 in his mind! Pot, ready to be decorated, it was delivered by the carrier this morning! All packed in its protective box with a lot of decorations, this small spruce comes straight from a nursery in Yonne. The concept of the site is the right plan for urban dwellers and especially for small interiors.


No more stress of chasing her tree in the last minute or to make a face to face with his tree on the bus! is an online store offering the sale of mini Christmas trees in pots with roots (35 to 80 cm), which come straight from a family nursery Burgundy and delivered within 48 hours. including "to provide or to offer.

14650_Depart firOn the site, simply choose between two sizes and optionally select a theme decor (Midnight Blue origami Copper and Bronze, and Angel Feather, Girly, Little fir Advent, etc.) ordering a reasonable price depending on the size and the option from 31.50 euros.

12441_MyLittleSapin - Nature (2)

The more abstract:

- time saving ;

- convenient as home delivery;

- ability to replant the small spruce or forwarding it to the nursery means of transportation costs

- order accepted until December 23 noon with guaranteed delivery within 24 hours.


The small problem:

- we would like the decor are made in France! "This project is expected in 2016, he confirmed Pierre Naudet," the young Burgundian entrepreneur who launched the site in 2011 and I interviewed for details.

14770_Pierre NAUDET

What was the genesis of the project?

Pierre Naudet: Actually, I fell into the fir trees from the cradle so to speak, because I am 6th generation of a family of nurserymen. It worked me and my brothers when we were young: cut branches, cut firs ... I know by heart! After business school and a volunteer experience in Africa, I chose to get into the adventure to train me in the nursery. I followed a specialization in management and sustainable development strategy with a total passage and at a consulting firm in Brazil and had a sensitivity to the environment and in particular to trees and forests. On my return to France, I naturally joined the family nursery. After a year do field training, I launched the activity in 2013.

The outcome of this adventure?

Pierre Naudet: Thousands of mini Christmas trees are sold online in less than three weeks (sales were doubled between 2013 and 2014). These are fir trees are planted exclusively for the Christmas period. Involved for the environment, I also offers customers to return the tree in its original packaging so that it is replanted and agree on a policy 0% carbon.

Your goal? 

Pierre Naudet: Propose a totally fir made in France. Therefore, I wish to develop partnerships with artisans or companies, may we offer garlands or small accessories made in France. It's that I just realized with "Papabubble" franchise candy: a decoration based transparent balls containing small sweets ...

12434_MyLittleSapin - Gourmand 5

One word before concluding wish you a Merry Christmas: the magic of fir trees, is happiness and joy for all those who keep a child's soul.

14949_MyLittleSapin Maxi Choupinou2

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Easy recipe: cream of organic zucchini


Want to renew your book soup recipes? I propose today the easy recipe for cream of zucchini, served lukewarm input. I found this recipe tasty recent days during a stop at the Living Museum of the olive, installed in Volx (Alpes de Haute Provence) in an old building that housed a factory of L'Occitane. This zucchini soup recipe was given to me by Josephine, who stands with heart and talent the food court Small tables the museum with Virginia, a former costume designer for opera. Its different dishes are delicious as full of flavor.

In short, this is a good step if you're in the neighborhood, in Volx. The site consists of three areas:
- coffee bistro Small tables,
- First shop Pressure Provence
- Olivier's Ecomuseum.


Easy recipe velvety organic zucchini


- 6 bio unpeeled zucchini (medium size)
- 2 onions
- 3 cloves of garlic
- 125 grams of mascarpone
- 50 grams of Parmesan
- Salt and pepper


- Cut the courgettes, cut the onions and garlic
- Boil the 10 minutes maximum. Stop cooking when the zucchini begin to become tender
- Mixer
- Add the mascarpone, Parmesan, salt and pepper
- Serve warm

Ecomuseum of the olive tree
Old road of Forcalquier, 04130 Volx

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Trend copper … now I doing?

For over a year, all the press color its pages copper objects.
Trend launched by talented Tom Dixon to House & Subject in January 2012 where he presented his Copper Shade lamps, views everywhere since, from London to Tokyo in the trendiest to the most refined interior locations.

You gave in to the trend ... and now what to do with this hot color lamp so that it becomes a classic and does not pass mode. For it is the lot of trends, to be replaced very vites with something fresher, more fashion, more hype.

First, understand why this trend has (re) taken.
Metal, adored material designers for its malleability was chrome, weathered, painted, scratched ... bling-blingisée gilded and here he returns to form with copper alloys.
Copper has never been a noble material before the designer it by force. For our grandmothers, it evokes long hours to clean the cooking vessels. It gives strength that it reflects its color. It evokes strength, power and rounded shapes are his best allies to bring her gentleness and roundness of femininity.

Now, how not to get bored?

- the total look is avoided.
An absolute rules. Do not peindriez all your orange inside. So you will use copper with parsimony. Its side mirror multiplies the space but the red side is still very present. It should serve as a foil to the decor without playing kaleidoscopes.

- It is married with the right colors
His glowing tones can not be in strong contrast. Her favorite colors, blue basalt, black ebony, black slate, khaki, pure white.
One should avoid pastel shades that go out. (In any case, ALWAYS be avoided, pastel shades)

- One chooses his pieces
You easily give in to the trend and change your mind as cushions. Opt for small parts: Cushions, lanterns, plates below.
Love the 70's revival of the updated copper, go to Tom Dixon, KME design for a library in the industrial spirit or suspension Flos Skygarden and play of colors around the centerpieces.

- It does not multiply the metal aspects
Copper, chrome, nikel, gold ... is enough. Each has its color, vibration and mixed is turn off automatically.
Bring a touch copper to meet a matte velvet, a mole powdered hue. Avoid playing the highlight and vary the look for more elegance.

All designers are getting into the copper to you to make your choice based on your favorite or your budget!

Trend copper ... now I doing?

A shopping list of coppery objects to have fun on a budget (Habitat) or passionately (Flos)


Trend copper ... now I doing?

Ribbon Lamp Housing - € 150


Trend copper ... now I doing?

The Washignton chair Knoll - Frame metal - Copper Color

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“Looks South” exhibition Graziella Agresti (Gulf of Saint-Tropez)

Tour-Carree-Graziella-Agresti"It looks like the South" ... The title of the new exhibition that will delight Graziella Agresti passage juilletistes Var, takes place in Sainte-Maxime, facing Saint-Tropez, at the Museum of the Square Tower. Make it stop, if not a detour. Double reason. The place where the exhibition is taking place: a tower of the sixteenth century, a museum on the initiative of Count Germont and his association.

You will see a collection of archeology, a series of rooms and objects that tell the past of this piece of Mediterranean, an overview of Provencal folklore, tradition, vineyards and olive ... but also the story of the resistance and memories of landing in the WWII.

Past the first two floors devoted to local history of Sainte-Maxime, the Friends of the Square Tower welcomes painters and photographers, under the expert eye of the curator in the person of Count Jean-Daniel Germont, who has served as its strong supporter for decades. This is a tribute and recognition it gives to work Graziella Agresti by welcoming a month in "his" Square Tower 1st July 31, 2015.

Graziella Agresti

Graziella Agresti wanted to be an artist, studied at the Fine Arts ... it took him wait time for a retreat inspired to realize his dream and devote himself entirely to his palette and easel. After walking in the footsteps of his master Jacques Gatti, now she follows his path, that of a luminous paint - alternating acrylic and oil - which reveals the South, with its skies, seashores, its landscapes, boats ...

Graziella Agresti

Graziella Agresti
Graziella Agresti

Graziella Agresti

Graziella Agresti

Graziella Agresti

As for the characters that inhabit his paintings, they are much like those of Hopper, there outcrops a melancholy but still tenuous, discreet ... and they tell a story, a mystery.

Graziella Agresti

But life is always moving, with little touches that give the right tempo, the one which is in the tune of Nino Ferrer: Looks South

It is a place that looks like Louisiana
In Italy
There linen lying on the terrace
And that's pretty

South Looks
The time lasts long
And life surely
More than a million years
And always in the summer ...

EXHIBITION "Looks SOUTH ..." OF 1st IN July 31, 2015


For more information: Graziella Agresti

Graziella Agresti

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