Walk-in Shower: 3 defects to know

Bathroom with bath and shower to&# 039; Italian

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Elegant design, light, spacious sometimes ... The walk-in shower dream. Still, this shower system includes requirements that must be known before embarking on renovating her bathroom and installing this type of shower.

The walk-in shower, we all want. But if it is unanimous aesthetic side, it entails a cost and installation constraints in the bathroom sobering. Explanation 3 points. 

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1. The Italian shower involves substantial installation work

Will offer a real Italian shower needs to take a number of obstacles, not the least, especially in the case of a renovation. It must first verify that it is possible to embed the entire system in the floor: receiver, evacuation ... This involves disbursing the ground in order to incorporate a siphon with a minimum of 90 mm diameter drain and minimum pipe diameter of 50 mm capable of providing rapid drainage of water, while maintaining a slight slope (between 1 and 3 cm per meter). But it may be that the process of installing a walk-in shower is not feasible technically. In this case, to solve the flow problem, you have to raise the floor of the bathroom with heavy work to the key or to raise the shower on a step, eliminating the single effect foot. What is less practical and beautiful. Even dangerous if we miss the walk! 

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Space saving. This gutter as a piece trough with trap, with only 89 mm Underfloor facilitates the installation of'une douche à l'italienne, même en rénovation. Livré avec un DVD d'installation et une bâche d'étanchéité. Disponible en 4 longueurs et plusieurs finitions.. "Venisio expert", Wirquin, 393 euros + grille, de 239 à 650 euros.

Space saving. This gutter as a piece trough with trap, with only 89 mm Underfloor facilitates the installation of a walk-in shower, even under renovation. Comes with installation DVD and a sealing cover. Available in 4 lengths and several finishes .. "Venisio expert", Wirquin, 393 euros + grid, from 239 to 650 euros.


2. The sealing problems in a walk-in shower

To prevent the dream shower only nightmare, it should pay special attention to the design of the walk-in shower and first of the sealing which must be impeccable. For total reliability must make perfectly hermetic shower space, especially if your bathroom is located on the floor of your home or apartment. All elements used including soil grouting / wall should be water repellent or hydrophobic. If it does not, you'll soon fees. Infiltration could cause damage (peeling tiles, blistering paint, musty odors, flooding the lower floors of the house or apartment). For the same reasons, it is also advisable to ask a hydromassage shower column in a in shower whose evacuation might be insufficient

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All in one. Complete Shower System to'italienne prêt à installer avec panneau d'étanchéité en mousse de polystyrène expansé haute densité, siphon de sol, membrane adhésive pour sol et mur et sol décor en Corian version blanc lumière offrant un sol parfaitement plat. 90 x 90 et 120 x 120 cm. "Shower Design Panodur Urban White", Lazer, 1246, 87 € en 90 x90 cm 1863,88 euros en 120 x 120 cm.

All in one. complete system in shower ready to install with sealing panel high density expanded polystyrene foam, floor drain, adhesive membrane for floors and wall and floor decor Corian white light version of providing a perfectly flat ground. 90 x 90 and 120 x 120 cm. "Shower Design Panodur Urban White"Lazer, 1246 87 € in 90 x90 cm 1863.88 euros 120 x 120 cm.


3. The intervention of a trained professional to install a walk-in shower

The installation of a walk-in shower does not supportamateurism. The project, to be completed, requires the expertise of a qualified professional able to offer ten-year guarantee of the book. Each configuration is a special case, it is better to study the matter in advance and never embark on the adventure with the first comer.  

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Zen. This support frame for'évacuation murale de la douche à l'italienne se raccorde aux conduites de descente et d'arrivée d'eau. Une solution idéale pour la rénovation notamment lorsque la chape est de faible hauteur. On peut l'associer à un receveur prêt à carreler proposé en 5 tailles. Geberit, à partir de 350 euros le bâti support et à partir de 560 euros le receveur.

Zen. This support frame to the wall of the discharge in shower is connected to the down pipes and water supply. An ideal solution for renovation in particular when the screed is of low height. It can be associated with a loan recipient to tile available in 5 sizes. Geberit, from 350 euros the support frame and from 560 euros the recipient.


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Repaint floor tile: mistakes to avoid

Repainting its floor tile: 6 mistakes to avoid


Your tile pretends gray you want to revamp your repaint the soil and avoid heavy work. But is this really feasible? What are the tricks to easily paint the tiles ? How to avoid disappointment? Here are some answers to give new life to your tile without wrong!

Before you jump in painting your floor tile, better anticipate problems to get a result that meets your expectations: think about the feasibility of the project and follow each implementation step. Côté Maison guide you! 

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Error # 1: want to repaint the floor of a crowded room

Painting tile can give a facelift to the ground, but it is not really designed to support addicts stilettos or small daily assaults linked to children's games. Reason as if you were to put a pretty fragile prosecutor who resents scratches.  

Painting tile is more appropriate for the room type room bathroom, toilet, office, master bedroom or friends, library. Under normal conditions of use, holding painting tile is guaranteed 5 years. 

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Error No. 2: seeking to repaint a smooth tile and polished

In theory, painting tile fits all types of materials. But in practice, most tile is porous, the more paint will adhere!  

If your tile is very smooth and very bright, the paint will be very difficult to fix and it does not take place in time. Unless involve a sander to abrade and create adhesion ... Too bad all the same. 

Mistake # 3: imagine that the floor tiles painted then will look the same as the original

If you repaint a floor tile, say goodbye to the old look, even if you have found a similar color. The paint will cover the joints and marry the reliefs. But why not take the opportunity to let your creativity with games of colors and patterns? 

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painted Floor tiles

painted Floor tiles


Mistake # 4: neglect the preparation of painted tiles

As often in painting, surface preparation determines the success of the finish. If you neglect this step, you will not get a uniform and durable surface.  

First degrease the floor tile with a slightly abrasive product like laundry Mark. Rub well seals. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a clean cloth and let dry well. Remember to protect as switches and baseboards. 

Mistake # 5: wanting to save on paint material

Take quality paints and suitable equipment (brush, roller, brush) for satin paint. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions on the package. absolutely Do not dilute the paint for floor tile to save. Otherwise, it will not adhere to the tiles and furniture will stall at the slightest movement ... 

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Mistake # 6: Do not leave enough for the paint to dry floor tile

For a perfect fit, painting tile is deposited at least 2 layers. We must work very carefully. Make a uniform application (on the floor tiles and joints) in one piece. Avoid lumps and dust grains because it will then be possible to sand. Carefully follow the drying time because it is an acrylic paint. 

The first coat of paint requires between 12 and 24 hours of drying. After the second layer, it will take 24 hours to walk over barefoot or in slippers (no heels!) And 72 hours to finally put any furniture.  

Suffice to say that if you have decided to repaint the tiled floors of your bathroom, it is better to have foreseen that of neighboring squatter during the work! 

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paint wallpaper: technical and pitfalls

Painting over wallpaper: technical and pitfalls

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A stroke of brush or roller to paint wallpaper ? If the idea seems simple, the experience can quickly turn into a nightmare. For starters, is the operation possible? How to prepare to paint the wallpaper? How to choose his painting? Yes, many elements come into consideration for his wallpaper and paint are many questions. Before you take the plunge, discover our advice.

Poor walls, wallpaper not to take off, want to change the decor without major work? Painting over wallpaper is a very attractive proposition. Despite the apparent ease, these small paint jobs require some preparation and precaution. Side House gives you five ways to start off right, and points you to the mistakes to avoid before repainting wallpaper throughout the house ...  

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1. Think before painting the wallpaper

Before grabbing your brush or paint roller, look wallpaper to paint with a professional eye. Several factors must be taken into account. For example, the color of the wallpaper is dark, it will take more layers. The condition of the paper is also noteworthy and cleanliness. If the surface is not healthy, it must be remedied. The material (velvet, vinyl ...) also determines the sequence of steps. Check if the wallpaper is flat or in relief and if it shows blisters. So many elements to consider well. 

2. Prepare your wallpaper before painting

The wallpaper painting surface must be impeccable. In other words, clean, smooth and dry. Depending on the material, have a brush or above leach wallpaper using a sponge slightly wet then pass a dry cloth. The brush of the vacuum also helps to get rid of the dust encrusted. Particular attention is to wear at the edges of the strips and connections that need to be clean. Once the net surface, then cover the edges that could lift with a leveling compound. If one of the strips peeling off, it's time to pick.  

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3. It does not skimp on the paint

paint wallpaper: technical and pitfalls

On an ordinary wall, two coats of paint are often necessary. This is especially true for painting over wallpaper. For a correct result, have at least two layers, or three if the nature of the paper asks. The paint quality is important because it will allow a better grip. Moreover, the under layer should be thin to allow the adhesion of the paint subsequently. If it is too thick, dilute the paint with a little water. Finally, follow the indicated drying time and verify that the wall is dry before each layer. 

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4. Acrylic or glycero: what to choose paint over wallpaper

Between acrylic paint (water) and oil-based paint (white spirit), a real match is played. Acrylic painting has the advantage of hide imperfections and reduce the relief if the wallpaper is not smooth. However, it may be less suitable for wallpaper because the water contained in the paint may dissolve the glue paper and loosen it. The oil-based paint, it has a time longer drying but adheres better. It is therefore recommended for substances of washable wallpaper like vinyl. Again, consider the quality of the wallpaper before you decide.  

5. Test the paint on a piece of wallpaper

Because each situation is different and that the proper conduct of the operation depends on the wall, wallpaper, glue used, etc ... the most prudent is to perform a test before starting to paint all your wallpaper. In a corner of the wall paint or behind furniture, skip least two coats of paint. Blisters may appear but disappear as fast drying. However, if the wallpaper peeling or if it rubs off on painting, you just have to pull any ... 

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Date Pentecost in 2014, 2015, 2016

The Pentecost is a Christian holiday that commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the apostles. Pentecost Sunday is held on the 50th day after Easter Sunday. Whit Monday, as Easter Monday, has no meaning in relation to the Bible. Pentecost always falls on a Sunday. Yes, but where ..? If you wish to book a long weekend, you better know what day falls this party!

Pentecost Dates:

Pentecost 2014: Sunday, June 8th and Monday, June 9, 2014
Pentecost 2015:  Sunday, May 28 and Monday, May 29, 2015
Pentecost 2016: Sunday, May 15 and Monday, May 16, 2016

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Repaint the wall or floor tiles: our tips and everything you need to know

pro tips to repaint its tiles


Many of you are no longer bear the sight of your tile. Obsolete, damaged, your old tiles do not reflect the image you want to give your home decor. Rest assured, there is a solution to your problem. Other than a yard long and outright demolition of your soil, opt for painting on tiles. Some essential however to know before you start. To not go wrong, here are the tips of a pro paint!

What can I repaint tile? What equipment to use and above all how to do it? Catherine Giraud, Assistant painting of the Central Purchasing Leroy Merlin sheds light on the points to know before undertaking this work, and guide you in your purchases with a selection shopping ... 

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1. What tile can be repainted?

All tiles, without exception, can be repainted. Whether large or small tiles is not a problem. With brushes and paints available today, it is very easy to cover the floor. With opacifying paintings, even the dark tiles opposes more resistance. It takes often a second layer, but the result is convincing. The most important remains to adapt their equipment to the tiles that they are trying to cover. 

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pro tips to repaint its tiles

Getty Images / iStockphoto

2. Use the right equipment to paint tiles

Many are disappointed, are faced with a result far below their expectations. While it is not always easy solutions, tools and good quality paint used to approach the desired rendering.  

To repaint the wall tiles, three solutions are possible: - directly paint the tile with a painting "live tiles"- use a colored resin. Note that the color range is less important for this type of product. - file a specific sub-layer that will allow a better grip. It is preferable in terms of handling and allows you to choose the color that you want.  

To repaint the floor tiles, it's a bit more complicated. Two options are available: - the products to be applied directly to the soil. The joints are well visible. - the polished concrete that is applied layer thick enough. All your tile is then hidden. 

Before starting your work and your purchases to repaint the floor, so take the time to think about made you want to reach. 

As for the hardware: a roller rechampir for angles and a good roll is needed.  

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pro tips to repaint its tiles

Leroy Merlin

3. Repaint tiles: a mission accessible to all

Painting tile remaining quite expensive (59.90 euros for 2 liters), you can definitely direct you to the sub-layer option. It thus leaves you the option to choose the paint you want. The ideal for a successful color, good performance and an affordable price (from 34,90 euros for 2.5 liters). 

Repainting its tiles, is not so difficult as it seems. Level time for a kitchen of about 10m2, expect one or two days maximum. It's a site that you can easily carry on a weekend.  

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pro tips to repaint its tiles

The Winchester Tile company

4. Tips and Tricks for repainting tiles

Do not hesitate to be generous on the amount of paint, this allows the soft and promotes a better rendering. If your biggest fear regarding the holding of the paint, go for the resin. Extremely reliable, it holds over time. 

Note, it is not advisable to use a matte painting in a damp room, around a shower or a sink for example.  

If you want to keep your visible joints, do not skimp on the finish. Using a paint pen, for example, you can revive the brightness of your joints in a wink. 

Last thing: this seems obvious, but it is important to remember. It is imperative to respect the instructions given on the paint. Especially not to burn stages, and take your time. 

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pro tips to repaint its tiles

Clément Boulard

5. A selection of material to paint the tiles

Sublayer high adhesion tile, 0,5 l, 11 euros the'unité, Luxens. Peinture sol intérieur Decolab sol 100% carrelage, gris perle, 0,75 l, 39,90 euros l'unité, V33. Résine colorée Color, Blanc, 0.25 l, 25,90 euros l'unvité, Résinence. Rouleau Dexter. Enduit Masqu'carrelage et mur, Gris urbain, 9 kg, 47,90 euros l'unité, Maison Deco.

Sublayer high adhesion tile, 0,5 l, 11 euros each, Luxens. interior floor paint Decolab 100% ground floor, gray, 0.75 l, 39.90 euros each, V33. colored resin Color White, 0.25 l, 25.90 euros unvité, Resinence. Rouleau Dexter. Masqu'carrelage plaster wall, Urban Gray, 9 kg 47.90 euros each, Deco House.

Leroy Merlin

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Laying floating floors: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

Affixing&# 039; a floating floor: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

Leroy Merlin

Laying a floating floor is easier and faster than a solid wood floor and, in addition, it is not expensive. All the conditions are therefore met for the plunge. But are you sure to have thought of everything? An error on the selection or installation of floating floors could cost you. Do you know the precautions to take, did you choose a suitable piece, do you have underfloor heating, have you underlayment suitable ... Here are 5 pitfalls to properly lay a parquet floor at home and power fully enjoy it in the living room or bedroom.

Installing a floating floor (Or laminated) is a task for everyone. It requires little equipment, not too dirty and not expensive. You just clean and dry the floor before asking his floor; then install the floating layer of the floor and the clip floorboards floating therebetween. However, to obtain satisfactory and lasting results, it is imperative to avoid making mistakes when asking the parquet ... 

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Error # 1: ask a parquet floor in a kitchen or hall

In the kitchen, hot and oily spills or falling objects will quickly degrade your floor it will often grind. Alas, unlike a solid wood parquet, laminate flooring can not be sanded much because his noble wood layer is sufficiently reduced.  

In a hall, stilettos and grit are also frequently scratch the surface.  

The parquet floor is therefore more suitable for a bedroom or living room. You can also ask laminate flooring in a bathroom, but the surface has to be adapted with a gas such as teak and merbau resistant to moisture.  

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Mistake # 2: choose a fragile floating floors in a child's room

The laminated flooring has become a very decorative product, with rich colors. But in a child's room, the laminate flooring will be put to the test! Some species such as Moabi more resistant to impact. also preferably opt for wood clear or bleached floating floor and then with oiled or matt varnish. The shadows (black, gray, brown) are better suited to a rest room.  

Finally, do not forget to check if the floating floor has an air quality label A +. This is best for your child.  

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Mistake # 3: Install a floating floor on uneven ground

The floating floor requires a perfectly flat floor (no ripple). Its triple layer gives it great strength and a certain lack of flexibility. Do not hesitate to ask bricklayer upgrading (patching). Then wait until everything is completely dry before removing the floating floor. It does not support humidity. 

Make also come the plumber and the electrician to change troublesome pipes or add sockets for example, before installing the underlayment and floating floors. Otherwise you may suffer big damage then! 

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Mistake # 4: put a floating floor without a suitable underlay

This is a very important detail. The underlay must protect from moisture (vapor barrier is required), but also isolate a thermal and acoustic point of view. It will therefore often install two sub-layers with different properties (1 vapor barrier and one sound for example) or when a sublayer "2 in 1". 

A floating floor also transmit more noise than a glued parquet, because of the air layer situated beneath: it facilitates resonance. When selecting the underlayer, it will choose between insulate impact sound (Falling Object) or isolating transmission noise (noises in the housing). Because it corresponds to different design sub-layers. 

Mistake # 5: Set up any floating floors with underfloor heating

All floating floors are not compatible with underfloor heating, reversible or not. It should not be too thick (otherwise insulate too) and size of blades adapted (not too wide). Better to entrust the installation of such a floating flooring to a professional, not wrong. 

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Date Winter sales 2015: the beginning and end

The 2015 winter sales always take place after the year-end holidays. They always begin on a Wednesday. But which one? In 2015, the winter sales begin on Wednesday, January 7 2015 at 8am. Balances last 6 weeks, so until Tuesday, February 17, 2015.


The winter sales begin in 2015:

&# 8211; Friday, January 2, 2015 in the following departments: Meurthe-et-Moselle, Meuse, Moselle, Vosges
&# 8211; Wednesday, January 7, 2015 in Guyana.
&# 8211; Saturday, January 3, 2015 in Guadeloupe
&# 8211; Wednesday, January 21, 2015 in Saint Pierre and Miquelon
&# 8211; Saturday, May 2, 2015 in Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin
&# 8211; Saturday, September 5, 2015 in Reunion

Balances increased from 5 to 6 weeks
From 1 January 2015, the duration of the national balance reverts from 5 to 6 weeks (they were increased from 6 to 5 weeks in January 2009).

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>> Dates of next summer and winter sales

Date Winter sales 2015: the beginning and end




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Date of the 2016 season

When does winter? Summer? Autumn ? Spring ? These are questions that torments us throughout the year&# 8230; To understand: while the earth rotates around the sun, the seasons are determined by the inclination of the polar axis of the earth, combined in turn around the sun. In 2016, the date of spring was announced on Sunday, March 20, 2016, thesummer arrives on Monday June 20, 2016, Fall Thursday September 22, 2016 and finally thewinter Wednesday December 21, 2016.

Date seasons in 2016:
&# 8211; Spring Date: Sunday, March 20, 2016
&# 8211; Date Code: Monday, June 20, 2016
&# 8211; Date Fall: Thursday, September 22, 2016
&# 8211; Date of winter: Wednesday, December 21, 2016

>> Find the date of the 2015 season.

Date of the 2016 season


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Date seasons in 2015: spring, summer, autumn, winter

It is always intéréssant to know when are the seasonal changes. A season corresponds to an instant of time, a period during which the Globe takes an alternative place in the universe. They are determined by the solstices and equinoxes and vary depending on where it is on Earth.

In 2015, the date of spring was announced on Friday, March 20, 2015, thesummer arrives Sunday, June 21, 2015, theautumn the Tuesday, September 22, 2015 and'winter the Tuesday, December 22, 2015.

 >> Find the date of the 2016 season.

Date seasons in 2015: spring, summer, autumn, winter

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Date Easter 2016

Unlike Christmas and the Assumption date of Easter changes each year. Determined by the lunar calendar, Easter is a celebration say "mobile". The opportunity for children to go hunting for eggs hidden by the Easter Bunny. In 2016, Easter will be held on Sunday, March 27, 2016. A great day out with the kids and family.

Date of Easter 2016: Sunday, March 27, 2016


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تاريخ عيد الأم 2016

مثل كل عام، ونحن شهيرة الامهات في حفل على شرفهم. وعرضوا هدية لأشكرهم على ما يفعلونه بالنسبة لنا ونقول لهم بأننا نحبهم. ومع ذلك، يتم تحديد موعد رسمي لهذا الحدث ولكن traditionnelllement يقام عيد الأم يوم الأحد الأخير من شهر مايو. في عام 2016 في فرنسا، ومن المقرر اليوم من الأمهات ل الأحد مايو 29، 2016. ومع ذلك، هذا التاريخ ليس هو الفرصة الوحيدة لرعاية جيدة من والدته، أن تفعل ذلك على مدار السنة!

واسعة الحب والقلب جنبا إلى الرومانسي

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毎年のように、我々は彼らの名誉にパーティーでママをセレブル。彼らは私たちのために何のためにそれらに感謝し、我々は彼らを愛し、それらを伝えるために贈り物を提供しています。しかし、公式の日付は、このイベントのために設定されていないが、母の日が月の最終日曜日に開催されるtraditionnelllementされます。 2016年にフランスで、母親の日に予定されています 2016年5月29日(日曜日)。 しかし、その日は一年を通してそれを行う、彼の母親の世話をするための唯一の機会ではありません!


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Día de la Madre 2016 Fecha

Como cada año, nos Célèbre madres en una fiesta en su honor. Se les ofrece un regalo para darles las gracias por lo que hacen por nosotros y decirles que los amamos. Sin embargo, no hay fecha oficial se establece para este evento, pero traditionnelllement Día de la Madre se celebra el último domingo de mayo. En el año 2016 en Francia, el día de las madres está prevista para Domingo por, 29 de de mayo de 2016. Sin embargo, esa fecha no es la única oportunidad de tener buen cuidado de su madre, lo hacen durante todo el año!

amor-corazón-mano-a nivel romántico

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Datum der Tag der Mutter 2016

Wie jedes Jahr Célèbre wir Mütter auf einer Party in ihrer Ehre. Sie sind ein Geschenk bot ihnen zu danken, was sie für uns tun und ihnen sagen, wir lieben sie. Es wird jedoch kein offizielles Datum für diese Veranstaltung festgelegt, aber traditionnelllement Muttertag wird am letzten Sonntag im Mai statt. Im Jahr 2016 in Frankreich wird der Tag der Mütter geplant für Sonntag, 29. Mai 2016. Doch zu diesem Zeitpunkt nicht die einzige Möglichkeit ist, um gute Pflege seiner Mutter zu nehmen, tun sie das ganze Jahr über!

Liebe-Herz-Hand-romantische weit

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Dia Data das Mães 2016

Como todos os anos, nós célebre mães em uma festa em sua honra. Eles são oferecidos um presente para agradecer-lhes por que eles fazem para nós e dizer-lhes que os amamos. No entanto, nenhuma data oficial está marcado para este evento, mas traditionnelllement Dia das Mães é realizada no último domingo de maio. Em 2016, na França, o dia das mães está prevista para Domingo, 29 de maio, 2016. No entanto, essa data não é a única oportunidade de cuidar bem de sua mãe, fazê-lo durante todo o ano!

amor de coração mão-wide-romântico

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