greedy Journal of my tour of Sicily

Sicily 10

This year, after big holiday plans in Thailand, Peru, Japan and South Italy, darling and I opted for a tour of Sicily in the opposite direction of clockwise.

Note that I'm going to Sicily every summer (almost) since 1999, where I spend a two-week family vacation. It always stays the residence Terrarossa Taormina because the owner Elena and her right arm Alfio, we always reserve a warm welcome. Besides being a haven of beauty, the residence became our vacation home as a second home.

As two years ago (last summer we were in France), my boyfriend and I joined my parents, my brother and his girlfriend there. After two weeks Taormina, we went head to head on 10 August to Lipari, then Palermo, Scopello, Trapani, Agrigento and back to Catania (Bypassing Ragusa Unfortunately, the stay does not leave us the time!), Before returning to Madrid last Saturday, August 22

The stay was wonderful. We saw impressive landscapes, ate delicious things, met great people and shake like crazy. All it takes to get satiated happiness. I hasten to you a report :-)

Sicily 2

First stop: Taormina. We never tire of this small town, albeit very touristy, but a unique charm! Terrarossa, where we enjoy a magnificent view of theIsola Bella, we go down every day at the beach, taking long steps, which allows us to stay in shape (important for a dancer!). At noon we eat at home, good Italian things bought at the supermarket on the way to Letojanni (a car is essential!).

Sicily 3

Prosciutto di Parma Pomodori, mozzarella, Olive, Ricotta al Forno, Capperi, pesto di Pistacchio, Pane di Semola ....

Sicily 4

We enjoy and lounging at the pool of the residence, if it is not too full.

Sicily 1

In the evening, we go dinner (on foot also, part of daily gymnastics) in the village, all in length. The restaus are expensive, and I find you eat less than a few years ... But there are still some unavoidable, as cannolo Roberto or the granita Bam Bar.



Second stop, the island Lipari (Aeolian). Perhaps the most "tourist" too, but we loved it anyway! There is a sacred atmosphere on this island. Although housed at Gattopardo Park Hotel, it has traveled much of the island in electric bicycle (essential given the differences in height!) and walk. If you venture in Pianoconte admire the panorama of Quattrocchi and stop you al Bivio, on the way to the baths of San Calogero, to eat delicious bruschetta with ham, tomato, ricotta, parmesan and pistachios, and a wind salad bread, olives, capers and tuna.

Sicily 51


Lipari town is small, mignone and full of pastries, groceries and nice shops.

Sicily 6

Sicily 8

The Marina Corta, the harbor is beautiful.

Sicily 7

We left by boat, a car we rented in Milazzo and we stopped quick lunch in Cefalú. She deserved it stays there, but it will be for the next time, because Palermo was waiting for us!

I did not remember me from such a beautiful city. The streets are dirty, going from a crowded street in a very dark alley where there is not a cat and scary, but it's a place Magic. It was small lunch twice in the same place, the bar Aluia, right next to our hotel. I liked their granita (gelsi con panna and strawberry on the second day, with natural brioche and nutella) ... The cappuccino was also very good. We'll have to go back!

Sicily 9

Sicily 11

You would think that serve industrial whipped, but no, it is made on site and it shows!

Sicily 12

To be like the real Sicilians, you also order a cake that is dipped into the granita for it permeates the mixed fruit juice with cream. It's exquisite!

Sicily 14

Sicily 13

Sicily 15

For those who love nutella, they also have a bun stuffed with famous spread, they heat the oven or fryer before you serve it still warm. Irresistible.

Sicily 22

To soak in the cappuccino course ;-)

Sicily 23

Wander the streets of the city and discover the wonders it contains! The fruit are displayed around the outskirts of a place or an old palace ... Kudos for the nice Palazzo Mirto and Cathedral, grand.

Sicily 16

Sicily 17

Sicily 18

In the Mercato Del Capo, any loan Teatro Massimo, There's the Trattoria Supra I Mura where you eat delicious things: antipasti and homemade pasta, and at a very affordable price!

Sicily 19

Sicily 20

Sicily 21

After Palermo, we went to visit friends who have a house Scopello. We fell in love with this place, a small village very animated the eve of August 15, with a concert in the main square and a great atmosphere. We dedicated our Ferragosto to the Zingaro Nature Reserve, a true wonder. 6 extended creeks approximately 7 km of steep path that we have traveled round trip. The landscape is unique and although we had damn hot, nothing beats the pride of having been through!

Sicily 24

For dinner, treat yourself to a restaurant Castellammare Del Golfo, at La Timpa for example, overlooking the course and very friendly service.

After these two idyllic days, management Trapani, the Sicilian city closest to Africa. We see it, we feel it and it's great! It reminded us a little Cadiz ...

Sicily 25

We were fortunate to arrive on the day of the couscous festival and it is pot luck, on tables set up on the fish market, we tasted the fish couscous (and black cuttlefish too!), the specialty there. One of my fondest memories of this trip!

Trapani is a colorful, lively, bright and warm. My favorite of mine!

Sicily 26

Aside from the small town, the Saline are to be seen at all costs. You will see how is the harvest of the famous salt from Trapani. Try to go in the evening to enjoy the beautiful evening light ... but even in full afternoon is wonderful!

Sicily 27

Admire the view of the Egadi Islands ...

Sicily 28

Sicily 29

And of course the must is to spend a day in Erice, a small medieval village on the mountain that you see from Trapani ... A marvel! We followed the recommendations of our guide and went taste touritique menu Caffé Maria (same owner as the Pasticceria Maria Grammatico, the most famous of Sicily) very complete for only 13 €! Antispasta, Course, Dessert and Coffee + Water, definitely worth it, especially as you enjoy on a terrace with a beautiful view of the sea.

Sicily 30

As you can see we were in the sun but the cool heights cleared and we had a great time.

Sicily 31

The server brought us a favor and let us order Genovesi dessert, no extra (instead of cookies menu almonds). This is the specialty of Erice: a small cake made of pastry stuffed with pastry cream and covered with icing sugar.

Sicily 32

Go see the castle and churches and admire the panorama of the Saline Trapani peak or Monte Cofano ...

Sicily 33

After this beautiful stage we went to Agrigento through the Scala dei Turchi, an impressive beach as a great white staircase that descends into the sea.

Sicily 34

Too many people on the tip! We we got settled on the small beach to the left, least populated, to eat our panino ;-)

Sicily 35

arriving at Agrigento, we set foot in our Bed and Breakfast, La Casa di El, warmly greeted by Alfonso, the owner.

We had an excellent dinner in the restaurant that he recommended, Opera. We recommend the dish Sapori Di Mare, antipasti of the sea, to share.

Sicily 38

Sicily 37

Sicily 36

City Bar Gambrinus will prepare a salad caprese quickly done well done :-)

Sicily 39

Remember the Valley of the Temples, a huge archaeological park, Unesco World Heritage! And if you get accosted by a Mexican guide with braces, go ahead, it will make you spend the most entertaining 3 hours of your stay! We even had the right to marriage to Greek. So now, I announce to you, I got married, and with a dress and everything!

Sicily 40

I said that the lady in the picture is an Italian tourist, guides her hair was brown and short. Just in case you're interested ;-)

Sicily 41

And now it was time to go Catania... We would have liked to see Ragusa, Siracusa and see (you already know), but it had also thrown a look at Etna before you go!

So we frolic in Catania, I knew that the market ... It is a beautiful city with great cathedral and a lovely medieval castle that hides a nice museum.

Sicily 42

Il Duomo, Catania

Our hotel registered us away for a half day (from 8:45 am to 15h) on Etna for € 55 per person with the company Etna Tribe ... Everything looks great, the guide picked us up in a minibus, it is 8 tourists. Along the way he shows us a house destroyed by an eruption.

Sicily 43

The only catch is that once arrived at the tourist platform at 2000 meters above sea level, we do not want to go to the souvenir shops, and craters that height is of little interest.

The guide offers us the option to go up with the funicular for 30 € extra per person. Except having arrived at 2500 meters, we do not see much and we have to go to 3000 meters with buses every field, to the thin amount of ... 62 € per person! We therefore paid 234 € to spend about 3 hours Etna. A bit expensive perhaps.

Sicily 48

But I must say that at 3,000 meters it's like being on the moon, it is exotic! We are above the clouds, hot stone is touched, it is at the edge of the active crater of Etna. It's worth the detour!

Sicily 44

Sicily 45

Sicily 46

Sicily 47

In return we stopped to visit a cave, then a small farm that produces honey Zafferana, where we tasted honey and other local products.

Sicily 49

I made my greedy memories racing :-)

Sicily 50

And that was the last day of this Sicilian dream.

In short, 2015 was one of the best summers of my life, it is clear :-) I hope it will inspire you to visit Sicily!

Back in Madrid and our Spanish routine ...

And I already full of recipes to share with you :-)

Good Thursday to you!

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