Studio: 10 smart tips to develop a small space

Small space: 10 smart tips for the develop


Real headache for some great challenge or decor for others, the development of a small space like studio is a delicate enterprise that takes time, a little elbow grease and a good dose of tips and tricks.

To help you see more clearly in the arrangement of your small apartment, and give you some useful keys to make it look bigger and optimize it, follow the valuable advice of experts, Ninou Etienne, interior designer at the head of the agency in Bordeaux and FusionD Charlotte Cittadini, interior designer in Saint-Nazaire since 2012.  

Generally, we say a living place that is small when its area does not exceed 40 m2. So how to save space and to better optimize every nook and corner of a small area without the fuss? The answer in 7 tips.  

1. Identify the constraints of a small apartment to better decompartmentalize

Who says lack of space, said often difficult layout. To achieve to return all items for your comfort - kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, dining area ... - you have to anticipate your needs and your desires. To better identify the different living spaces, like Etienne Ninou "define zones" (relaxing or working, for example), it seeks to "develop harmoniously, confusing sometimes." Like her, Charlotte Cittadini recommends, in the case of a small cramped apartment and partitioned for example, to "shoot simply all partitions to see more clearly" and provide a better thought structure instead. 

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2. in the light and create a feeling of space

Often with a single source of natural light, the studio clarity of thirst. So we put on a "passing light" said Etienne Ninou, we just decorate and accentuate with "many bright spots" located at key locations. Charlotte Cittadini: suspensions throughout the living room, kitchen side spotlights to illuminate the sink and worktop, the "wall can create a warm evening" small lamps in the corner reading, and IP65 spots in the shower, perfect if the bathroom is blind.  

3. Adopt light colors in a small area ... but not that

Able to visually enlarge a room, light colors, white head, agree our two experts. Yet Ninou Etienne also admits "highlight defects (an attic space or very narrow) to better make them disappear." How? Building on dark colors (taupe, khaki or dark gray) able to create a cocoon atmosphere. A decorative board as sharing Charlotte Cittadini, the interior designer who, "Play the color card and bet on the stamp" rather than the visual magnification, is a choice quite expected.  

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4. Building on level ground capable of larger space

On the ground, our pro decoration recommend to select a single coating for any small area. therefore chosen "as a suitable ground to the kitchen to the bathroom or the living room," a parquet in length, for example, indicates Ninou Etienne. What "mitigate the delimitation of areas of life, stretch space and create coherence throughout the apartment," said the interior designer. 

Small space: 10 smart tips for the'aménager

ninou Etienne

5. Overlap, suspend and clutter up

Etienne ninou like "work overlaid with a sleeping platform" with many storage space just below, but also "emphasize the height linear". The interior designer, in turn, find "Storage tips under the stairs" and plays with the high ceilings to create mezzanine or alcove. Another tip Ninou Etienne: "get to the point" and ensure "not to clutter up the walls", favoring a beautiful antique mirror, for example, rather than a collection which will tend to fill the atmosphere. Also, Charlotte Cittadini recommends suspending a maximum of things to free up floor space. 

6. Playing the card of modularity with multifunctional furniture

To better adapt to the most unusual configurations inherent in small areas Ninou Etienne is all about the "modular spaces" by confused sleeping, place dedicated to relaxation and even work area. In the kitchen in particular, the interior designer opts for a flexible table, which, when folded, is perfectly integrated in the decor. And it adopts "all-in-one module", like a clever device, combining hob and dishwasher. The goal ? "Win in functionality." Wise, Charlotte Cittadini recalls that it is best to avoid too massive furniture and "prefer angle models, small furniture mini size", easy to move and remove if necessary. Beautiful example with Taktik, the office-library also saves space as imagined by multifunction AM.PM. 

Small space: 10 smart tips for the'aménager


7. Store the studio with care and cunning

Level storage, Ninou Etienne recommends using every corner of a small space, to "hide a maximum of things" and "prefer closed storage." Ditto for the interior designer, everything must be in its place, and, ideally, nothing should hang, in short, we must "try to make room." 

Charlotte, a sense of special DIY small space to entrust our readers? 

Small room of 12 m2, my office was a bit complicated to arrange. To combine functional and aesthetic side, we have created hanging MDF furniture with storage under the work plan and other imagined in height, decorated with a wallpaper ideal reasons to give a little more personality .. . Thus, all the space is optimized while being airy and decorated. 

Small space: 10 smart tips for the'aménager

Charlotte Cittadini

Ultimate Board before you: If your budget allows, Charlotte Cittadini and Ninou Etienne encourage you to dare to measure. Enough to give life to a small space both functional and aesthetic.  

Ninou thank you to Stephen and Charlotte Cittadini for their valuable advice.  

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