Granola coco-maca

Granola coco-maca

Cereals crunchy, golden in the oven vegan, gluten and refined sugar... It tells you?

I took my model granola recipe super foods, performed with gift few months ago. This time, I used the maca powder which gives the granola grilled flavor and irresistible caramelized. Like last time, I used to coconut oil as fat and this time I put the coconut syrup to accentuate the caramelized side.

I said that you will find all the ingredients of the recipe on the website of

Granola coco-maca

This gives a delicious mix, healthy and delicious, ideal for breakfast health and perfect for sports! Those who can not tolerate gluten must use certified gluten free oats and vegan will absolutely jump on the recipe :-)

Granola coco-maca

For about 16 portions:

150g small oatmeal

150g large oatmeal

85g pistachios

125g mixed nuts

2 C. S. coconut flour (or wholemeal flour for gluten-tolerant)

2 C. S. chia seeds

2 C.S. of maca powder

1 pinch of coarse salt


125g coconut oil, melted

4 coconut syrup C.S. (or agave syrup, maple, honey for non vegans)

1 C.S. extract liquid vanilla

1 cinnamon d.c.


50g of organic cocoa beans

50g aronia berries

50g mulberries

50g dried banana pieces

Granola coco-maca

Preheat oven to 200 ° C.

Mix the ingredients of the first section above. Add ingredients to the second section, and mix well.

Spread granola on a tray lined with parchment paper. Bake for about 12 minutes.

Remove the granola and let it cool before adding the ingredients of the third section.

Keep the granola in a large airtight jar at room temperature.

Granola coco-maca

Enjoy your meal :-)

Granola coco-maca

Granola coco-maca

Granola coco-maca

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Granola coco-maca

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