Artichoke my heart with love

Artichoke my heart with love

 This is the time of artichokes and I assure you, my heart loves hard. With a beautiful and good Vinaigrette any love. There are so many ways to make this beautiful green tenderness that all ideas are good ... for me, it's simple, easy and it only takes the time to do them in the casserole. Not too long either, otherwise it's too tender heart and does not crack ..sous the tooth.

And, of course, artichokes depending on the number of guests, we cooked 15 min "lap top" to the pressure cooker from the first steam outlet.

What I find excellent, it is a dish where it is more on the plate than at the beginning ..

Artichoke my heart with love 


For the dressing:


A little oil


Balsamic vinegar

A little mustard

Some parsley

Salt pepper.



dressing is prepared and dipped in the artichoke leaves. A delight.

Enjoy your meal.

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