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Guillaume De Laubier

leading figures of the art scene in Rennes, Antoinette Parrau Mével and Erwan are two designers who speak with the everyday poetry. To their credit, a collection of furniture and fixtures very breath away!

Erwan Mével taking a photo'Antoinette Parrau.

They set their studies at the School of Fine Arts in Rennes and is still together they create their furniture in a workshop allocated by the city of Rennes. Together, but with a different style, they are looking for new ways to vary the light intensity manually articulate or artificial light. 

Luster scales 2008 prototype.

Antoinette brings a poetic touch and humorous, including a dress with language for its light frame zipper and its node sofa; about Erwan, he likes the sleek and graphic style. For him, every detail must have a functional sense (his famous layer cake tables are a perfect example).  

office Detail"Feuilles", 280 x 80 x 75 cm.

Young with already well-filled courses and exhibitions in shambles, the International Design Biennale in Saint Etienne in 2006, the Maison et Objet for Scenes of Interior in 2008, the gallery Traffic in Dubai and the "Salone Satellite" to Milan, Erwan and Antoinette does not have a big head!  

carbon stools, prototype, 40 x 40 x 40 cm.

Antoinette was recently awarded the National Center for Visual Arts. A distinction that has resulted in a fixture that borrows the idea of ​​opening a window shutter in the manner of a blind. Erwan, he received assistance in the creation of the Drac Britain, which allowed him to develop his work around composites highly technical such as aluminum honeycomb panel, Corian. Quite a boost for his next creations.  

32, boulevard de la Liberté, 35000 Rennes, tel. 02 56 01 34 35 and erwanetantoinette.fr 

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