Bilan 2016 living Vivre Côté Sud in Aix-en-Provence

Lounge Review Vivre Côté Sud 2016: record crowd in sunny Provence!

S. Spiteri

260 exhibitors, 26,011 visitors, a sunny 18th edition, festive and cheerful despite the context. More than ever cheerful and colorful, this edition of the show live South Side, meeting place of the art of living in the South, was marked by high-quality entertainment and night on Friday which gave way to a party exceptional, fresh and very friendly.

Attendance record for the first day of the exhibition Living South Side, with over 8,000 visitors and in total for four days, 26,011 visitors, 18% more than the previous year. An increase in attendance, encouraged by an ideal time while the rest of France was flooded and despite many strikes ... 

Salon Vivre Côté Sud: Inspiration Nature

This edition was chosen to celebrate the beauty and diversity of nature, inexhaustible source of inspiration for designers. It is this "green thread" that was put forward through inspiring scenography as each other signed singular talents such as stylists Fanny Piriou Desvignes, Muriel Gauthier, Laurent cabinetmaker Pass or the landscape Sylvère Fournier and Thomas Gentilini. 

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"Une irrésistible envie de nature... et de vert", une scénographie de Muriel Gauthier.

"An irresistible desire for nature and green ..." scenography Muriel Gauthier.

S. Spiteri

Cooking demonstrations enticing the living room Living South Side

Very tasty and joyful entertainment was orchestrated by Anne Garabédian in complicity with South iconic leaders such as Jérôme Roy, Jany Gleize, Ronan Kernen, Edouard Loubet, Alexandre Mazzia, Mickaël Féval Lionel Levy, Guillaume Sourieu, Queen and Nadia Sammut Ludovic Turac Glenn Viel and the Italian Anna Bini.  

Not to mention the nice surprise of Sunday night with a dream brigade led by Michel Portos, bringing Vincent Poette Ludovic Aillaud, Georgiana, Emmanuel Perrodin Clement Higgins Delphian Roux, Jean-François Bérard, Yannis Lisseri Pascal Willemart Noel Baudrand and again Lionel Levy. 

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The dream Brigade during the cooking demonstration Sunday, June 5, 2016 in the living room Living South Side.

The dream Brigade during the cooking demonstration Sunday, June 5, 2016 in the living room Living South Side.

Jean-Philippe Garabédian

Quality conferences during the show

The conversations, new and informal time of sharing allowed the general public and professionals to exchange with strong personalities and partageuses. Julien Toppin Grand Hotel Henry and Sarah Lauferon the Petit Palais in Aglae discussed the trends in hotel design. Patricia Carrier Lodgings of France, Isabelle and Nathalie Lichetnthurn of Méthafort Ruffat Westling have addressed the topic of guest houses and how to give them a soul. Damien Durand ArtLight Design Jacques Gouteyron of NoWatt and Tristan Lohner Designer and Director of RBC Design Center highlighted the different ways to light his garden. Heads Armand Arnal and Glenn Viel, meanwhile, addressed the subject of tableware in their work with the creators Vincent Buffile and Cécile Cayrol.  

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Conference hotel trends at the show live South Side, Friday, June 3, 2016.

Conference hotel trends at the show live South Side, Friday, June 3, 2016.

S. Spiteri

At the heart of these activities, the coaching decor and garden were again proven to be real concentrates of ideas. Provided by Claire Coirier, interior designer, Marie Grindel, color specialist and Thomas Gentilini, landscape architect, these moments were great opportunities for visitors to rediscover and reinvent their own living spaces through expert advice, plans and custom designs and planks of inspiration.  

This edition 2016 was also under the sign of novelty: a new "Bazaar" universe in which visitors could discover objects from here and elsewhere, and a second night on Saturday evening until 21h to experience more of the magic of the place.  

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See you in 2017 for the 19th edition! 

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