Good manners and politeness, would you have the Excellence?


Good manners and politeness, would you have the price of'excellenceAh ... good manners! Formerly, this is how one could describe this or that, as a token of a refined education. Is this a phenomenon of ancient times? Yes, some will say that I speak of a bygone era, those who agree with me they would then tradi-reac New? Our company has in any case not the prerogative of good manières.Alors incivility why they were on the rise?

Whose fault is it ? Failure to education? Failure of living together values? Priority Individualism? Indifference to others? Intrusion NICT? We have the answer daily on the subway, at the wheel of our cars, doing our shopping at merchants, ...

" It's my turn ! " " It's my place ! " " Me first ! "Hectic impatience, biting aggressiveness verb sing loud! And it's not a matter of generations, far from it to observe some seniors in museums, they should enjoy leisure time, they unfortunately sometimes the first to rush you!

My joker? My secret weapon? A smile ! Yes smile often many miracles and I use it daily as armor against the ambient aggression of all these citizens of 7 to 77 years spoiled, pressed as much as crushed by our company! Courtesy, as you make yourself scarce!

I was very much amused to browse the small guide of good manners, which looks like a slightly retro book published by Larousse ... I'll be able to review for the umpteenth time whether to place the water glass to the right or left, for Otherwise, what I consider ESSENTIAL, to be called the life skills or etiquette, these are many more courses that guides should be put in fashion!

And you, what do you think ? Let go and tell because it will better said and smiled .. A word to salvation!

Good manners and politeness, you'd have the price of excellence, Larousse (2015)

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