Deco font: Are you the queen of bad taste?

Deco font: Are you the queen of bad taste?


Good taste is like humor is the worst thing in this world shared. As it is possible to laugh at everything with everyone, it is difficult to share some decorative choices. Even if they are made with heart or stroke squeegee. Just take a walk at Tata Suzanne to realize. But beware, dear reader, you too can be queen of bad taste, and this without your knowledge ... (or knowledge of your own accord if it is YOU who delights you from your finds!)

Yes, this is still an article of Parisian pensance well, the intelligentsia design and assumed elitism.
Yes, this is an ode to banish from your home that could win you the prize for ringarditude.
Yes, this is a reminder to turn your decor everything was made by Chinese children who are not aware of consuming feed your greed.
Yes, this is still an article of the Dragon, as the holidays approach, it's time to think about gifts and avoid leaving anything into your home. If your friends have no taste, no need to honor them by doing the same!


1- The dried bouquet
But why have kept? The best reason to throw them, is that they are dead flowers and they gather dust.
Clearly, if you do not have the means to offer fresh flowers every week, adopt fabric flowers. (And be reassured, in the next article, I will find them just as lame if you have not been able to put the price)

In the same category: Driftwood, wreaths of ears of wheat, branches (even full of glitter ... be honest, once Christmas past, you may leave them where you placed them ... Yes bad taste mostly a matter of laziness.)

We offer flowers? When she nosedive, throw them in the compost (yes, Parisian bobo compost organic waste on her balcony, it is well known!)



2- The empty frames
Generally it oversees what we love, a work of art, a photo ... So your collection of empty frames laid staggered to the wall, is to showcase your inner emptiness?
No, the empty frames, this was never design. These are just pieces of wood that best show the painter missed his connection.

In the same category: The posters which take three tips patafix, executives laid the ground ...

We offer an empty frameIf you do not have to work to get there .... too bad. So you can offer a sausage knife to your vegan friend who had this bad idea.



3- The porcelain collections
Yes porcelain, before the industrial age, had a certain value. Yes Gien signed a vase can have a certain elegance. For against the kittens made in China ... I'm not quite certain interest ... If you do not have friends, take a Curly but leaves it on the shelves of the store, even if it's Hot!

In the same category: thimbles, vases, funny mugs, small animals, in short all Brolls collections (if you're Belgian, you know what that means ... and that's a good sign)

We offer a porcelain trinketI told you ... if you have 2 on a shelf, people are convinced that you are a collection of orange frogs and they offer you because they have no imagination. Directorate bulky, because I'm not sure at Emmaus they accept ...


4- The sign "kitchen"
Unless you suffer from a early Alzheimer's or live in a new house of 35 rooms each week, how useful to note what each room? Worse nail on the bathroom door: Breakfast corner, the wawas, relaxation .... This is not because it is that it is or you have to buy it!

In the same category: the doormat "Welcome", cushions or embroidered towels and Her (missing one's lover), anything that drags in GIFI.

We offer a small sign? Give back a registration form at the Miss Bad Taste 2016, your recommendation will ensure him a place in the charts.



5- The colored crockery
How you say ... no ... then I'm speechless and without lane apparently ... Dishes and colored glass is good for play the dinette with your collection of kittens ... But not in real life. Even Alice in Wonderland drinking his tea in a fine china. Recycling Glass is the yellow bin (at least in my neighborhood)

In the same category: laying the engraved roller knife, candlesticks to blare, the Hawaiian dish below ...


The New Year is a complicated period. We only offer people know that you appreciate a few days a year in a detailed framework, and who knows what head do when we discover their (bad) taste ... Rest assured, Bon Coin on the ALL sells... and do it without remorse. Because the bad taste is like gangrene, it always starts with a small detail that has not been paying attention!

(C) denova0 @ fotolia - Patricia Petit


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