The chocolate cake without baking

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There are few things I am unable to resist, but the chocolate cake is one. It should be well dense, cold preferably not too sweet while remaining rich.

I do not every month, but when I test a recipe I have to be sure it will be great. In fact what happens each time is that I am beset by an irrepressible desire to fudge. No chocolate in general, no, melting-chocolate, as I have described above (not soft, not runny, not sparkling, not brownies ...) There are some who have crazy cravings melon, others a good pizza or a plate of fries , me what I want is a compact mass of chocolate that melts in the mouth, with the perfect balance of sweet and chocolatey.

Not easy to make the perfect basis, even if I have already claimed to have found the recipe of my dreams, a little dethroned by one, then that one.

Except that the challenge this time was to give you a recipe for chocolate fudge without cooking, because with 40 ° C in Madrid, I had all but want to turn on the oven.

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In my quest for the precious dessert, I remembered a recipe I did when I lived with Dad in Paris, there are more than 10 years. I had found the Menier chocolate wrappers, and I remembered that it contained the cream and ground almonds. I still had the photo in the head, and as I trust my visual memory, I did an image search on Google by typing "dark chocolate almonds menier". And bingo, I came across the photo in question:

images / 8929.jpg-itok-FQpdbQuy.jpg

As usual, I have slightly modified the recipe. More biscuits (speculoos, my favorite), a little less than almonds. And I found one of the best melting chocolate of my life, no oven, no eggs, but with Happiness, Gourmandise, and a lot of chocolate! (Small nod to Carole Alter Gusto) ;-)

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For a mold of 18 cm diameter (you can also use a small cake mold)

200g dark chocolate pastry

200ml full cream

salted butter 50g

65g ground almonds

65g biscuit (cookie or other) powder

Melt the chocolate, cream and butter in a double boiler or in the microwave (low power to avoid burning the chocolate).

Mix well, then add the almonds and biscuits. Mix everything with a hand blender to obtain a smooth cream.

Pour into the mold, greased jacketed or transparency film, or of parchment paper. Put fondant cool for 4 to 12 hours.

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Serve it in small portions, with custard or ice. I served this with ice passion fruit, marriage is scrumptious.

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But if you want you can also serve it with the vanilla ice cream, or that the milk jam or Nutella (replace with nutella dough biscuit, the result is impressive!) ...

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This is the perfect dessert for summer, fresh and delicious at once.

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Enjoy your meal :-)

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