Choosing the opening of the window?

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There are over a dozen different openings for windows: each with these advantages and disadvantages. Your choice should take into account various criteria such as the configuration of your room, its size, ease of use, convenience, aesthetics, safety .... In short, we help you to see more clearly!

1 / The window with French overture

This is the most common window, and logically the most affordable. Functional and practical, this is a window with one or two leaves, which opens on a vertical axis inward. You can implement it in all rooms: kitchen, living room ... Only drawback, the system requires a complete clearance of the opening and take up much space in the open position! 

2 / A turn-tilt window

This window opens in 2 ways: conventionally, as a casement window and bellows on a horizontal axis (the window is ajar in the upper part). More expensive than a window casement, the advantage of this dual system is to provide more security. Especially when it comes to air out a room in the presence of young children! Moreover, it is impossible for a burglar to break in to your home. But be careful if you have a cat, it may get stuck trying to get out or come! 

3 / The bellows window

This window offers only position: slightly open at the top. It is ideal if you do not have room for a French overture. It can be an interesting solution in rooms without windows as a cellar, a laundry room, a garage, a staircase, an attic ... because it helps bring back natural light and provide ventilation while saving space in the room. 

4 / The sliding window

This window opens by sliding a leaf on another. It will find its place in a kitchen (above a sink, it allows to open wide without encroaching on the inside), but especially in a living room / stay. Indeed, in the form of windows, the sliding system is entering a maximum of light in your home and can enjoy panoramic views of your garden. In addition, the sliding window can precisely set the aperture and airflow and easy access to your outdoor wheelchair mobility! If you opt for this configuration in your living room, opt for aluminum windows (with thermal break) to get a more modern look and have a very fine window frame (to optimize the clear glazing and solar gain!)  

5 / Pocket window

He had to think! The brick partition window functions as a sliding window, except that once these doors open ... come fit into the folds of your walls, to reveal a large opening in your garden! Caution, however, its renovation installation must be done by a professional as it can affect the insulation and sealing of your walls. For best results, choose aluminum profiles, and rigid, they bear the heaviest glass and let go as much light! maximum brightness and guarantee Opening! 

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