Ranger or not put: that is the question …

It's a mess. In the wardrobe, fashions change but the hangers are full. And in the living room, the carpet disappears under Mr. newspaper stacks and children's toys. At home cluttered, messy mind, did you used to say. But then: store is not as simple nor as innocent as we think.

Ranger or not put: that is the question ...

Development work related to the creation of cupboards or closets
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This is not a decorating magazine that contradict us on the fact that we are increasingly tied (s) to the expressive dimension of the house. Everything from the way we aménageons to how we move them, said what we are. "The house still has a photograph of the unconscious of its inhabitants," the psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Alberto Eiguer, author of Your home reveals. For most of us, ranger, is to ensure every day that his space will remain similar to what it is. It is also, in fact protect themselves from unknown and preserve potential overflows. Organized or immutable, the house seems more easygoing.
But Alberto Eiguer, doing housework in our small business, we will not only optimize the space in which we live, we also offer the opportunity to see otherwise that surrounds us. Better: when we put, "we provide the environment our internal order," and so when we decide to do something, the objects are in their place we find them easily, they oppose us no resistance. Everything seems in harmony.
For others, tidy home helps bring order in itself. In reaching our field of vision, we free our mind. By sorting or throwing the mishap, we allay tensions, calm down emotions or memories that weigh abandon us or hinder us. Thus relieved, we can more easily focus on the basics, we recharge ...

The couple strained
Despite all the advantages that includes storage, it remains as complex as painful. "There are no two people have exactly the same idea of ​​the space objects," says sociologist Jean-Claude Kaufmann. And even less in a couple where the toothpaste tube which trails open or sweaters that are piled on a chair are the cause of many marital irritations. According to the leading expert of the intimate, the storage would be as much a matter of education and age sex. "If women are usually in charge housework than men, it's for accomplishing their idea; because it is in their serenity. "Unless they are willing victims of the disorder. A little self in soft focus can also be a source of creativity, like those singular personalities - scientists, writers, artists - who need a clutter (apparently) for spring inspiration and new ideas.

36 minutes a day : This is the average time that the French spend to store or doing housework. Insee 2009-2010 survey.

Posted by House French magazine 7 September / October 2014, by Caroline Wietzel.

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