A bed in the meadow: a camp 130 km from Paris

At 130 kilometers from Paris, in Picardy, a farm hosts on its slopes spacious campsites. To offer a homecoming, we start to taste the simple joys of a bivouac in the middle of a green valley ...

enlargefeet in tents'herbe

1- Tents feet in the grass- Going green, in a spacious tent pitched in the fields of a farm: an ecotourism principle sown in the countryside by Guillaume Wibaux to slow the pace of urban and offer them the key fields time to a weekend or more. Of les six farms partners of "A bed in the Pre" in France, that of Marc and Isabelle, in Evoissons valley in Picardy, is closest to Paris ... A charming as welcoming getaway.
In picture : large family tents of 45 m2.
Farm Priory. 80290 Méréaucourt.Réservations at 01 76 43 00 61 and unlitaupre.fr

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enlargeThe wood stove to warm places

2- The wood stove to warm places- At the back of the residential building of the seventeenth century the vaulted cellars dating back to the Middle Ages, a vegetable and flower garden, serves as a preamble to bucolic rolling hills, dotted with beautiful blondes of Aquitaine raised by Mark. Hosts very busy with their work, who take the time to welcome their guests with a tour of the place: there, the Cellar, very kind provisions store, seasonal fruits and vegetables, local products, small dishes, is made thereto its market and notes on the book that we won; on the blackboard, it enrolled its control bread, which will be delivered in the morning; next to the storeroom, the barn, ideal for boiled eggs at breakfast; further, the showers, the only place where the water comes out hot taps. Because in tents pegged to their solid wood flooring, so spacious and comfortable they are, no hot water, no electricity! The stove acts as a central heating and cooking, and this focus lights on arrival in the tent. With a start-up small wood here, we forget to be pressed
Photo : to do the dishes, a sink and running water; to boil water and heat the premises, only rely on the stove!

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enlargeThe cocoon of the bedroom

3- The cocoon of the bedroom- After dinner cooked with products Cellar, improvised recipe or regional dish provided by farmers and heated in the cauldron - Flemish stew is to test! - outside at night invites the meadow. Candles and oil lamps illuminate this evening without TV or laptop. Before slipping into soft beds, one is a time out in the open. The next day, waking singing performed by the rooster, or, if you forgot to close his tent, by slip-asses came to beg a few pieces of bread ... This unusual visit instantly puts in a good mood for the day!
Photo : to sleep, choose the bunk bed, double bed (here) ...

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enlargeThe charm'un lit discret

4- The discreet charm of a bed- Then free program: fancy a stroll in the neighborhood? The hike is on foot or bicycle on the way of sixteen kilometers traveled sources, passing the farm. By car, we drive to visit Amiens, its cathedral and floating gardens or explore the Gothic church of Poix-de-Picardie. One can also just stay on the farm, enjoy rustic camp, this unique environment, share a few moments with his guests, and say that we will come back again, with family, with friends, breathing nature, in truth.
Photo : ... or box bed!

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enlargeThe green valleys of Picardy

5- The green valleys of Picardy- Planted south, tents watching the valley and blondes of Aquitaine.

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enlargeBreakfast in bed!

6- Breakfast in bed!- The shutters of the closed bed open to a kind breakfast, homemade jams and apple juice ...

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enlargeBlondes d'Aquitaine comme voisines

7- Blondes d'Aquitaine like neighbors- Planted south, tents watching the valley and blondes of Aquitaine.

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enlargeView of the'extérieur

8- Exterior view- Camping chic farm, rustic bouquet and candles set the scene. Luggage, Goyard.

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enlargeA rustic dishes for a change of scenery

9- A rustic dishes for a change of scenery- Dish countryside flowers.

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