Outdoor Cooking: 22 grills, griddles and outdoor kitchens to discover

Mood and appetite outdoor ... The trend is for griddles and barbecues on the fly. Discover the selection of South Side for cooking in the sun.

enlargeA barbecue for the whole family

1- A barbecue for the whole family- Double cooking surface and adjustable steel grids in three heights, L 46.5 P 42.4 5 cm, Adstock, 109 euros, Castorama.


enlargeMini BBQ mini picnic

2- Mini BBQ mini picnic- Mini BBQ picnic two Fyrkat charcoal, diameter 32 cm, 1.910 kilograms. Enamelled steel black, lime green or red silicone handle, from 40 euros, Bodum.


enlargeA table for outdoor cooking

3- A table for outdoor cooking- So block, Outcook oak table and stainless steel, 5 L 120 P 5 H 63 108 cm, cutting board and removable tray shelf, 990 euros. Above, griddle gas Mania 60, L 49 5 P 49 5 H 24 cm, 569 euros, all Eno.


enlargeA chic island to cook in the open

4- A chic island to cook in the open- Zen Kitchen cedar surface Corian with slide plate to make way for the sink and the cooking plate on one side, and a table to each other, L 188 P 98.5 5 5 H 96 cm, from 17 000 Exteta at in-Out.


enlargeA barbecue on air base

5- A barbecue on air base- On air base, Grill Globe charcoal barbecue, diameter 47 5 H 111 cm, sliding lid with integrated thermometer to better control the cooking, 399 euros + optional protective cover, Eva Solo at Made in Design.

Made in design

enlargekitchen of'extérieur total inox

6- Total stainless steel outdoor kitchen- modular multifunction trolley. Here, double gas, grilled and fryer fire, 140 L 5 P 50 5 H 91 cm, 2626 EUR Pla.net.


enlargeTwo in one: barbecue and plancha

7- Two in one: barbecue and plancha- Gas cooking system, cast aluminum, removable accessories barbecue, grilled bell and side plate 9 base colors (other on request), H 94 5diamètre 68 cm, diameter 51 cm cooking, design Marc Ledermann, 2990 EUR Outsign.


enlargeA light and playful plancha

8- A light and playful plancha- Light and playful, BBplancha 36 gas cooking diameter 34 cm, five colors 74.90 euros Garden All.

Garden All

enlargeMobile table green apple for cooking in the garden

9- Mobile table green apple for cooking in the garden- movable table griddle Hegoa galvanized steel, 5 L 120 D 55 5 H 90 cm, with elements to close the gas cylinder and block the vials (15 colors combining), and apparatus griddle Verycook, 1393 euros Overall Grey Matter.

Grey Matter

enlargeBarbecue braked castors

10- Barbecue braked castors- Gas barbecue Element by Fuego, stainless steel handles and wooden shelf row in the cooking zone. Stainless steel version, 599 euros, painted gray, 499 euros, or red, 459 euros + stone pizza option, 48 euros, and plancha 72 euros. FAVEX.


enlargeWhat cooking outdoors

11- What cooking outdoors- All steel Open'cook with bottle cover, griddle gas cast iron, L 72 cm, 2 590 euros, Westahl.


enlargeA colorful and compact barbecue

12- A colorful and compact barbecue- Compact, charcoal barbecue Smokey Joe Premium, enameled steel, 8 colors, ø 37 cm, cover with ventilation flap 95 euros Weber.


enlargeTerrace Kitchen cope ...

13- Terrace Kitchen cope ...- Steel and Corian here three modules L 90 5 P 62 5 H 95 cm. Table with 2 drawers, 2 810 euros module with Gaggenau electric grill, 4 485 euros, and module with sink, 4 724 euros, Viteo RBC Gallargues.

RBC Gallargues

enlargeelectric griddle in stainless steel,

14- electric griddle in stainless steel,- electric griddle stainless steel plate cast aluminum non-stick two heating elements up to 250 ° C, P L 52 33 5 5 H 10 cm, 299.49 euros, Krups.


enlargeDuo plates for two meals foisplus

15- Duo plates for two meals foisplus- Duo plates without PFOA for Combined electric grill and griddle, removable juice collector tray drawer, L 53.5 P 36.5 5 5 H 16 cm, 149.99 euros, Riviera & Bar.

Riviera & Bar

enlargeA kitchen of'exterieur pour le plein été

16- An outdoor kitchen for summer- QZone-kitchen shaded fixed or removable canvas, painted or anodized aluminum profiles and floor planks, 240 cm wide, with worktop and cooking, bookshelves and cutlery ... from 5200 euros All + .

All +

enlargeA plancha walk

17- A plancha walk- With foldable legs that reveal a handle, grilled Element by Fuego notebook painted steel works with gas cartridges. May 27, 30 cm, 149 euros, FAVEX.


enlargeA grill pan for the whole family

18- A grill pan for the whole family- Family, ceramic grill plate, placed on the grill, notches for skewers, 4 colors, 5 L 42 L 25 cm, 49 euros, Emile Henry.

Emile Henry

enlargeA color kiwi BBQ

19- A color kiwi BBQ- Charcoal, Major Kiwi with QuickStart system for rapid temperature rise and water tank in the foot to extinguish the flames. Kiwi, orange, champagne, 159 euros, Barbecook.


enlargeA kitchen of'extérieur pratique et fonctionnelle

20- A practical and functional outdoor kitchen- Table cooking and washing In-Vitto, steel coated with polyester powder. L 210 P 5 80 5 H 85 cm, 4900 EUR Metalcohome.


enlargeMalin, the Combined Plancha-Induction

21- Malin, the Combined Plancha-Induction- Under the plancha cast aluminum, induction cooker, LCD display, 7 temperature levels, 50.5 L 5 D 35 cm, 379,99 EUR, Riviera & Bar.

Riviera & Bar

enlargeAll in one smart cooking

22- All in one smart cooking- Both grill, griddle, wok and oven, Cobb Premier works with briquettes from coconut husks. Steel, no smoke or flames, it can be used inside and out, ø 32 5 H 28 cm, 150 euros, Barbecue & Co.

Barbecue & Co

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