Veal Chops in Bayonne

Veal Chops in Bayonne

When I go to my butcher, just to see their beautiful meat, I will say that everything tempts me.
It's been a while since I had not made veal chops. In addition to the base, this idea was often all the ingredients in the bottom of the fridge.
So if you are in a hurry, the recipe is very quick to perform. Time to count to three and she is ready.
Simple, it brings a little sunshine in the plate.
It really needs right now.  


Veal Chops in Bayonne 

preparation: 5 min -  cooking: 15 min 

Cost : in affordable promo 

For 4 people 

4 veal chops
200 g of fungus Paris
150 g of bacon
2 tbsp oil
4 tomatoes
20-30 cl white wine 


1) Melt the onions in oil.
2) Add your veal chops and your bacon, cook everything.
3) Add your tomatoes and the mushrooms, cover with a white wine, simmer covered until the melting of tomatoes. 

Serve quickly. 

Site "750 grams". 

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