Lyon: Raw materials for cozy apartment

Graphic and classic, stylish and warm, cozy and spacious: The Appart en Ville is all this at once. It is also divinely situated in the heart of Lyon, between theater, museums and trendy shops ...

enlargeTimber mixed with'inox pour la cuisine

1- Wood mixed with stainless steel for the kitchen- The history of this house: One day, Karine Laurent had enough of hearing customers, yet sensitive to the charm of Bruyeres Hautes his guest house Ecully, telling him they descended in Lyon in chain hotels. We had to be able to reconcile the charm and benefits from the city center! She then goes in search of a shabby apartment (to turn without regret!), But very well located and with parking. And found the gem, between Place Bellecour and the banks of the Saône, in a large building Napoléon III built around a paved courtyard.

Patrice Gavand

enlargeA room in a former sewing workshop

2- A room in a former sewing workshop- The history of this house (continued): A former workshop coutureL'endroit was occupied by an old sewing workshop specializing in leotard for skaters! Some 100 m2 of Lycra rolls stacked on a bad linoleum, what scaring off a ... Not Karine, who sign the next day. A risk, certainly, but calculated in this beautiful area.

Patrice Gavand

enlargeSalon source material

3- Salon source material- In picture : Sofa black velvet, Ivory White and stylobat in Puritan Gray, resource, highlight the blond stone and beautiful wooden floors, Traditions Workshop. Cushions, Linum; plaid, Arpin; Mugs, Pottery of Guimards.
The history of this house (continued): Soon, the coated layer shows a gray-beige stone size and false ceilings polystyrene beams blond fir. Seduced by the rough texture of the raw materials, Karine did pose as a prosecutor in XXL planks salvaged an old cheese factory by Atelier Des Traditions. Fully recalibrated, thinned, grooved, Tongue and sanded with steel wool by Pierre Casso, the set has a crazy face, and provides the Appart heat unit and a craving for a wander barefoot!

Patrice Gavand

enlargeLarge bright room

4- Large bright room- In picture : In the large adjoining room, a door frame found on a nearby site, then lacquered Puritan Gray, Resource, and turned into headboard Cushions, Blanc d'Ivoire; towels and plaid, Linum.
The history of this house (continued): Crude materials, colors subtilesMais it's in town no question of overplaying rusticity! custom frames chassis of L'Atelier Des Traditions Tolix chairs, Karine wants metal, nod to past industrious places. And a very urban Resource palette of Totally White black licorice through the highly refined Puritan Gray. Then she gives the whole bourgeois patina.

Patrice Gavand

enlargeTiles that have charm ...

5- Tiles that have charm ...- In picture : sink side, the charm of cement tiles Carodéco, dresser Blanc d'Ivoire and suspensions tassel Chehoma.
The history of this house (continued): With old items: fir doors and marble fireplaces (L'Atelier Des Traditions), cast iron radiators recovery (Frédéric Matt), sweet mix of phones, fans, typewriters, old prints that China on Sunday to Canal chips. And neo-retro finds: graphics and timeless cement tiles (Carodeco) for the bathrooms, the kitchen and the entrance; dressers, consoles and wiped tables of black or gray (Ivory White); Lighting and suspensions tassels (Chehoma). As for the food, it's Lapeyre! "The saleswoman bitched when I adapted contemporary handles on this model tradi" Yet this current and classic mix is ​​his trademark. And what makes you feel good in this apartment in L, two rooms on each end, are distant enough to be independent, and close enough for their guests meet between kitchen and large lounge.

Patrice Gavand

enlargeindustrial look of the room

6- industrial look of the room- In picture : In the bedroom door ancient colored glass and custom metal chassis, Atelier Des Traditions, reinvent the industrial look of the old sewing room.
The history of this house (continued): For a few, to get out there forget. It would be a shame: the Célestins Theater is nearby, shops emerging from ocean fashion. To the south is the rue Auguste Comte, its decoration shops, galleries, and street Charity stronghold Textile Museum. As for the Renaissance buildings and alleyways of old Lyon: just cross the bridge (Bonaparte)!

Patrice Gavand

enlargeFor a room black and white

7- For a room black and white- In picture : For more modern, Karine Laurent slathered in white fir beams the small room. The wainscoting in Puritan Gray, Resource, made headboard office and nightstand. Photo Veronika Loubry; cushions, Linum.
The history of this house (continued): The addresses of Karine LaurentAppartement furnished charm, L'Appart En Ville. 3, rue du Plat, 69002 Lyon. Such. 04 78 35 52 38, 06 08 48 69 50 and Appart- Count 300 has the night and 1600 at the week (double base). l Canal Bullets. 1 Canal Street, 69100 Villeurbanne. Such. 04 72 04 65 65 and the floors, doors, paneling, L'Atelier Des Traditions, 81, RN 6, 69570 Dardilly. Such. April 72 17 00 42. the tiles, Carodéco Industrial Zone, 11, rue Joseph Jacquart, 26100 Romans. Such. 04 75 70 43 93 and the former Radiators, Frédéric Matt Marcilly road, Les Favières, 69380 Lissieu. Such. 04 78 47 34 77, 06 15 32 51 94 and

Patrice Gavand

enlargeWalls with lime and stones'origine

8- The whitewashed walls and original stone- In picture : The light illuminates the court lime plaster and the original stone. Console, Ivory White; bric-a-brac mottled.

Patrice Gavand

enlargeA kitchen in detail

9- A kitchen in detail- In picture : In the kitchen, Lapeyre, the table, Blanc d'Ivoire is prepared. Plates, Magdalena Gerber Bernardaud; bowls and cups sandstone; covered, Ora Ito for Christofle; glasses, Riedel; towels, Linum.

Patrice Gavand

enlargeA charming entry

10- A charming entry- -

Patrice Gavand

enlargegraphics tiles for the kitchen

11- graphics tiles for the kitchen- In picture : cement tiles, Carodéco, bring their chic design at the entrance and the kitchen.

Patrice Gavand

enlargeA total gray look

12- A total gray look- In picture : shower side, total gray look: metal frame, L'Atelier Des Traditions; chair Tolix; tiles aged Italian marble.

Patrice Gavand

enlargeWhite chairs of'Ivoire

13- White chairs Ivory- In picture : Linum cushion herringbone fabric; chair, Blanc d'Ivoire.

Patrice Gavand

enlargeBowl of pottery Guimards

14- Bowl of pottery Guimards- -

Patrice Gavand

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