A light block


The "anti-loft". Thus the architect Vladimir Doray called his home, carried out in a binding autoconstruction urban environment

Located just outside Paris, this isolated house, private unobstructed views, however, has a beautiful light and a beautiful unfolding of space and optimization of communication areas. Designed thanks to the ingenuity of its owners and architects Vladimir Doray and Hélène Michelson, who created views playing with perspective lines and ingenious breakthroughs, it revolves around a patio, project start . Result: it looks great, while its living area of ​​only 115 m2, to which is added a studio of 27 m2 and the common parts of 18 m2, all on a plot of 160 m2. 

Technical sheet

Cinderblock facades are insulated with 10 cm of rock wool and covered with a scratch coat outside (Parex). The windows are aluminum (Kawneer). The large window (without opening) is made with beams and steel angles, and a peripheral foam seal ensures isolation of the glazing. All steel parts are painted in the same RAL color (7005) as aluminum joinery. The roof is in zinc on a traditional framework. The ceiling, floor collaborating mixed steel and concrete, aesthetics in this context is as economical as simple to achieve: the reinforced concrete slab is poured directly into the cells of galvanized steel tanks, thus reducing the structure.  

The price of the work

- Structural work: demolition, landfill, masonry, carpentry, steel structure: 30,000 €

- Joinery aluminum exterior: 16000 €

- Plumbing, heating: 9000 €

- Humbug: 2000 €

- Insulation, partitioning: 8000 €

- Coverage: 4000 €

- Paint, coatings: 3000 €

- Interior carpentry: 3000 €

- Electricity: 2000 €

- Total: 77 000 € tax (by self-help, and with an estimated loss of wages to 23 000 €) 

On the first floor, smooth traffic on different levels

A realization nonconformist

This construction is a fine example of achievement in self-help. She called for the participation of some professionals and a lot of friends for a total of 18 months of work. "We start, we wanted to keep the shed. Then we quickly changed their minds and were almost all broken to build an identical surface, but around a patio." And the original budget, devoured by purchasing the property to renovate, led the new architects owners on an adventure they had not really anticipated. This experience has allowed Vladimir Doray and Helena Michelson became, for the occasion, both project managers and contracting, construction managers and workers for the structural work, masonry and electricity, to participate, in 2005, the price of silver Square organized by the magazine the Monitor. 

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