A chicken, vegetables and broth detox!

A chicken, vegetables and broth detox!

Ah, the beautiful promenade on Saturday morning Strasbourg. Why am I telling you this?. Well, we get our fair city, after all this deluge during the holidays. I have a principle perhaps silly, but as we are there, we all year during the go and we let the tourists the pleasure of the visit without us. Small Christmas market chalets went on trailers. There were still some decorations, but we felt the grind returned quietly. A few tourist souls in search of foie gras before taking the plane to a distant destination and leaving with suitcases full of memories Alsatian. They have beautiful pictures with their photos. Who knows, the evening of our traditional output, I am perhaps on Russian stereotypes, Italian, Japanese, American, Spanish ... .che bello !!!!!!
But hey, forget, foie gras, snails, shells and oysters to return to a more soft food. Let us rest our brave stomach, which suffered not possible acharnements between champagne, capon, cheese and cream logs. A voucher detox broth, of the vegetables and an hen, it looks like you ????.

A chicken, vegetables and broth detox!

A chicken, vegetables and broth detox!

preparation: 10 minutes   cooking: 1 h 30

Cost : easy and affordable

For 6 persons

One buys !

1 hen 1.5 kg
6 celery stalks
6 carrots
12.5 cl white wine
12 small potatoes

It was in the closet!

1 onion
2 cloves garlic
2 bay leaves
6 sprigs thyme
10 parsley
2 c. tablespoons olive oil
Two cubes of chicken broth
ground pepper


- Wash and peel the vegetables, cut them into large pieces.

- Slice the onion and mince the garlic. Sauté everything in a large pot or Dutch oven with olive oil.

- Add the wine, stock cubes, herbs and a little pepper. Place the chicken on top and cover with water. Cover with lid and bring to low heat. about 45 min to 1 h include cooking, according to the template.

You can serve as is or have the chicken and vegetables with broth aside or add vermicelli.


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