The discreet luxury of Diptyque candles

The discreet luxury of Diptyque candles

Diptyque has just turned 50 years and yet it seems that this brand is part of our heritage. Visit the Saint-Germain Boulevard shop is an enjoyable experience that takes us out of time and we discover exceptional flavors.

to celebrate the anniversary, Diptyque created a collection for the body as for the house named 34 Boulevard Saint-Germain (Addresses) directly inspired by the fragrances of the location. A bright idea that lets you take a bit of their magic at home.

Their candles will always remain among my favorites, like jasmine that can be used both indoors and outdoors. The little trick is to let the wick burn for half an hour, until the wax melts and releases its most subtle aromas. Needless to let the candle burn longer. This candle can burn for 300 hours and can recover the container to an elegant storage compartment or plant there a jasmine strand ...

The discreet luxury of Diptyque candlesScent: 34 Boulevard Saint Germain from 75 €
Jasmine Candle € 190
34 Boulevard Saint Germain
75006 Paris

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