How to travel differently: locations, hotels, houses

The new horizons of travel


Far from dictates of fashion destinations, against the current of the standardization of major chains, freeing almost an overdose of-itself, travel reinvents. Under the impulsion of some pioneers that enlarge the horizon, new roads are emerging.

A new generation of tourists born. With the arrival of "millenials" (18-28 years), it is the return of the "backpackers", these travelers backpack looking to travel on a shoestring, more to discover new and meetings and comfort. Around them and this new way of traveling, they are new concepts that are born : More family hotels as hostels, promoting brands Roots a spirit of adventurer

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The tourist is dead, long live the traveler

The world of hotels reinvented at the time of Airbnb, initiator of the desire to live, the time of a stay in the skin of the locals you hired the nest. Expectations exceeded the number of stars, stylistic signature, gourmet cuisine, and are concentrated in the human experience: discover a culture, drop the habits, eating emotions. The site Tablet Hotels established in 2000, one of the first specialists in boutique hotels, explains: " the greatest revolution that affects the hotel industry is conceptual. Today, the best hotels are social spaces, open as ever on the world around them. While the "social life" of the boutique hotel had prided itself on its exclusive hotels now redouble their efforts to fit into the surrounding community ... a good hotel is an experience and not a transaction ".  

All you need is globe! Globe sculpture designer Bruno Helgen, teak root and resin, on rotating basis, unique and numbered, 40 cm in diameter, Artima gallery Paris / London.

All you need is globe! Globe sculpture designer Bruno Helgen, teak root and resin, on rotating basis, unique and numbered, 40 cm in diameter, Artima gallery Paris / London.

Artima Gallery Paris / London.

Other drivers of change, the low cost, the arrival of Millennials (18-28 years) and moving to tribe. The ethical dimension also messes up the situation. The traveler now sharpens its ecological awareness, lighting new guides and creative personalities.  

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Tour Overview

To cultivate all year, every moment! Some creators make it permanent trip. Because they show that it is a state of mind, insatiable curiosity, an attitude. Alexandra Senes, former chief editor of jealous not only a look ahead of fashion! She sharpens to destinations tomorrow it reveals under its brand "Kilometre.Paris" bags to geodetic coordinates or embroidered shirts designs so travel diary.  

In its showroom, Alexandra Senes, creator of Kilometre.Paris, brand-concept for another way to travel."Enfilez une chemise pour vous téléporter à Costa Careyes au Mexique ou dans le Kent en Angleterre." Toutes les chemises sont vendues avec un passeport, guide du lieu.

In its showroom, Alexandra Senes, creator of Kilometre.Paris, brand-concept for another way to travel. "Put on a shirt to teleport in Costa Careyes in Mexico or in Kent in England." All shirts come with a passport, location guide.

Alexandra Senes @anahop

Bruno Helgen, Designer between Bali and Paris, after making boat interiors, carved teak roots globe. It retains the rough, life testimonies of the tree and symbols of a planet a little dented. Behind the work, an ethical message and an invitation to take off. "Marvel to protect".  

Bruno Helgen in his studio.

Bruno Helgen in his studio.

Artima Gallery Paris / London

Antoine Ricardou Be-pole design studio, Valery Grégo stooge for the artistic direction of hotels, publishes books "City Portraits", the expression of a city by a photographer. Thirty-one pounds to date and permanence of the trip!  

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Vacation homes hotels

The first speaks of " contemporary truth of a country, city", The second" the truth of things. "Jean-François Rial, responsible for World Travelers, popularized it twenty years ago the customized individual journey. He practices" ego-marketing, do based on what you do for you"And shares its way to travel," off the beaten track, including when we make the Taj Mahal, slowly. This goes beyond the fact that we give service to our customers, the goal is to reach a deep intimacy, to incorporate the contemporary dimension of a country". He imagines tomorrow buildings that would mix hotel rooms and homes, so the vivid traveler and feel like a resident.  

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The terrace and the pool of'eau de mer de l'Hôtel les Roches Rouges à Saint-Raphaël.

The terrace and sea water pool of the Hotel Les Roches Rouges in Saint-Raphael.

Benedict Linnero

Valery Grégo, creator of Pigalle Paris hotels and Les Roches Rouges near Saint-Raphael, almost embodies the vision of the latter. Its hotels are anchored in a neighborhood environment, history, respecting a vernacular architecture. It addresses the place of culture and wants to reveal the essence. And with the help of his band, the duo of architects and Antoine Festen Ricardou Be-pole design studio, it will reactivate the authenticity. Charlotte Tonnac and Hugo Sauzay remind her brief: " no concept, no customer profile, no architectural gesture, just sincerity, each hotel is unique in its truth, subtract to find the original building, the preferred simple materials around the skills of local craftsmen. "Antoine Ricardou insists bias functionalist" Hotels are thought in terms of use, do not give in to designers pirouettes."  

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The front of the'hôtel Le Pigalle

The facade of Le Pigalle

Benoît Linero

Valery Grégo adds the concept of conviviality "How do we live together? My diver is no less important that the American traveler or more than the club's director bowler corner. This is the authenticity of the place that makes everybody is there, the truth of things, rooms with kitchen". At Red Rocks, no TV, the view is outside, no gym, jogging is done in Esterel, no mozzarella tomatoes but fish sold by the village fisherman! Each hotel unique, each different room, each personal experience. All the ingredients are there to become, time traveling, a local.  

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Jean-Francois Rial World Travelers

The new horizons of travel


What are the new horizons of the journey for you, expert and adventurer for over twenty years? 

Out of the classic cultural tourism, to understand the contemporaneity of a country. For example, in Ukraine, we do not just see the museums in Kiev, is opened discussions with politicians, artists, entrepreneurs like we were a journalist but accompanied by a "fixer", which is the opposite a cultural guide. Depending on your perspective, your passions, it organizes meetings, deals with an economic subject or another. It comes in addition to our concierges and "local Like", which meet other desires. 

Why a free magazine Holiday, a web radio, a library, pop-up creative? 

To provide content our travels beyond the choice of hotels, addresses, museums. With these proposals, it also opens doors ... other initiatives through the guest designers, the next: Château Rouge ... On geopolitical trips with radio broadcasts. They started with The world Israel / Palestine, Morocco, Iran ... We bought the former home of Gandhi in Johannesburg, where he built his political strategy. This house with 8 single rooms and a museum is # 1 on TripAdvisor. Through everything we do, we share our values: universalism, curiosity, sustainable accountability, transparency.  

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Hedge Holiday, World Traveler magazine.

Hedge Holiday, World Traveler magazine.


Frequent travelers who have inspired you?  

Gandhi, Mandela, Martin Luther King. Closer, Jacques Maillot founder of New Frontiers for the travel involved. And one I Borrow not, Théodore Monod. I got to travel with my passion for the desert. 

A firm connected to the natural environment

"250 million cubic meters in one direction and the other at low tide. Facing Mont Saint-Michel, overlooking the Farm of Wind, one becomes this dust in the cosmos. "Olivier Roellinger has opened a new door ... on other imaginary journeys and so real. With his son Hugo, 29 years old and already a history of merchant navy officer to navigate from one hemisphere to the other they wanted a place connected to the elements, water, fire, air, earth, "to find themselves immersed in a natural place, carried by the breath of the cosmos and taste the flavor of passing time . "The Wind Farm stands by the sea"find themselves in harmony with oneself, resonate in amniotic dimension, with the sun and the moon ".  

La Ferme du Vent, out of sight, the living, with nothing to disturb. Conservatory with quince flower cultures,'étendues d'herbes sauvages en pierres majestueuses, tout fait cap vers la grève vierge.

La Ferme du Vent, out of sight, the living, with nothing to disturb. Conservatory with quince flower crops, stretches of wild grasses majestic stones, everything heading to the blank strike.

Benoît Tellier

As a family, with his wife Jane and Hugo, their approach to travel is global, total, vital, an elsewhere that we taste a kitchen spices in 120, in which love is fondled ointments mid-Breton mid ayurvedic the "Celtic-Bains Roellinger", which aspires, between heaven and earth. When the journey infuses these notions of "good manners" to "good living" with the other, the other, to use Olivier Roellinger, the feeling of being almost foreign to ourselves, not clinging to our identity , that we believe, offers endless possibilities, "the horizon as a stepping to other shores ".  

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within'un des kleds- abri à vent - de la Ferme du Vent. Des gîtes au sommet de l'art du recevoir.

Inside a shelter of kleds- Wind - Wind Farm. houses of the summit of the art of receiving.

Benoît Tellier

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Trace his path on the canvas and affinities 3.0

"You are creative, designer, we can exchange our homes"Behomm the Spanish site offers a vacationer barter between people sensitive to art, with the opportunity of a meeting facilitated by the existence of common interests. Other elective community, that of Costas Voyatzis designer, editor Site Yatzer leader, promoting its Athens city in terms of design.  

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A House in Bali that'on peut échanger sur le site Behomm.

A House in Bali that can be exchanged on site Behomm.


A whole generation also appears on the canvas that could be called "working holiday permits" or PVT, so sesame to remain in a country without the constraints of conventional visas. Thibault Charpentier is one. After studying at the Strasbourg Decorative Arts and a first job at Nelly Rodi, he decided to seize the opportunity of this PVT and begin a world tour. The idea is not under quite the performance but corresponds to the break in the time of meetings. Their Instagram quickly turns travel guide. Hebdomania, Thibault is followed by more than 60,000 subscribers. Travel, lifestyle. 

The'esprit graphique du voyageur-instagrameur, Thibault Charpentier : le pont suspendu sur le fleuve Capilano à Vancouver.

The graphical spirit of the traveler-instagrameur Thibault Charpentier: the suspension bridge over the Capilano River in Vancouver.


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The return of the spirit colo

"A room with 4, 5, 6? Lloyd in Amsterdam inaugurated the formula of flexible hotel, with the first shared spaces (Coworking, dinner, groceries), the Mama Shelter have also opened the way of relaxation, deconstructs the elite codes played paradoxes "Recalls Vincent Grégoire of the Nelly Rodi agency. A new generation of concepts born elsewhere, the head of Millennials in Innovation-lab Accor, invented the post. 

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The terrace of the rooftop café of Generator Paris, Place du Colonel Fabien in the tenth district.

The terrace of the rooftop café of Generator Paris, Place du Colonel Fabien in the tenth district.

Bruno Comtesse

The first Jo&Joe inaugurated in Hossegor, housed in a XIXth century 400 meters from the beach. "The shell in association with Quiksilver, was thought for meetings between the tribes of surfers, neighbors, employees. The restaurant will be the headquarters of the local community, we took a British designer Lee Penson who had never hotel but Google's offices, he designed furniture on wheels, which are configured in intimate space or very open "Said Matthieu Perrin, director of the prototype. A second will face the Cité Universitaire Internationale in Paris in 2018. In the same spirit of community, the Generator multiply from Paris to Venice.  

The patio courtyard of the MOB in Saint-Ouen, a drink or a unparalleled pizza close to the flea market.

The patio courtyard of the MOB in Saint-Ouen, a drink or a unparalleled pizza close to the flea market.

Alain Jensen

Other bands to mark the MOB "the dreamed Republic "Cyril Aouizerate in Saint-Ouen, with its host of small businesses Kolkhozita, vegetable garden on the roof and even a Casa Geração fashion school, like that of a favela in Rio. In September, the highly anticipated in Hoxton the second district on the same concept of Open House, after Shoreditch in London and Amsterdam. 

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