Pool: 4 keys back to the natural


Overflow, landscaped or biological basins sleek look, designed to blend in better with the landscape are trendy. Overview...

1. The green solution

She seduces our German neighbors for several years and finally beginning to conquer our country. More than a pool, we talk about it as an ecological or natural swimming. For if the first is only used a few months a year and consumes a lot of water, swimming, natural lake built in the garden, requires no chemical but requires the construction of two pools: one reserved for swimming, the other to the purification of water. The latter is sent, through a pump, to the second basin dotted plants and placed overhanging. These plants, chosen for their root system, are responsible for the biological and bacteriological purification. The banks also play their role, gravel or sand involved in the treatment. Thus, an entire ecosystem is being established. Do not be surprised if turn the water green frogs and dragonflies or delight in the treatment basin is a good sign, everything works!  

To oxygenate the water, it must also be a small waterfall: the water regain the swimming pool will be perfectly healthy for your enjoyment ... It remains to maintain the small lagoon in there cutting a time year the aerial part of the plants and picking up fallen leaves in autumn. It is obviously essential to appeal to professionals, each with its own type of operation (Bioteich, Biotop, Bionova waterweed). Issue size, plan a field of at least sixty square meters, the bathing pool representing only a third of this area. Count from 600 € per square meter.  

Ecologically Correct

More and more brands are committed to creating environmentally friendly products or to make water and energy savings:  

- "Capcir eco Solar soilless" Astral Pool is a pool cover that opens and closes automatically. The motor batteries charge through solar energy.  

- The heat pump Piscinelle is the most effective and most economical to heat the water: it captures the calories present in the air and restores them in water. Throughout the year, the water is just temperature. 

- The patented filtration system "FX Line" of Magiline, unlike conventional sand filters (which, in each cleaning, reject dirty 1000 liters of water in the all-to-drain), operates in a closed circuit. It is water-saving guarantee and avoids discharge of treated water into the environment.  

- Exclusive Diffazur signed the "Diffaclean" is an integrated cleaning system. Installed on the construction of the pool, his head up periodically to create water circulation movements, thereby bringing the impurities in the main drain. It works on the filtration system, and therefore uses no electricity. No more robot.  

- Clair'Azur team spas of patented "Thermal Loc", an integral thermal insulation in high density polyurethane foam. unlike other spas which only the outer wall or the vessel are isolated, here the interior and exterior are reinforced. What generates unparalleled energy savings while allowing the spa to function fully, even in winter. 

2. The landscaped pool

The landscaped pool fits, too, perfectly to the environment that surrounds but works like a real pool. Resembling a body of water, it is curvaceous - no straight line and no angle to the horizon. Some do not hesitate to decorate with stones, pebbles and rocks (natural or synthetic), waterfalls and plants. Others prefer to give it a lagoon mind by surrounding it with a thin layer of sand to larger than life ...  

Technically, the filtration system is the same as for a traditional pool, the skimmers or lighting that may be hidden in the submerged rocks. Designed to blend into the landscape, it is the ideal ally steep terrain because it can be given any shape. Its surroundings are usually grass or stone according to the surrounding landscape, and often endow a wooden pontoon. For the design, it is necessary once again to appeal to professionals either an outside architect or the pool specialist working in collaboration with professionals from the garden.  

For this kind of basin, reinforced concrete cast in one block, which prevents cracks, remains the most suitable material and only for designing sinuous shapes. As with a traditional pool, is then applied on a concrete coating, clear preference for shades close to nature. Chez Gérard Gay, a resin sand covers concrete: practice it is non-slip. Aesthetics, it looks like sand. You can build a landscaped pool of 75 m2 from € 80,000 excluding vegetation (40 € per m2) or the beach (from 100 € per m2).  

3. The infinity pool

Very impressive for its skyline merges with the sky, the infinity pool inevitably attracts the eye. If manufacturers are increasingly numerous to propose a more complicated operating system requires the advice of real experts (0-Viva, Accord'eau). The overflow can be partial (one side of the pool) or total - in this case we talk about pool "mirror", the effect of the most amazing.  

The surface of the water escaping from the pool and then be recovered in a tank or a buffer chute. This buffer tank must have a volume equivalent to 10% of the pool so that everything works properly (if the pool is 30 m2, the tank must have a volume of 3 m3) and have a sufficient supply of water, especially in when busy. Once in the buffer tank, the water is filtered and then released into the basin. The overflow allows to purify water constantly and leaving a perfect surface where nothing is stagnant.  

4. The lap pool

Very fashionable, the swimming lane seduced by its simplicity and graphic lines. Its layout allows above all to make long lengths for those who love swimming. Children, however, there are less happiness, the small width does not always allow the water games. Clean, it is often constructed with a minimum of materials, but these, like wood or stone, are always noble.  

For aesthetic perfection, the liner (bottom lining) is black, to give the water a deep color, like a lake. Other dark colors like navy blue or gray, also possible to obtain this depth and a mirror: it shows the sky and surrounding nature reflect. To achieve more natural tones, one will choose a white or light gray liner. Laws secu- side being increasingly strict, there is a return to that kind of geometric shapes, easier to cover with a shutter. 

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