Parasol deported rectangular design, eccentric …

Enjoy a swimming pool, but also enjoy the "beach" and lounging. Our selection of umbrellas to play with the shadow and the sun on your terrace or garden.

enlargeA colorful umbrella buxom

1- A colorful umbrella buxom- Parasol "Bistrò" terrace, foot cast iron, aluminum painted matt, fiberglass reinforcement, waterproofed fabric, Version dome Ø 335 cm, 300 cm Ø flat version, Fattorini-Rizzini-Partners design. From 6324 euros, Paola Lenti.

Paola Lenti

enlargeFuturistic design for the umbrella & quot; Eclipse & quot;

2- Futuristic design for the umbrella "Eclipse"- Parasol "Eclipse", 360 ° rotation, galvanized steel foot and aluminum, fiberglass ring and Sunbrella design NG Architectural Ø 300 x H 240 cm max. From 2549 euros Umbrosa.


enlargeA roof-shaped umbrella for s'abriter du soleil

3- A roof-shaped umbrella for shelter from the sun- Parasol "Roof", aluminum and canvas Sunacryl solution, 300 x 300 cm. 1045 EUR Sywawa.


enlargeAn off umbrella not clutter

4- An off umbrella not clutter- Parasol "Rio", off center, crank, aluminum and acrylic fabric, Ø 350 cm. From 1047 euros Seasons.


enlargeParasol & quot; & quot ;, Shanghai chic retro look

5- Parasol "Shanghai", chic retro look- Parasol "Shanghai", crank, aluminum and canvas olefin, Ø 250 cm. 159,90 EUR 4 Seasons Outdoor on

4 Seasons Outdoor

enlargeAn off parasol which rotates with the sun

6- An off parasol which rotates with the sun- Parasol "Condor", off center, 360 ° rotation, anodized aluminum and polyester, 300 x 300 cm. 5490 EUR Tectona.


enlargeRed poppy for a colorful umbrella

7- Red poppy for a colorful umbrella- Parasol "Klick", aluminum and UV canvas, Ø 270 x H 240 cm. 428 EUR Weishäupl.


enlargeChic is in the heart of the lines of this umbrella

8- Chic is in the heart of the lines of this umbrella- Parasol "Shady X", off center, with crank, teak and outdoor fabric, Ø 350 cm. 1549 euros Royal Botania.

Royal Botania

enlargeThe small square parasol

9- The small square parasol- Parasol "Shade", with pulley, anodized aluminum and polyester, design Christophe Pillet, L 200 x D 200 x H 240 cm. 399 euros, Emu.


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