IDEO bath 2013: innovations for the bathroom, walk-in shower, bathroom furniture …

Ideo Bain 2013 reveals trends in the coming year to the bathroom. Side House presents its 15 favorites in the new room for pampering baths, beautiful design and ...

enlargeThe shower in'italienne : toujours un must

1- The walk-in shower: always a must- The walk-in shower remains trend in bathroom. Its recipients adaptable and tailored allow easier renovation. Go with transparent panels and a structured surface relief type natural stone, it invites relaxation in the bathroom.
Available in White, Nougat, Stella and Volcanic. Italian shower from 592 euros, Ambiance Bain.

bath atmosphere

enlargeDiscreet and storage practices

2- Discreet and storage practices- Behind toilets, storage also are smaller. With hanging toilets, it is possible to integrate an extra fine cabinet to maximize space in the bathroom.
Bathroom Storage, Caloa, Ambiance Bain.

bath atmosphere

enlargeClever storage space in the bathroom furniture

3- Clever storage space in the bathroom furniture- The drawer of the cabinet is suitable for storing cosmetics. The worktop and sink are in one block and the dump is invisible which makes it more sleek bathroom furniture.
washbasin and frame Solid Surface White molded basin. Front: 19 shades available. Opening drawers without handles with touch latch system. Locker provided in the drawer in the cabinet.
Width of 70, 90, 105 and 140 cm. Height 40 cm. Depth 50 cm. Vanity unit from 2 014.84 euros Kitoi furniture, Ambiance Bain.

bath atmosphere

enlargeThe valves are color declines

4- The valves are color declines- New this at IDEO bath bathroom also go through the customization of the fittings. Here they dress in red glass for a decorative touch in color.
red taps Braces Excellence by Horus.


enlargeSlimline glass partitions and shower

5- Slimline glass partitions and shower- The shower is discreet with its integrated receiver in the soil and its glass walls.
Surface shower Conoflat, 100 x 170 cm or 80 x 180 cm or 90 cm x 170 or 100 x 180 cm, KALDEWEI.


enlargeFluo in the bathroom

6- Fluo in the bathroom- Small and convenient, hand-washing becomes fluorescent in Ideo Bain. With a coordinated mirror, it is integrated to small spaces.
Hand washing unit integrated Céramyl®, Hairspray (25 shiny or matt colors) - Oak veneer (3 finishes) Céramyl® (5 colors). Mirror coordinated L 40 - Spot LED Pixi and optional tablet. L45 x H70 x P20 cm.
JAZZ furniture, from 391 euros, Decotec.


enlargeLED lamp and Rainfall in the shower

7- LED lamp and Rainfall in the shower- It Rainfall has a new feature LED lighting. The light varies depending on the water temperature without electricity or batteries.
Rainfall brass, 30.5 x 22.8 x 1.2 cm.


enlargeWave and curve in furniture

8- Wave and curve in furniture- A pleasant wave settles in the bathroom furniture design. Purified, this piece of furniture has an attractive wood and Céramyl® finish.
Washbasin L 130 cm available in right and left version facades with a double curvature, Asymmetric washstand suspension basin monobloc Plan white Céramyl®, lacquer (25 glossy colors or mats) - wood veneer. The vertical mirror 50, mirror 130 L with LED illumination and sensor switch.
Furniture MAESTRO from 3383 euros Decotec.


enlargeThe shower in'italienne se fond dans le décor

9- The walk-in shower blends into the decor- Only one wall, a sleek design, the walk-in shower with its glazed surface Conoflat Kaldewei fits into the architecture of the bathroom.
Surface shower Conoflat, 100 x 170 cm or 80 x 180 cm or 90 cm x 170 or 100 x 180 cm, KALDEWEI.


enlargeVintage in the bathroom

10- Vintage in the bathroom- It's the return of foot tub in the bathroom. This model is dressed in color for a decoration that combines vintage and modern.
LAVENDER enameled cast iron bathtub, 137x76 cm, 97kg, 165L, Bleu Provence.

Bleu Provence

enlargeunstructured furniture

11- unstructured furniture- Azur Lign deconstructs the furniture in the bathroom. Creative amenities are featured with an integrated LED lighting.
Azur lign furniture concept in 1000.

Azur Lign

enlargeColors power in the piece'eau

12- Colors power in the pond- Small but convenient, this Decotec a bathroom furniture and coordinated and supported in bright colors.
Washbasin, L 55 cm - prof. 40 cm, vanity top Céramyl®, lacquer (25 shiny or matt colors) Céramyl® (5 colors), mirror coordinated L 55 - Spot LEDs optional Pixi, cupboard door 1 with reversible lighting LEDs, electrical outlet, Half column H 120 cm.
Washbasin EGOÏSTE, from 747 euros, Decotec.


enlargeThe green mosaic

13- The green mosaic- Sustainable development is invited in the bathroom with 100% natural coconut coatings and recycled wood.
coconut coating Natural Bliss Format 420 x 420 x 5 mm. Natural Hue, Coco Mosaic.

Coco Mosaic

enlargeShower head with a round design

14- Shower head with a round design- New in the bathroom, the shower head is completely round! The same turn produces light by the energy produced by the flow of water.
Shower head Luce, 580 euros Nikles.


enlargepastel colors and rounded cabinet

15- pastel colors and rounded cabinet- The mirror features an integrated LED lighting.
Basin cabinets available L 80/100/120 cm and double washbasin L 140 cm, lacquer (25 shiny or matt colors), ceramic (white) / Céramyl® (5 colors) / Quartz (4 colors).
Furniture Coliseum from 2068 euros Decotec.


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