Bread sourdough and seeds

sourdough bread and seeds

Good evening gourmands! For this weekend I suggest you make bread! And not just any house a super soft bread delicious, made with some rye flour, leaven house and a seed mix. This bread is delicious toasted and spread with butter and jam or such to make a ham and cheese sandwich. And it's so easy to do! You can not resist.

sourdough bread and seeds

sourdough bread and seeds

For this bread I used a starter home you will find the recipe HERE (French version at end of article). In this recipe the leaven is not used to replace yeast, but rather to give the bread a more rustic flavor, more character.

sourdough bread and seeds

This is the blog of "Chocolate and Zucchini" I discovered that it is possible to use your yeast in a bread recipe that does not contain the origin. Clotilde explains very well the principle, I invite you to go read the article to understand. Basically in our recipe we will replace some of the flour and water by our starter home. To do this without changing the total weight of the bread and using 1/6 the weight of the flour + water leaven, simply do the following calculation:

Start by adding the weight of the flour and water (or milk) your original recipe yeast (eg flour 600g 400g + water = 1000g).

Divide this number by 6: this amount will leaven weight to use for your new recipe (1000 g / 6 = ~ 167g).

As the yeast is composed of 50% flour and 50% water, we will divide it by two weight (167g / 2 = 83,5g).

Subtract the number obtained from the weight of flour and water weight (600g-400g 83,5g = 516,5g then-83,5g = 316.5).

Your new quantities of flour and water and are therefore 516,5g 316,5g, to which you add 167g of leaven, for a total weight of 1000g.

sourdough bread and seeds

Frankly the result is well worth a little effort to do the math ;-) But I did everything for you, you will just have to reproduce my recipe for this wonderful bread ;-)

For 2 sandwich bread (one medium and one large):

  • 383g flour force
  • rye flour 50g
  • 233g water
  • house sourdough 135g
  • 25g honey
  • 25g of fresh baker yeast
  • 50g of extra virgin olive oil
  • white wine vinegar 10g
  • 10 g salt
  • 100g seeds (sesame, poppy, pumpkin seeds, sunflower and pine nuts)

sourdough bread and seeds

Water yeast in 50 ml of water at 30 ° C and add the honey. In a mixer bowl, place the flour, salt, oil, yeast, then add the above mixture to yeast. Stir to mix everything, then add the vinegar, seeds and the rest of the warm water.

Paste adhesive, it is normal. You will need to knead the robot for about 20 minutes, making small breaks every 5 minutes.

Allow the dough to ferment in the closed bowl with cling film for 1 hour in a warm place. The dough must double in volume.

After 1 hour, remove dough from bowl and divide in two. Work lightly with two balls in hand, then put them in loaf pans lined with parchment paper or greased. Let the dough rise for 1 additional hour.

Preheat oven to 180 ° C, by placing a small mushroom water on the bottom. Bake the bread for 30 minutes. Remove from oven and allow them to cool on a grid for 2 hours before cutting.

sourdough bread and seeds

sourdough bread and seeds

Check out her soft, light crumb! With crunchy seeds is a pure delight!

sourdough bread and seeds

sourdough bread and seeds

sourdough bread and seeds

Enjoy your meal :-)

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