Dream candles for a festive decor

The candle is everywhere ... Christmas is an opportunity to abuse and have fun. Pretty candles, lanterns, candlesticks our selection from 2 euros ...


1- Winter Scents- Gaspard collection & Zoe, scented jam jars, hot cinnamon wine, candied orange and chocolate-orange, 16 and 37.50 euros, the French candles.

enlargelittle angels

2- little angels- Candle Angel, 7 euros, Angel mountains.

enlargelanterns to disperse in the room

3- lanterns to disperse in the room- Tealight mechanical glazed glass colors: black, silver, fuchsia, red, blue, yellow, turquoise, green. Candle sold separately, H 7.50 cm, 1.90 euros, Fly.


enlargesolar candle

4- solar candle- Rain or shine, the flame of the candle will continue to dance in his frosted glass tube. Giving the illusion of a flickering flame, this solar candle recharges the day. Available in white, orange and fuchsia, 13.95 euros, Nature and discoveries.


enlargeNine flames for a Christmas party

5- Nine flames for a Christmas party- Candle wicks Quadrat 9: 25 cm x 25 cm, height 7 cm, 39 euros, around a flame.

enlargeA candle that dog

6- A candle that dog- Gift Box Just Sam, 19 x 14.5 cm, suggested retail price, 41.70 euros, the French candles.

enlargecolorful Christmas

7- colorful Christmas- Candlesticks, 5 different sizes, also available in other colors, H 13/18/19/23 / 27cm, 93 euros, Bo concept.



8- old candle- Pass Pass corridor, 35 euros, Geneviève Lethu.

enlargeCandle unsheathe

9- Candle unsheathe- Light candlestick cast aluminum ENO studio, L 7 x H 16 x diameter 4 cm, 26 euros, icing on the decor.


enlargeA candlestick design mini price

10- A candlestick design mini price- Candlestick black metal, 25 x H 23 cm diameter, 32 euros, Bo concept.

enlargeThe tree revisited

11- The tree revisited- Candles Kiyoko pyramid-shaped tree, paraffin, 12 x 19 cm, 20 euros, Home.

enlargeScandinavian and warm atmosphere

12- Scandinavian and warm atmosphere- Candlestick Julros, available in red and black, for 7 candles, 58 x 43 cm, 14.95 euros, Ikea.


enlargeFir on hold

13- Fir on hold- Christmas Tree 50 cm pilot, 12.99 euros Casa.

enlargelight baladeuse

14- light baladeuse- Bag light Treaty, sold by 4 Raumgeftallt, 10 euros, thanks.

enlargeGourmet candles

15- Gourmet candles- Duo fragrant homemade Christmas candles, cookie and myrrh scents that evoke the sacred and the Christmas mood for one, cocooning, childhood sweets for the other 14.90 euros one, edition limited Durance.

enlargeA nun gold

16- A nun gold- Religious, diam. 6 cm x 6 cm H, suggested retail price, 11 euros, the French candles.

enlargeCandle to'huile

17- Candle Oil- Oil lamp Edisun: diam. 9.5 cm x 18.5 cm, 59 euros, around a flame.


enlargeA touch'or pour un air de fête

18- A golden key to a festive air- Golden Candlestick Loop, W 20 x H 28 cm 119 euros, Conran Shop.


19- daylight- Three lanterns connected by a burlap, 20 x 5.5 x 7 cm, 3.96 euros, room, Casa Country.


enlargeCandles by thousands

20- Candles by thousands- glass candle holder Top 8 cm, 8 euros each, Côté Bastide.

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