Where does Sophie Jovillard, journalist Escapes Belles?

Sophie Jovillard

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Interview with Sophie Jovillard. It is in what she calls her "hut"An attic room, she likes to take refuge. Private tour of an apartment that looks like a small house. A beautiful hideaway of your dreams!

Since 2006, the journalist Sophie Jovillard joined France 5 for us to share her passion for travel and heritage. It is found in both "Close call" alternating with Jérôme Pitorin and Raphael Casabianca - for the 10th season - and also since September in "the Daily"For chronic cheap weekends.  

Once is not custom, it is a journey home, she gave us for Deco breakaway. After having a cabinet of curiosities in its interiors period previous Sophie Jovillard decided to clean up its interior, although it remains an absolute bargain hunter, very attached to the objects of his grandparents. The occasion was given when he moved there more than a year, the top floor of a building of the 30s.  

Without a small house, she found a house in the west of Paris, and it was a favorite. For this great traveler needed to ask. She created a small shelter in peace. The best proof is that once inside, the illusion is complete. There's like a little taste of home, discreetly, in short a real cocoon atmosphere "cozy chic"...  

Your favorite room where you enjoy being and spending time?  

Sophie Jovillard: I like spending time in what I call "my cabin"My attic room. To access it, you have to take a spiral staircase, stoop a little to borrow a small passage dug in the wall, which gave access to what was once the attic! This space was designed by the former owners. Today is my cabin, my little nest, where I like reading, sleeping, fat mornings, etc. I still can not solve a small storage problem, in this atypical space under slopes, which is not easy to furnish and equip, with standard furniture! I hope to soon find that rare gem that will help me develop this piece.  

Your furniture: rather modern, ultra design, family, pitcher?  

Sophie Jovillard: It is rather "cozy chic" home, as a friend told me the other day! I lived in Lyon, Dijon, Marseille and I gleaned throughout my shoots to the 4 corners of the world, many items that are now in trunks in my basement! My different apartments were more like curio cabinets as places to live. By installing myself in my new apartment, I have everything clean! 

The most unusual or unexpected that one can find at home?  

Sophie Jovillard: The train of a longship. Finally some! When shooting in Normandy, enthusiasts who have produced a replica of a Viking ship, invited me to row with them on board, and I broke my train! The tradition is that we leave with a song, so I took the train home with this object a little bulky but unusual, since that throne in my driveway! 

An object or piece of furniture that you could separate you?  

Sophie Jovillard: The office of my grandfather. It is not very well developed in the guest room, which is also dressing room office, but the office, very classic wood, has a real sentimental value, so it is priceless! 

Your favorite color to your room

Sophie Jovillard: I find that white is a safe bet in decor, especially when added to it a touch of color on a wall. I made this choice, throughout the apartment, which is all white, with a wall of the main room in gray!  

Your last purchase - useful or futile! - for the House ? 

Sophie Jovillard: I just give myself a "rocking chair" White Eames. The famous rocking chair, classy, ​​elegant and comfortable part of my design shots heart a long time, so I cracked! 

The rocking chair Eames

The rocking chair Eames

Sophie Jovillard

The rocking chair Eames

The rocking chair Eames

Sophie Jovillard

The cuisine is open or closed?  

Sophie Jovillard: Opened as the food be shared! I'm not a great cook but I like to cook and to discuss with my hosts at the same time ... if in addition, everyone puts his hand to the dough, it's even better! So it's open: the word and the products move, and all people of goodwill are welcome!  

Flat unexpectedly on the go for your friends? Your specialty? 

Sophie Jovillard: "Pasta with Jovillard" ! It is not (always) great cuisine but it's what I do for years, friends passing by surprise, with what remains in the cupboards and in the fridge. What is good, so it is that it changes all the time. This is a recipe that reinvents itself constantly! 

And on TV, what room?  

Sophie Jovillard: In the living room ! The screen is a little big for the room, because my TV was the size of my previous apartment in Marseille! When I get to travel and it's a little cold outside, I admit that I love pampered with a blanket watching TV, and gallons of tea Marriage brothers ... This is my little happiness! It's not original but sometimes my way, to land. 

Are you living in music or rather in silence?  

Sophie Jovillard: A little while ... Turn on the radio is my first reflex in the morning, with the preparation of my tea. The music, in general, quite the evening. And to read and work, it is always in silence.  

Rather candle or rather fragrance?  

Sophie Jovillard: Both ! I put candles everywhere. I like fragrances with small sticks or Zara Home Durance: Jasmine or fig with the seasons! 

Curtains, doors, shutters? What does that inspire you? 

Sophie Jovillard : Blinds in my apartment. I think it's quite elegant to close its windows with blinds! Large curtains, it reminds me of my family home. As for the shutters, I do not know why they are always related to vacation homes ... Especially those that let some light when one takes a nap summer.  

What is on your bedside table?  

Sophie Jovillard: stacked books. I goes on, and sometimes I read in several simultaneously. I'm always traveling, and I always anticipate that awaits me when I get home. I mostly read novels.  

One tip Deco or storage? 

Sophie Jovillard: Then there if I had one, I would have applied for a long time! Feel free to send me! Every idea is welcomed !  

Do you dream of one more room? If so, for what purpose?  

Sophie Jovillard: Oh yes, a large dressing room, I dream! You understand that I definitely have a storage problem at home. So if a magic wand, I could have one more room, this would be it.  

Instead ordered (e) or messy?  

Sophie Jovillard: I am an organized messy! This is the mess on my desk and said part "dressing room of friends". For paper and clothing, it is a real concern. For the rest of the apartment, I try to ensure that everything is always tidy. It reassures me. I'm not fussy, but it's important to me.  

Are you green plants, flowers, balcony, patio, garden

Sophie Jovillard: Flowers always. I like to see at home. My mother always told me I had a house to be flowery! When I get to travel, I always go with my florist choose the seasons, peonies, white roses, hydrangeas ... 

Your addresses or trademarks favorites for the house (shopping, decoration, florist, etc.)? 

- Cottage Green: My favorite florist, 219 rue Gallieni in Boulogne Billancourt. For twenty years at this address, Medhi has a real passion for flowers and some taste! 

- Conran shop beside Cheap left bank; 

- Silvera at Beaugrenelle center; 

- caravan; 

- Where is Marius? 48 Rue du Lacydon in Marseille: a decoration shop, gallery, deli behind City Hall. The very friendly Audrey always good advice and I can not visit his shop without leaving their hands full! 

- Summer Camp (Paris and Lille): I just bought a small table service in the Lille shop. Small white department so chic! 

You can find Sophie Jovillard?

- France 5, every Saturday at 20:40 and every Sunday at 10 am 25 (reruns) in the magazine "Close call". 

- Since September 2015, still on France 5, she joined the band "the Daily" its good to share travel plans and weekends.  

- It also presents the documentary collection "Treasures ..." the riches and treasures of French heritage. 

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