Extension Wood: what price to enlarge his house?

Extension and elevation of&# 039; a house done by&# 039; certified architect Fabienne Lighter

Michel Ogier

To enlarge the house, creating a small independent studio or even raise the roof, timber frame structures have many advantages. These are lightweight modules, quick to implement and adapt to all architectural constraints. How much is a wooden extension? It all depends on the nature of the project and your ability to take on some work. Two experts give us explanations and figures.

Do not confuse wood frame and wood aesthetics. For your extension, the timber frame is a lightweight but durable construction method, an alternative to traditional construction "Hard". However, nothing obliges you, finish, opt for a wood siding. You can also choose a plaster (stucco or lime), a composite material or a green wall. Of course, the type of finish will affect the overall cost of the project.  

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Square meters and more: for what purpose?

Before you begin building a wooden extension, first define your needs. What area do you need, where, with what comfort and for what purpose? These include whether the extension should be an extension of the house or an independent structure. And, if it is independent, what are they necessary connections?  

"The independent extension is perfect for people who work at home and do not want to be polluted by noise or agitation, said Frédéric Jovenin, head of materials produced at Leroy Merlin. It is also a place that you can design and equip to accommodate an aging parent. Finally, it is a good idea when you practice as a noisy leisure battery, mechanics or DIY." 

If it is more a question of winning square meters in the house itself, different options are available to you: extend a room, create or raise the roof to gain volume. In any case, we must consider the consequences on the distribution and circulation in the house. The addition of a small piece may sometimes lead to fully see the arrangement of a part of the building. 

Light, wooden extensions allow to raise the roof to gain volume.

Light, wooden extensions allow to raise the roof to gain volume.

Leroy Merlin

Larger house with a wooden porch

Forget the conventional wisdom, the wooden veranda, well insulated, is a true extension that fits all requirements (living room, kitchen, dining room, bedroom). "It provides the same comfort that a piece masonry, charm and more"Says Laurent Bonnet, CEO Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Life & Veranda.  

The wooden structure not only creates beautiful volumes but also to support a traditional cover. "The first advantage is that the room is silent when it rains, what one does not necessarily have a veranda with roofing panels, explains Laurent Bonnet. In addition, aesthetically, the integration of the project to the existing house is smoother since we can take over or extend the roof." 

One more room mainly glazed and with a high ceiling. The'ossature bois permet toutes les configurations.

One more room mainly glazed and with a high ceiling. The timber frame allows all configurations.

Life and Veranda

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What price for a wooden veranda extension?

That will depend on the size of the project, its shape, the number of openings and the type of roof. "at Life & Veranda, it takes between 1,500 and 2,300 euros per m2, installation included. At this price, you have as good insulation on a new home and a glass that combines thermal insulation and solar control"Says Laurent Bonnet.  

If you still have a little budget, invest immediately in motorized shutters. They contribute to thermal comfort and safety of your extension.  

Build yourself a wooden extension

"This is a project for very good handymen says Frédéric JOVENIN Leroy Merlin. They must be versatile, equally at home with concrete (for tile) as plumbing or electricity ". 

If the assembly of the timber module itself is relatively simple, tile, foundations and connections require time and knowledge. "In store, customers will find the advice and simple technical solutions for a successful project. For plumbing, for example, rapid fittings or compression fittings allow to extend a network, seamless", Notes Frédéric Jovenin. 

For DIYers always found on the market for wood extensions kit to different surfaces. You receive all of the materials and an explanatory note. Compare many trim levels and quality of teaching materials (manuals, videos, etc.). 

And if we do not tinker? "We are considering a new solution, turnkey, in modules, delivered and installed. It will take a few months to find it in stores"Says Frédéric JOVENIN. 

What price for a wooden extension in self build?

"The price per square meter is about 600 to 800 euros, just for materials", Indicates Frédéric Jovenin Leroy Merlin. To this must be added the delivery and labor. 

For kits, the first price for 18 m2 are in the order of € 15,000, without interior or exterior finish. 

Extension and elevation of'une maison réalisé par l'architecte DPLG Fabienne Briquet

Extension and elevation of a house designed by architect DPLG Fabienne Lighter

Michel Ogier

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Building permit or statement of work?

From the perspective of urban planning, the notion of extension concerns only an extension of the house, in communication with it. If you build an independent studio (even if it touches the house), it is not an extension, it is a new construction. The distinction is important. In an urban area with PLU: 

- the extension or heightening require a building permit beyond 40 m2 or if the total area (house + extension) exceeds 170 m2, 

- new construction requires a building permit beyond 20m2. 

The additions under 5 m2 do not require authorization. Between 5 and 20 (or 40 m2), you must file a work authorization. Check with your local council before starting work. 

Reconstituted family, care of our seniors, work at home ... Building a wood extension saves space without moving and mastered a cost.  

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Thanks to : 

Frédéric Jovenin, Head materials products Leroy Merlin - Leroymerlin.fr 

Laurent Bonnet, CEO Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Life & Veranda - Vie-veranda.com 

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