Professional Painting: what brand to choose?

Top 15 paint brands

Farrow & Ball

You throw yourself in a project deco makeover and need professional paint. It is not always easy to navigate the jungle of paint manufacturers. Side House is sorting and offers the 15 best brands of paint, available in France, classified into three categories: the most accessible, the most upscale and most luxurious. Make your choice !

Seeking a professional painting for renovation projects? Choose from the paint marks decrypted by side house. Each has its specificities, its own finishes and its many colors. Of the most accessible to the most luxurious paintings, let yourself be guided by our top 15 brands of professional paints.  

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1. The professional paint marks the most accessible and cheapest

1) Colors, painting by Castorama  

Colors, it is the private label of the brand DIY Castorama. Made in France, Castorama paintings are Ecolabel certified. The range comprises four collections: Classic Colors (walls and woodwork), Colors collection launched in 2010 (multichannel) Colors respirea launched in 2015 (biofilm) and Colors naturea (ecological). All together offer more than 200 different shades of paint.  

2) Luxens, brand Leroy Merlin  

Luxens is the own brand of Leroy Merlin. Cheap, Luxens offers professional wall paint products, wood paneling, the wood stain, products for the maintenance of wood and parquet flooring. Many colors are available in store or on the Leroy Merlin site.  

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3) Dulux Valentine, mainstream French painting  

Dulux Valentine was born in 1925 under the name "The Company Valentine Varnish". Initially specializing in professional automotive paint, the brand launched products for individuals in 1930. In 1992, the brand becomes Dulux Valentine to turn abroad. Today, Dulux Valentine and Julien subsidiary, place themselves as the leader in the paint for general public.  

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4) Tollens, the color toning machine 

Well known yourselfers and professionals, Tollens Born in Ghent, Belgium in 1748, before settling in the same year in Rotterdam. The creator Johannes Jodocus Tollens started with market brushes and brushes paint professionals. In the middle of the twentieth century, Tollens brings to market the first multi-layer paint alkyd paint. Famous tinting machines are disclosed in stores in 1975. Tollens is available to the public since 1986. The company has also created brands Bondex professional paint, paint for wood decorative and Flamingo, in partnership with the sign of furnishing and decoration. Also, Tollens is the only paint company labeled Pantone through their collaboration in 2012. The paintings are sold in the distribution network and Tollens exclusively at Castorama.  

5) Sikkens paints innovative public 

The painting Sikkens was born in 1792 in the Netherlands, under the idea of ​​a house painter, Wiert Willem Sikkens, who decided to produce its own varnishes and lacquers. The first Sikkens plant opened in 1869. Today the company has a last cry laboratory specializing in professional painting fast drying, industrial or private use. Sikkens offers a complete range of murals for the interior and exterior, lacquers, stains and varnishes.  

2. The brand more upscale paint

1) Ripolin, the manufacturer of the artists 

Ripolin is a brand created in 1888 by Carl Julius Ferdinand Riep. The first painting he creates is made of linseed oil and dries quickly, the Ripolin. Today, the brand of paint still claims the same tech in its products. Ripolin manufactures 90% of its products in France. Artists like Le Corbusier or Picasso used the brand products for its bright character and very quick drying. Ripolin is now strongly turned to recycling and using non-toxic products. The brand offers 50 shades of paint line and uses the tinting machines.  

2) V33, painting process for all media 

In 1957 V33 launching the first sealer parquet ensuring 33% hardness, and hence greater protection. The Jura is then a brand maintenance specialist wood. V33 starts in the inner wall painting with alkyd in 1988. Six years later, V33 expands its range with products for the maintenance of iron, wood and soil. In 2001, the brand launched resistant paints cold and UV for harsh climates. V33 is the specialist professional quality paint techniques, easy to apply and French manufacture.  

3) Liberon, the specialist in wood care 

Liberon, this is a brand created in 1912 by George Liberon in Paris. Located near the Faubourg Saint-Antoine, the company sells exclusively to professional gilding or cabinet initially. The "blue line" is recognized and awarded at the Universal Exhibition in Paris. Specializing in home maintenance, Liberon diversified over time and is adorned with colors. The "Red line" completes the first to offer cleaning products surfaces homes. The brand develops decorative effects to surf on trends and express creativity. Liberon remains the specialist varnish, wax, patina and effect paints still today.  

4) Keim, mineral paints 

In 1878, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, King Louis 1st of Bavaria and the researcher A. W. Keim develop the first mineral paint. The basis of this product is a mixture of silicate, liquid potassium and inorganic pigments. This recipe ensures the longevity and quality of paintings by Keim. Today, the German brand is specialized in mineral paint for interiors and facades. His chart has more than 300 colors.  

5) 1825 Theodore Collection 

As the name suggests, the brand Theodore Collection was born in 1825. Professional paint brand put on a color grouping paintings of yesterday and today. 1825 paintings are based on natural products. They are available in matt finishes or velvet in over 120 shades. The paintings are made in France and resolutely couture want. 1825 also offers decorative paints with 8 finishes.  

3. The most professional luxury brands of paint

1) The Little Shop of Colors, the original colors French version 

Created in Antibes, The Little Shop of Colors was born in a local of 18 m2. The brand offers a variety of professional paint for walls, wood paneling, interior or exterior. 147 colors are available to meet environmental standards. The Little Shop wants to create original and unpublished color to suit the lifestyle of everyone.  

2) Zoffany, quality UK version  

Zoffany is a trademark of Walker Greenbank Group, based in the UK. The brand focuses on paintings and wallpapers with high quality and design. Founded in 1983, Zoffany was first released wallpaper collections before launching into professional paint. The brand's colors are found today in luxurious residences and renowned hotels. Zoffany offers a palette of 128 colors, which continues to expand.  

3) Resource, color to French  

Resource, the French brand of professional painting, offers shades of premium quality for individuals. Founded in 1946 in Roussillon to exploit the ocher quarries, she comes from a long tradition of manufacturing color. The paintings have a high efficiency, high coverage, ease of application and especially a strong pigmentation. Resource offers a range of color gamut on the market. The collections are enriched by paintings full tones or effects over the years. The paintings are available in many finishes and compositions tailored to each coating. 

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Top 15 paint brands


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4) Little Greene, upscale paintings and environmentally 

Little Greene is a manufacturer of professional painting and independent wallpaper. Established in the UK in 1773, Little Greene Dye Works was located near Manchester. Today, the brand puts its environmental responsibility in the foreground. The paints are non-toxic and created from natural pigments. The Little Greene shades are rich in pigments and set the depth of color in the spotlight.  

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Gray Painting Collection, 38.50 euros per liter matt acrylic, Little Greene

Gray Painting Collection, 38.50 euros per liter matt acrylic, Little Greene

Little Greene

5) Farrow & Ball, traditional painting to English 

Farrow & Ball was founded in 1946 by John Farrow and Richard Ball. The paintings are made near Southampton in the UK. These are traditional paintings, non-industrial, manufactured in small unique tanks. The English brand is positioned as environmentally friendly with eco-friendly components. The paintings Farrow & Ball have a good coverage through their many pigments (more than 10 per color, against half in tinting machine). The swatch Farrow & Ball has strictly 132 colors available in all finishes. Each new color chase another in the brand's archives.  

Stiffkey Painting Blue, Farrow & amp; Ball.

Stiffkey Painting Blue, Farrow & Ball.

Farrow & Ball

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