Remove tiled floor: Steps

How to remove the tiles?


You want to remove a tiled floor? Whether to change damaged parts or completely redo the floor of your room, there are a few tricks to learn.

Here are several simple tips and tricks to take off your tile impeccably ground. Follow the guide !  

Take off your floor tile: precautions

Arm yourself with a mason's knife, a chisel and a hammer, a drill ceramic drill, scraper and patience. Think you equip gloves as earthenware can be very sharp. Also, tell projections by putting on goggles and a garment covering your skin. 

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Remove the tiled floor: the right moves

Break softly seal around the tile you want to remove, using the chisel to clear the tiles. Drill three holes for a triangle in the center. Slide the knife into a hole and maneuver for lifting the pieces of tile and the hollow triangle. Gradually, you can use the chisel to blow up the rest. Scratch the center to remove the remains. You can also use a heat gun to melt the glue and residue off the floor easily.  

Replacing a tiled floor

If you have spare tiles from the same collection, you simply make a simple replacement. Otherwise, choose the contrasting tiles and remove several tiles to form a design. Make sure the floor is clean before applying the tile adhesive and the seal. 

If you have decided to remove all your floor tile, make sure the surface is level. If it is not, you will have a patching your soil. 

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