Convent of Deauville transformed into a modern place

Deauville, back to the future

Convent of the Franciscan / City of Deauville

flagship project launched by the city under the leadership of architect Alain Moatti, the former convent The Franciscan starts to the digital age with over 4,000 m2 of cultural and interactive spaces.

The former convent of the Franciscan Deauville placing on the digital to accommodate innovative cultural spaces. A variety of digital screens, a restaurant and a scalable agora, all for at least three years of work.  

A former convent turned into a modern place

The building was inhabited for nearly a century by a congregation of Franciscan, hence the name of the project. Rather than demolish the City with its mayor Philippe Augier chose to incorporate contemporary features and advanced technologies.  

The'accès se fera par un portail monumental avec un grand écran LED qui encadrera la porte d'origine.

Access will be through a monumental portal with a large LED screen that will frame the original door.

Convent of the Franciscan / City of Deauville

This bold dream was entrusted to architect Alain Moatti, to whom we owe the first floor of the Eiffel Tower, the museum of decorative arts and fashion in Marseille ... His challenge? Linking a library of tens of thousands of books, CDs, DVDs, temporary and permanent exhibitions, digital tools and entertainment spaces. All in a true spirit in Deauville: Art, music and cinema, international prestige, health and wellness, equestrian life memory.  

Along'une galerie de 11 mètres de haut baignée de lumière et balisée d'écrans numériques, chacun pourra façonner son propre parcours

Along a gallery of 11 meters high bathed in light and tagged digital screens, everyone can shape its own course

Convent of the Franciscan / City of Deauville

The architect therefore imagined a giant gateway as a lock forward and a glazed avenue of digital screens allowing everyone to create his menu. The cloister will be protected from the sky by a high canopy. In dedicated rooms, we discover temporary exhibitions of figurative painting collections of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and dedicated to the horse, photography. One of them will be dedicated to Andre Hamburg painter who was inspired by the landscapes of the Côte Fleurie. As for the old chapel, it will act auditorium.  

The cloister of wearing'une verrière se transformera en agora évolutive, ouverte à toutes sortes de manifestations

The cloister wearing a canopy will turn into scalable agora open to all kinds of events

Convent of the Franciscan / City of Deauville

Famous for its festivals of American film and photographic creation, Deauville organize many cultural events in this futuristic place. You can even restore it in the middle of a library! This mammoth project is expected to require three years of work and see the day in 2019. Meanwhile, this summer, you can register for a guided tour and admire the portraits of some boards soon unveiled collections. 

American Cinema Festival, from 2 to 11 September 2016; Photography Festival board (s) Contact of 22 October to 27 November 2016.  

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