Makeovers with adhesive tiles: I tested …


Adhesive tile the bathroom? On paper, the product is great: easy to install, clean, fast. But in reality? Angeline tested laying tile adhesive in his bathroom. Here his experience ....

the tile adhesive were tested in a bathroom

Lorsqu'Angéline, a young student and tenant moved into his studio in Paris, she wanted to revamp the small bathroom and give it a revamp. On the existing tiles, a bit run down, it laid tile adhesive " Mosaïk Minimo Silver " Smart Tiles. Shortly handyman and absolutely not knowing how to ask the right tiles, it felt was a quick and simple solution. 

Pictured well revamped bathroom with tile adhesive

Cutting the adhesive tiled cutter

When Angeline receives his order a week later, she is a little surprised at the appearance of the tile adhesives. Coated with a translucent gel imitating the glass, they are very bright, a little too taste. They are slightly metallic and rather hi-tec. And that Angeline attacking his " construction site " with a cutter, a metal ruler, a plate for cutting and a measuring tape for measuring.  

The shower before

Thoroughly clean the existing tiles to facilitate adherence

Above all, he must clean the existing tiles. Then it starts by laying the first row of lower tiles along the shower tray, on the right wall, starting with the angle. First surprise, the existing tiles not put right and the walls are not square, as is often the case in old apartments. Angeline must take off the tiles adhesives, rest them on their protective film, the overlap of a few millimeters, so that they adapt to the existing tiles and the pick. And again if necessary because it is difficult to estimate the amount to trim the first time. The corners of some tiles do not adhere very well and rise slightly.  

A tile of Mosaïk Minimo Silver Smart Tiles

Laying around the delicate shower

Angeline continues laying and easily mounts all rows right. And it attacks the wall where the shower is placed. And then the second problem: how to cut cleanly around the plates of the shower bar? It would have required dismantling the bar and Angelina did not feel able. The solution is not to lay tile adhesive to this location and keep a thin strip of the original white tiles. Angeline therefore arises tile adhesives in vertical strips on either side of the shower bar, ensuring cut around the appliques of the fitting.  

A successful makeover

The result is actually not bad at all, with a graphic pattern layout rather successful. She finished pasting the four tiles above the sink (there is much more simple, no wonky walls) .And this is done. No dust, no rubble, no drying time. A site that has never been able to do with real tiles. And this simple and minimalist decor is easy to remove when she has to leave her apartment.  

Makeover shower

One year later...

For a year Angeline put his tile adhesive, it could test its maintenance (easy, no joint scratch), adhesion (he remained bonded well except down near the shower tray, where tiles had to be peeled to cross check) its comfort and appreciable heat in winter. And it plans to revamp the sideboard of her kitchen now.  

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