Bougie Noël: how to create the atmosphere in 6 photos


And if you usiez candle to illuminate your Christmas? Here are some productions that will give you sparkling ideas ...

fairy lights of the holiday season, the candle is the invincible decorative item for Christmas. Near the Christmas tree, the crib or placed gently on the Eve of the table, it remains essential for a successful Christmas decoration. Lovers of the Christmas tradition, fall under the spell of conventional candles. Set in pretty little lanterns or large graceful candle, the candle can be associated with eternal pine cones, reindeer or to religious symbols. For the more adventurous, the candle is also available in true work of art with associations of electric bulbs of all colors that will energize your Christmas decoration. Here are six pictures showing staged around the spirit of Christmas candle. 

1. colorful candles, Christmas Sublime

Hanging balls and colored candles for a warm and modern Christmas.  

Balls Glass Face grounds 4.99 euros Truffaut. Candles méallisées balls € 3.15 Truffaut.
2. Wood skated for authentic Christmas candles

Atmosphere wood and patina on the family table decorated with wooden candleholders. 

wooden candle holder, H20 cm 7.95 euros, H38 cm 14.95 euros Truffaut.
3. Candles in pastel shades for a Christmas gentle

White and pastel shades for a trendy Christmas decoration. 

Candlestick torch 100% glass, H22cm: 12.99 euros, H26cm: 22.99 euros. Ball transparent jewelry: 3.99 euros. Heart or star hanging: 3.39 euros. Rhinestone Ball: 4.99 euros. Suspension heart pearl: 3.99 euros. Suspension glittery heart: 2.99 euros.
4. intensive candles for a Christmas gourmet

A Christmas greedy with these candles and the cupacke spoons in pastel colors. 

Bell cupcake H10cm: 6.90 euros. Set of 5 candles cupcake: 14.90 euros. Box 4 tablespoons cupcake: 9.90 euros.
5. Nature atmosphere with these starry candles among pine cones

A little bit of this sparkling cottage in wooden decoration through the Christmas candles. 

Figures ELAN H36cm: 19.90 euros. Garland l120cm mushrooms: 12.90 euros. Houses of the world.
6. Heat keys with candles in winter purity

predominantly white plants recalling the winter, warmed by candles of different sizes. 

Bauble: 9.90 EUR Sia.
7. Candles lanterns alongside Christmas angels

An ideal Christmas lantern candles to protect from drafts. 

Bougie Noël: how to create the atmosphere in 6 photos
8. Christmas tree and candles go hand

Candles in great candleholders money laid on spruce branches.  

visit'antiquaire Demay "La Cour Renaissance".
9. Circle candles on a wreath of pine cones

Four towering white candles surrounded at the bottom of each of them, a golden node; arranged on a Christmas wreath with pine cones.  

Bougie Noël: how to create the atmosphere in 6 photos
10. Set of 10 candles for an angelic white

Provision of four large candles behind six smaller white candles. 

Bougie Noël: how to create the atmosphere in 6 photos
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