polished concrete bathroom: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

polished concrete bathroom: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

Leroy Merlin

The polished concrete gives the bathroom a contemporary style in a wide choice of colors and finishes. But how to ensure stability over time of the flooring and avoid disappointment? It is better to rhyme favorite lucidly ...

The polished concrete is one of the major trends. It creates a modern feel in the bathroom, and beautiful uniform surfaces, very current. However, to obtain a fully satisfactory and lasting results, it is better to master the subject and avoid miscalculations. Here are 5 to avoid.  

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Error # 1: believe the polished concrete stain resistant

The polished concrete, contrary to its name, contains more wax really, except for the wall parts. Especially as the wax does not protect against stains. So imagine what it might give in a bathroom! 

Concrete is naturally porous, must be covered with a product "wood filler"And a surface protecting member (resin or varnish). Emphasize the quality of components (attention to the first price), if you want a lasting result. It takes up to 45 euros excluding VAT per m2 for a bathroom (complete system of large manufacturers excluding installation: primer + Concrete + protection). And, according to Cyril Claire (IBETON) laid the finished price varies between 80 euros and 100 euros HT m2. 

This surface protector prevents stains (if not to let stagnate), and is resistant to most detergents, except acids (such as powerful softeners). So do not leave accumulate tartar on waxed concrete bathroom otherwise the protective varnish will not last long against powerful descaling agents involved!  

Finally, address the problem of manicure: avoid, if possible, to use solvents nail products in your bathroom. Because if you spill the bottle and you forget to wipe: polish your polished concrete may not resist. 

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polished concrete bathroom: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

Alix Gueydon Dives / Jean-Marc Palisse

Mistake # 2: put the polished concrete throughout its bathroom

The polished concrete can land almost anywhere in your bathroom: wall, floor, sink, shower tray, work plan and even door! But it is not necessarily the same product.  

The thickness of the concrete floor varies depending on the substrate (of 0.7 mm for a decorative wall to 2 mm for a shower, for example). Also ask advice from experts to find out what is the best protection solution, based on its use (shower, work, floor). 

Reason as much like a marble surface: it's beautiful and strong, but with water, it's slippery. There is among some manufacturers (eg Mercadier) adjuvants to put in the last coat of varnish. They provide an effect "anti-slip " your polished concrete. But nothing beats a good floor mat to prevent falls in your bathroom. 

If you opt for a rough concrete floor in the shower, think about maintenance (dirt and limestone may be embedded more). It will avoid products too acidic (so powerful softeners), and then agree to appear some surface defects with time (scratches, or change in appearance). 

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Error # 3: seeking to make savings on the quality of polished concrete

Take a product that has already been proven and whose components are of proven quality: so rarely the cheapest! A varnish and polished concrete can cost between 2 and 10 euros per m2.  

A good handyman can certainly ask the polished concrete in a bathroom, provided it is methodical and meticulous. This remark also applies to a craftsman elsewhere ... So if you go through a company, ask to visit a bathroom sites to get an idea of ​​his expertise. 

polished concrete bathroom: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

Leroy Merlin

In all going, follow the instructions for use: every brand of polished concrete has its specificities. Do not neglect any step: in particular the drying time. Use the right tools. Do not try to save on quantity: if you cover 8 m2 bathroom floor instead of 5 m2 marked on the package, expect problems!  

Mistake # 4: Ask the polished concrete floor of his bathroom without studying the existing surface

The polished concrete arises in one piece, to the bathroom. We must not stop on the way and the media must be free of cracks. Unlike a carpet that hides imperfections, polished concrete hugs holder. If the support is cracked, surface defects will quickly appear. Will you accept them? 

Beware also the thickness of the polished concrete. The installation of polished concrete should not prevent air from flowing under the door of the bathroom (allow 3 to 4 mm).  

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polished concrete bathroom: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

Marius Aurenti

Mistake # 5: ask waxed concrete without predict future changes

The polished concrete is a favorite choice, however, requires a minimum advance. Who told you that tomorrow you will not want to change everything? And if you sell your property: did the buyer will have the same interests as you? 

Allow for example always a floor space of at least 0.5 cm below the door, in order to possibly make changes in the future. Unless planing the door ... 

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