Terrace: tiles and pavements for outdoor

On the terrace, outdoor tiles mimic stone, wood and slate, in a baffling way, while paving stone reconstituted resemble mistaken for paving natural stone: therefore it becomes easy to vary the effects! Tile and flooring, one is seduced by the 20 terraces that hold all their promises.

Before enjoying the terrace, it is important to choose the right flooring. Like wood? You prefer a soil of more industrial inspiration? Or you feel like an authentic stone terrace? With the new coatings external floors, simply choose the desired atmosphere: indeed tiles and pavements are now available in many finishes, perfectly imitating wood, stone, marble, slate ... without the drawbacks of some materials. In addition to an affordable price, the floor tile thus insensitive to the weather, it cleans easily and offers a wide variety of shapes. Among the most popular, the stoneware turns frost resistant, stain-resistant and low porosity, plus a colourfast. Traditionally posed by gluing on a flat concrete slab, it can now also land on plots without concrete slab, greatly facilitating the installation of the terrace. Side panels, again many possibilities: wood or composite, for a natural look, concrete, for undue side, or by natural stone (Travertine, bluestone, granite) for a terrace full of charm that will patina over the years. Finally, reconstituted stone, made of concrete and minerals can also help to achieve a natural stone effect at lower cost. It does not slip, do not freeze and its color does not change over time.

enlargeA paving Rug effect on the terrace

1- A paving Rug effect on the terrace- Paving Natural Stone Deco Concrete natural stone of Burgundy with inserts of graphic patterns in colored concrete very high performance. 50 x 50 cm. glued down or pads. Hand-made, handmade. French made. 335 euros per m2. Altiis. - >> Read also >> Micro terrace: 5 pro tips to develop it
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enlargeterrace tiles: the seal of natural stone

2- terrace tiles: the seal of natural stone- Paving Ismalia limestone rather dense, the parched surface of small mineral encrustations, dark beige. Originally from Egypt, on the Sinai Peninsula. Dimensions: 40 x 60 (68.05 euros m2), 40 x 80 (71.05 euros / m2), 60 x 90 (80.05 euros / m2 Square of Arc..- >> Read also >> Planters and pots deco terrace

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enlargeterrace tiles: porcelain stoneware clay way

3- terrace tiles: porcelain stoneware clay way- porcelain stoneware ceramic tile glazed gray white terracotta effect Villa, brand Artens. Dimensions, L.20 cm x L.20. Thickness 8.2mm. smooth, matte finish. Intensive use. Recommended width of seal: 5 mm. Resistance important passage (PEI standard 4 \ / 5). Good scratch resistance (standard Mohs 6 \ / 10). Frost resistant. Recommended poolside. 19, 95 euros per m2 is 28.33 euros cardboard. Leroy Merlin. - >> Read also >> Terraces that make you want to be in the summer

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slideshow picturesenlargeLarge format tiles in a contemporary terrace

4- Large format tiles in a contemporary terrace- Slab Elara engineered stone, fine and smooth finish. Luberon hue. Dimensions 80 x 80 cm, thickness 3.5 cm. sealed laying, bonded or soft soil (sand or gravel). 64.80 euros / m2. Carré d'Arc. - >> Read also >> 21 decoration ideas for a beautiful terrace

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enlargeTerrace: anthracite tendency & quot tiles; urban & quot;

5- Terrace: anthracite tiling trend "urban"- Tile floor anthracite wood effect River brand Artens Sun L.45 cm x L.45. Thickness 8.2mm. Recommended width of seals: 5 mm. Surface structured, matte finish. Resistance in passing important (PEI standard 4 \ / 5). Scratch resistance, good (standard Mohs 6 \ / 10). Standard slip ABC barefoot high (standard C), recommended for footbath and inclined pool. 14.95 euros / m2 or 21.68 euros cardboard. Leroy Merlin. - >> Read also >> Top 6 terraces pin

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enlargePatio Paving the authentic and natural look

6- Patio Paving the authentic and natural look- Engineered stone paving terrace evoke the aesthetics of the great Roman city of Bracara Augusta, white. Available in tiles 50 x 50 x 2.2 cm (30.20 euros per m2) or 60 x 45 x 2.2 cm (33.49 euros per m2). Fabistone. - >> Read also >> Top 30 outdoor furniture brands


enlargeMy terrace in a few clipped slabs

7- My terrace in a few clipped slabs- Dalle to clip Snap & Go composite wood, 2 year warranty. Sun, 30 x 60 cm. To put on stable ground, map and full. greater than or equal 2% slope with a drainage to the outside. Ep. 2.4 cm. anthracite, 7.95 euros one (or 88.33 euros per m2). Slab clipped turf, Sun 30 x 30. 29,95 euros for 4. Truffaut. - >> Read also >> Terrace wood: our 12 most beautiful models


enlargePatchwork for this deck tiles

8- Patchwork for this deck tiles- Terrace tiles made of glazed porcelain stoneware with non slip system R10b, Group 4, for weather resistance. Two colors (gray and brown) for natural wood patchwork effect. Dimensions: 34 x 34 cm. Ep: 8.5 mm. 14,80 euros per m2. Lapeyre.


enlargetimeless aesthetic for this terrace paving

9- timeless aesthetic for this terrace paving- Slabs Manoir engineered stone, color Gironde, set in Opus, thus drawing a surface with irregular contours. Paving Manor, 69.60 euros / m2. Opus Manor: 67,20 EUR m2. Bradstone.


enlargeterrace tiles: the depth of blue stone

10- terrace tiles: the depth of blue stone- Slab Design Caliza concrete colors Saffier. Serviceability (M-Coat protection). Laying on supports as possible (T7 class). 22.68 euros slab. New 2017 Marlux.


enlargeA slab of terrace'inspiration industrielle

11- An industrial-inspired terrace tiles- terrace slab Ghisa reconstituted stone, hammered effect. Dim: 75 x 40 cm and thickness 3.5 cm. Ingélive, easy maintenance, 4 fashionable colors (gray cast iron, charcoal gray, your stone and Sommières). 48 euros / m2. Pierra.


enlargeTerrace: tiled & quot; timber & quot; larger than life

12- Terrace: tile "wood" larger than life- Cerim imitation wood tiles glazed porcelain stoneware. Dimensions: 16 x 66 cm. Color: anthracite, white. 39,90 euros each. Décoceram.


enlargeTile: terrace as weathered by time ...

13- Tile: terrace as weathered by time ...- Stromboli Porcelain stoneware tile, stone effect. Dim: 43 x 63 cm. Price upon request. Ceramica Mayor (Tiles of Spain).

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enlargeA warm tiled terrace for easy living

14- A warm tiled terrace for easy living- Iguana glazed stoneware, brand Arte One. Color: brown, gray. Dimensions: 15 x 61 cm. 19,90 euros per m2. Point P

Point P

enlargeterrace tiles: a bluffing wood texture

15- terrace tiles: a bluffing wood texture- ceramic tile Madera Wooden imitation. 12,90 euros per m2. Castorama.


enlargeterrace tiles: an ideal wood appearance in the pool

16- terrace tiles: an ideal wood appearance in the pool- Paving Teca Sol reconstituted stone, real wood effect, Teca color. Durable, rot-proof and virtually maintenance free. Available in tiles 50 x 50 x 2.2 cm, 42,21 EUR \ / m2. Fabistone.


enlargeFlagstone patio, very old wood natural appearance

17- Flagstone patio, very old wood natural appearance- Slab Design Forest concrete colors Maple Gray. Appearance aged wood, while gray contrasts for a very natural terrace. 22.68 euros slab. Serviceability (M-Coat protection). Laying on supports as possible (T7 class). New 2017 Marlux.


enlargestone slab: a touch of Zen on my deck

18- stone slab: a touch of Zen on my deck- Dalles to clip Snap & Go anthracite Snap & Go. 7.95 euro one. Fabulous Garden slabs white pebble to clip x 4. Sun L. 30 x l. 30 cm. 29,95 euros for 4. Truffaut.


enlargeTerrace: a stone imitation tiles

19- Terrace: a stone imitation tiles- beige stone terrace tiles appearance. Dim: 45 x 45 cm. Resistant and anti slip. 14,90 euros per m2. Castorama. ->> Read also >> 21 ideas for a beautiful terrace


enlargeA terrace tiled with repositionable'infini

20- A terrace tiled repositionable to infinity- Outside Berlingo Floor tiles porcelain stoneware slabs reminiscent gravel concrete. Simply laying on a bed of stabilized sand, without glue, and repositions itself to infinity. Available in 4 colors: Chestnut, Gray, Beige and Anthracite. Dimensions: 60 x 60 cm. Ep: 20 mm. 19,80 euros each. Lapeyre.


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