Removing rust on steel or iron

How to effectively remove rust?

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There are several products to remove rust on iron or the steel. Whatever the metallic material on which the rust came bind, it is possible to remove it.

Remove rust on iron or steel in a round of hands with our tips! 

Of elbow grease to remove rust

As rust is an element which, in contact with the metal and moisture, is attached to the material, it is sufficient to remove hard rubbing. For this, there are several methods. 

Create a dense ball of foil and use of this object to rub the rust deposited on your materials. Aluminum will stall rust and clean the support. 

You can sand your surface with sandpaper. You will get more in a nice shiny smoothness. 

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Products to remove rust

Grandmother recipe that works great: lime mixture and coarse salt at the rate of one lemon juice 3 tablespoons salt. Rub your rusty object with the paste thus formed with a cloth. So you can remove the rust on a product of iron or steel. 

You can also mix 2 white vinegar to 1 part baking soda and apply the solution to your rusty object. The foamy reaction dissolves rust. Rinse with vinegar and admire your shiny material.  

Prevent rust

By depositing your metal objects of natural chalk, you will prevent them from being eaten by rust. Moisture will first tackle the chalk and leave your items intact. 

You can also varnish your object with a marine varnish, very effective against humidity. 

Think finally dry your iron objects before storing them. 

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