Asbestos or lead: should do work?


legal obligations and protection of health: focus on asbestos and plomd in house or apartment ...

The presence of asbestos or lead in a home is not only mandatory when selling. As this is a public health issue, it is sometimes necessary to detect and decontaminate ... 


Highly carcinogenic, asbestos has been banned since 1997. For public health reasons, it is imperative to find this poison in buildings by certified technicians. 

False ceiling, insulation of pipes, flocking

In this form, with time, the asbestos fibers are released into the air. As of 1 November 2007, their registration became mandatory in buildings for:

- The flocking, when the building permit was issued before 1 January 1980;
- The insulations for buildings constructed before 29 July 1996;
- False ceilings, if the building permit was issued before 1 July 1997. 

When these products are degraded, we measure the airborne dust and asbestos removal work is carried out when pollution is high.
Local concerned: the units and common buildings, but not individual homes. 

Other forms of asbestos

Also found asbestos in floor tiles, fiber cement pipes and roof coatings. For these materials, a registration must be done in buildings whose building permit was issued before 1 July 1997 (the extended registration must be made within apartment buildings by 31 December 2005). When the presence of asbestos is confirmed, the owners must maintain a record for informing residents and alert the personnel involved in the buildings (maintenance, service). 

Local concerned: the public areas of the building. Units and individual homes are not affected. 

When you sell housing

When selling a home built before 1 July 1997, the seller has the obligation to provide a diagnosis extended to all forms of asbestos. Otherwise, it will be exonerated from responsibility for latent defects.
Local concerned: all accommodation, houses, flats. For public areas, the trustee shall send a copy of the realized diagnosis. 

The lead

Used in old paint, lead is a serious danger of poisoning by lead poisoning. 

When you sell housing

A diagnosis annexed to the contract of sale is issued by an authorized technician for houses built before January 1, 1949. The paintings are controlled within living rooms, but also outside when it comes to house (gate, grid). When the lead content is important or lead-containing paints are degraded, work must be done.
Premises concerned: the units of housing, be it an apartment or a house. 

Common areas

In case of poisoning

When a doctor finds lead poisoning of a minor, he warned the prefect, who commissioned a survey of places frequented by children. If lead is found, the owner is encouraged to do decontamination work. 

Since 12 August 2008, the public areas should be checked if the building permit is prior to January 1, 1949. This statement is not delivered to the buyer, but the latter may ask the trustee. When the presence of lead exceeds a critical threshold, the trustee must inform people, communicate the results of the expertise the prefect and carry out the work. 

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