Choosing the right mattress, practical buying guide

d Guide&# 039; purchase: how to choose a mattress?


Find the mattress of your dreams, it's easy! Should we prefer a spring mattress, latex, foam or even wool? How important to the suspension and the lining? Among the criteria to be considered and expert guidance of bedding are the 4 rules for choosing the right mattress and change lives ... night.

Waking up in great shape, it starts with a good mattress! If sleep quality depends on the quality of the mattress, the quality of the mattress depends on its production. Spring mattresses, foam mattresses, latex or even wool, preferring what technology and how to find it? With the expert guidance of bedding and these 4 rules for choosing the right mattress, sleep well is no longer a dream!  

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Rule # 1: packing, bet on natural materials to be sure to choose a mattress without error

The trim allows the mattress to feel immediate comfort when lying down: this is what we call home. This is not a support member opposed to the suspension, it is an element of comfort that is determined according to the quality and the amount of materials used as explained Christine Péjaudier, Executive Director of specialist bedding National Bed: "Over the lining is thick and composed of different materials and noble, plus the mattress will be quality. Synthetic materials are banned because they are too sweaty and mattress quickly became a nest mold and mites. We must focus on natural materials such as wool which, thanks to its thermoregulatory virtues, always keeps the mattress at the right temperature. On wool, for example, the mattress is never cold. You can not pass a part of the night to regulate its temperature to adjust its comfort and warm mattress. The sleeper only has to sleep ".  

For quality sleep, can also bet not go wrong on natural materials such as cotton whose hydrophilic qualities promote the absorption of moisture, flax known since ancient times for its strength and freshness it provides, or the Silk, Another thermoregulatory material that provides heat in winter and cool in summer. Some mattresses go even further with a winter face to which was added a layer of wool, always on the side where the manufacturer's label is located, to retain heat, and a deal was to promote the evacuation of 'humidity. Considering finally that the removable mattress is the ultimate in terms of hygiene.  

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- Rule # 2: suspension, define the use to choose a mattress without error

Whether for everyday use or for occasional use, such as a guest room, you can not choose a mattress in the same way. There are three types of suspensions, also called mattress core, each with its own peculiarities.  

  • Shortly recommended in wet, the foam mattress, Polyeter or polyurethane, are not intended for daily or heavy use. Firmness low, limited comfort, and reduced life, the advantage of foam mattresses is mainly reflected in their affordable prices. As for the mattress-shaped memory foam, so they better follow the shape that a foam Polyeter, they tend to widen over time because they do not have necessary resilience the ability to return to their original position.
  • The latex mattresses, to prefer natural latex because they are hypoallergenic, have significant advantages: firmness combined with soft thanks to the various areas of comfort, durability and ventilation through the cell for a healthy mattress, flexible and deformable. Each manufacturer has developed a technology associated with the latex with specific characteristics, as a material intake for a specific support for each part of the body or different support zones for a total weight adjustment and optimal support of the spine. To be defined according to his feelings and his personal expectations.
  • Although they have in common to offer good ventilation, the interest of spring mattress varies according to the quality of the technology used. According Vincent Ballestrat, director of Lusseo, traditional springs have gradually given way to multi-turn springs, consisting of a single steel wire for uniform support but offering no sleeping independence and pocket springs that its preference : "With the technology of pocket springs, the mattress adapts to the body and all sizes. Each spring is independent and wrapped in an individual bag, which optimizes the increasingly free flow of air for ventilation and therefore a healthy bedding. Each body part is supported independently. The pressure acts only on the springs where it is positioned, which brings comfort and a perfect sleeping independence when sleeping two because you do not feel human movements that sleeping next to you. And the spine remains straight because this system allows the body to take up natural positions ".
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National bed

Rule # 3: density, stand firm on comfort for choosing the right mattress

Neither too firm nor too hard, the hardest part is finding the right balance at the density to be determined depending on the size and weight of the sleeper. If the mattress is too firm, the body can not properly sink, the spine is not straight. If, however, the mattress is too soft, the spine tends to curve the other way and cause back problems. In kg / m3, 25 kg / m3 is the minimum to comply when from 70 kg / m3 was the assurance of a good firmness. For Vincent Ballestrat, director of Lusseo, good trick to avoid having to decide between more or less firmness of adding a mattress topper to find the right balance by playing the welcome and felt: "The mattress topper as in palaces helps to move the cursor and adjust the firmness as much as comfort as it provides unparalleled softness while maintaining a good firmness on the mattress".  

spring mattress Hesseng, 599 euros in 140 x 200 cm, mattress Hamarvik springs 179 euros in 140 x 190 cm, foam mattress Morgedal, 249 euros in 140 x 190 cm, spring mattress Hyllestad, 399 euros 140 x 200 cm, flexible pillow Knavel, 65 x 65 cm, 59 euros, bed frame safe Malm, L 209 x W 156 cm, 369 euros, Ikea

spring mattress Hesseng, 599 euros in 140 x 200 cm, mattress Hamarvik springs 179 euros in 140 x 190 cm, foam mattress Morgedal, 249 euros in 140 x 190 cm, spring mattress Hyllestad, 399 euros 140 x 200 cm, flexible pillow Knavel, 65 x 65 cm, 59 euros, bed frame safe Malm, L 209 x W 156 cm, 369 euros, Ikea


Rule # 4: dimensions, take the right measure for choosing the right mattress

Tell me with whom and how you sleep, I'll tell you which mattress to choose! Whether a couple, a single person, a teenager or even a child, the dimensions will obviously be different. But if the mattress should fit the morphology and space, both in width and in length, it must also adapt to your sleep patterns as emphasized Muriel Rolland, Head of Communication Products at Ikea: "For example, if you sleep two, you have to wonder if you are bothered by the other. In that case, why, rather than a mattress of 140 cm, do not choose a mattress 160 cm, which is now registered as the new standard. Or even pass the course and opt for a sleeping independence Scandinavian. With two mattresses of 90 cm side by side and one comforter, one managed to sleep together while everyone in his corner. And, true luxury, everyone can more personally choose the comfort of the mattress according to their preferences in terms of comfort, flexibility and firmness". 

The trap to avoid: buy a new mattress without changing mattress

We always buy a mattress with a bedspring because it is important to change the whole to successfully define the ideal combination. Because if your mattress is tired, the bed is equally important. For better comfort and quality sleep, mattress and box spring must match. For example, a foam mattress is associated with a slats, because of a less firm mattress he would wear too quickly. Another possible combination: a mattress and a box spring for a more flexible support, or a spring mattress and a slatted base for a firmer support.  

Good to know: try the mattress for choosing the right mattress

Is it necessary to try his mattress to choose it well? Not necessarily according Vincent Ballestrat, director of Lusseo: "It is very difficult to get in good conditions when trying a mattress store. It's hard to let go and to project and can quickly fall into the trap of too soft mattress for example when we go in store. It is soft and comfortable seems time for a short try-but may not match expectations over time. Once the technology selected and the estimated density, one can do without this fitting session ". And it is perhaps even more relevant than many brands now offer warranties of up to 6 months to change mattresses.  

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