Wood, glass and feng shui


"Less energy, more well-being" is the motto of this house designed by a feng shui specialist ...

Implement a Feng Shui adapted,flexible, easy to use and aboveclose to me, European, and my aspirations"Was the ambition of LaurenceDujardin when assisted by an architect,she imagined her house. A principle thatnow defends all year long and then -that the former head of specialized businessin importing furniture fromAustralia has become a consultantin feng shui. His goal: to harmonize energy(Qi) homes in order to promotehealth, well-being and prosperityoccupants. We believe in it, we do not believe ...that is not the issue. Taoist ancient art,Feng Shui has the merit to be discreetand go unnoticed in the eyes of Cartesianthat we are. It also has theright to think that if the house is alsopleasant, is first in principleconstructive (solid wood) and its"Climate" design it should. 

A feng shui house project from Australia

"Australia is my second home and Ilow for a state, Queensland, wherethe colonial buildings are numerous.That's where I got the urge to thishome to the low roof surrounded by agangway and with a patio ... "ASo very personal project. for twoyears, Laurence ran trade fairsand sought the ideal ground before workingwith an architect to developa concrete record for licenseto build. In 2007, the public exhibition ofHouse Angers it wood is not wrong:he was awarded the first prize. 

a framesolid wood

The elementsLignotrend usedare panelslaminated honeycomb.They are supplied in lengthsstandard 248 cm and 298 cmof 50 and 75 cm wide.Their thickness ranges from 9 to 12.5 cm.Boards used arefir or spruce, assembledby polyurethane glue withoutVOC emissions. precutfactory, the walls are assembledfew days there whenthe foundations are completed.Given the ease ofused, great freedomis allowed in the geometry andthe size of the openings. Theircut is made with precisionin workshop. Finally, the structurespecial panels allowsthe insertion of technical networksVarious well as possibleadditional insulation. 

An energy accelerator

The house is on two levels. accessedthe second by an air staircase steelcrude, made by the same craftsman and theSimilarly the chimney-stovethat adorns the living room. The floor is dedicated to sleeping,Works for adults and gamesfor kids. All the pieces are there undercrawling and lit by low windowsProtected from the sun by advanced roof.All have, through the patio views "diagonal" onother parts, the ground garden. 

Attention says Laurence Dujardin, theFeng Shui has nothing to do with the house bioclimatic! Simply, the two approachesare complementary and are in the samemeaning, that of respect for nature. fengshui is required at the time of conception:the plan of the house is divided into nine areasenergy defined from the entrance. Aactivity area is devoted to each zone(Work, love, etc.). In the center, the patio issupposed to be an energy accelerator. fengshui also intervenes when decorating: The furniture location is important,as the choice of colors mood.However, the aspect of climateconstruction is provided by the architecture(Simple and advanced roof volume), environment(Taking account of the vegetationsurrounding), the arrangement of openings(Bay windows southwest benefitingsun all day and warmthe house in winter), reinforced insulation (ofwood fiber under a cedar siding)and the use of a heating systemRenewable Energy (a pellet boilerOf wood). "In the future, two panelsSolar will be installed on the rooffor hot water, "concludes Laurence. 

Today his house is finished, butLaurence does not want to stop therepath. A book should be out soon where sherecounts his experience, create or Arrangeyour home feng shui (The Courier of the book)and she has in mind a new home project,very different, smaller but equallypleasant. "We did not necessarilyneed a lot of space for wellness.Just take ownership respectingsome specific rules coming from the end ofworld, "she said. 

Technical sheet

Living space :270 m2. 

Price per m2:approx. 2500.,plus finishes. 

constructive principle:wall panelslaminated.Solid wood. 

foundations:concrete beamson sandy ground.Crawlspace. 

insulation:Wood fiber. 

Roof: tiles. 

Joinery:bicolour aludouble glazing. 

Heating:floor Ground dejardinand heatersupstairs, boilerpellet(Consumption:1000 ./an).Wood stove. 

design:Laurence Dujardinwww.laurencedujardin.com 

Maker :LignotrendWebsite (in German):www.lignotrend.de 

See also: www.objectif-bois.fr 

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