Where does the journalist Elisabeth Quin?

Portrait of&# 039; Elisabeth Quin.

Frédéric Stucin Pasco

When Elisabeth Quin opens the doors of his Paris apartment, the better to reveal the house of his dreams. We hear the song of swifts while rushes breath of Meltem. Interview decor with humor and poetry!

Journalist and writer, Elisabeth Quin has made a reputation in the audiovisual landscape by his years on the First Paris cinema chain. Since 2012, she joined Arte where she runs the daily magazine 28 minutes. Elisabeth Quin is a style, a tone all its own, incisive and powerful, just like the private tour of its interior. Place the design, the beautiful and purifies. Surely, the hostess is a woman of taste and wit.  

Your favorite room where you enjoy being and spending time?  

Elisabeth Quin: My bed at breakfast time with a book to 7 hours. If the living room for the evening setting sun light. Rose on the walls.  

Your furniture: rather modern, ultra design, family, pitcher? 

Elisabeth Quin: Design but not super.  

The most unusual or unexpected that one can find at home?  

Elisabeth Quin: Sculptures, drawings and erotic boxes of Charles Matton.  

An object or piece of furniture that you could separate you?  

Elisabeth Quin: You know the phrase Cocteau. If the house was burning qu'emporteriez you? Fire. Ok with him in mind, but without pin-pon.  

Your favorite color in your home? 

Elisabeth Quin: White walls, taupe carpet, velvet chestnuts, eggplant, green. For 30 years. No imagination.  

Your last purchase - useful or futile! - for the House ?  

Elisabeth Quin: Just beautiful, timeless, like a painting by Morandi taking life. Three vases scarified Guido Gambone.  

The cuisine is open or closed?  

Elisabeth Quin: Closed, pigs together is not high! 

Flat unexpectedly on the go for your friends? Your specialty? 

Elisabeth Quin: Pasta with lemons recipe from Hotel Santa Caterina Amalfi 

And on TV, what room?  

Elisabeth Quin: stamp format in the kitchen, not in a room, just a big screen to watch movies or DVD series ... 

Are you living in music or rather in silence?  

Elisabeth Quin: Ideally with the birdsong! Swifts night, almost disappeared in Paris ... Music and silence over child laughs, and for 16 years barking of a dog cat, "chiat" hybrid, unfortunately died recently. 

Rather candle or rather fragrance?  

Elisabeth Quin: Vaporizers Amber Diptych, candles and Frédéric Malle terrible indulgence.  

Curtains, doors, shutters? What does that inspire you?  

Elisabeth Quin: I dream of living with Meltem rushing into the room at night, but it's a sweet delirium: I can only sleep in total darkness. In parts, I like the expression " the hasp".  

What is on your bedside table?  

Elisabeth Quin: Melatonin, Valerian, gougouttes her cat to sleep, a pill box Line Vautrin, books, my watch, my glasses, and a storage compartment offered by my friend Daphné Roulier.  

Portrait of'Elisabeth Quin

Portrait of Elisabeth Quin

Frédéric Stucin Pasco

One tip Deco or storage?  

Elisabeth Quin: No tricks. What problems and solutions with professionals. I do not know a nail, but I know watch. 

Do you dream of one more room? If so, for what purpose? 

Elisabeth Quin: A library-dressing.  

Instead ordered (e) or messy?  

Elisabeth Quin: Manic with crises circumscribed brothels ... 

Are you green plants, flowers, balcony, patio, garden? 

Elisabeth Quin: Lemon, olive and huge geraniums on the terrace, and an old stone holy water collected in a disused chapel of the Jura, a gathering of herbs, basil and verbena and rosemary. 

Your addresses or trademarks favorites for the house (shopping, decoration, florist, etc.)? 

Elisabeth Quin: 

- The Bullets: my friend Eric Fleuret for its ceramics, in Saint-Ouen; 

- The gallery ceramics Pierre Marie Giraud in Brussels; 

- The Arcobaleno Deconet and websites; 

- And the snitch! 

You can find Elisabeth Quin? 

Arte in the magazine 28 minutes from Monday to Friday at 20:05. 

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