House Sarah Jessica Parker, Sex and the City, New York

The actress Sarah Jessica Parker in her New York show.

On the occasion of an interview to the American magazine Vogue, Sarah Jessica Parker opened the doors of his home in New York. Discover the living video of actress starde series Sex and the City ...

Where does Sarah Jessica Parker, the heroine of the series Sex and the City? Response Start with the ground floor of his New York home, the actress opened at Vogue. Video tour of its entry to the imposing staircase of his family living room with custom-made libraries and its amazing piece boudoir. 


1. A typical entry of US homes

Once the massive door of entry reached, the wooden staircase is necessary with its risers and white printed graphical way tapestry cement tiles. On the wall, sobriety is required, with a cream paint and moldings and ebony wood. On the ground, a massive traditional parquet has been laid throughout the ground floor. furniture side, we see small side tables where store vintage objects and lamps. Tables of different sizes and a mirror with gilded edges embellish the walls, while remaining sober.  

The entrance of Sarah Jessica Parker in the tradition of US homes, and gives to see a classic style, quite far from what one might imagine for the heroine of Sex and the City ... 

2. A warm living room library

Different atmosphere to the living room that faces the back of the house. Very bright thanks to two large windows, it offers a more pronounced style, family and eclectic. Two towering shelves lined with books, a large stone fireplace, a comfortable sofa in sea green velvet, colored armchairs, antique furniture, everything here is made to create a welcoming and family room. Another plus Deco? The green paint pistachio vintage charm that really sets the tone for the room and prevents it from getting entangled in too classic or old-fashioned because of the profusion of trinkets manner of curiosities (globes, baseballs. ..). 

Classic, the show wants above all comfortable. Far sanitized interiors of some celebrities, it appears very personal and enjoyable. Good point for the actress Sarah Jessica Parker! 

3. A room full of style boudoir

360 ° turn to the last part of the visit. A large area with white walls whose only window facing the street, without curtains or sheers. An element comes immediately attract attention: the amazing ping pong table design, which occupies much of the space. Classic, wooden piano, fireplace, and ornate armchairs upholstered sofa seem a continuation of the other rooms in the house. To modernize all this, however, there is a real effort in decorating. Beyond the ping pong table that a small effect, a profusion of contemporary paintings and the presence of white textured rugs come give character to the room.  

What that retains?

Very classic and family, inside Sarah Jessica Parker seems far from the Hollywood stereotypes. But because one expects no less than the incarnation of Carrie Bradshaw, learned Deco touches were disseminated to make them more user-friendly parts. Special mentions for walls painted pistachio green and surprising design table tennis table. 

Too bad there is no access to dressing Sarah Jessica Parker, fans of Sex and the City would have probably wanted to know if it has as many clothes and shoes that her character Carrie ... 

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