wood stove, pellet: the new generation stoves

The new stoves charm


The latest generations of stoves accept logs and pellets, heat the water in the heating circuit and regulate (almost) boilers. More than ever, the wood is a modern energy.

The stove is demanding in terms of storage, handling, loading, dust ... however, it is a symbol of conviviality and well-being. Still more design, efficient and economical. To choose, you attach to its yield, which eases the chore of wood As it increases. If the Green Flame label guarantees at least 70% yield (firewood stoves), there are devices that exceed 80%. Check the rating plate on the back of all devices. 

Logs or granules for a stove? Do not choose!

After arriving on the market for pellet stoves, which offer attractive autonomy not without constraints: getting electricity, fans, maintenance contract ... appeared hybrid or mixed frying, that is, ie capable of burning logs or pellets. This type of stove is ideal when, living in the country, one can have wood good price and enough space to store it, wishing to leave home without it cools. Then simply move logs to pellets. The Joint stove is not necessarily more expensive than the pellet stove. However, it is important to contact a qualified professional so that it is properly sized and installed. 

A log and pellet, this iron stove easily passes from'un combustible à l'autre et, avec son réservoir de 11kg, offre une autonomie de 12 h. Puissance 6 kW, rendement 77%. Mix, Invicta

A log and pellet, this iron stove easily pass from one fuel to another and, with its 11kg tank, provides up to 12 hours. Output 6 kW, yield 77%. Mix, Invicta


Stoves under control

Driven by the famous thermal regulation RT 2012, which imposes new construction, industrial innovate to facilitate the installation and use of firewood stoves. The new generations of devices have an automatic control system, which manages the volume of air in the stove, so combustion. Some are able to indicate when to put the wood, which puts per- less and consume, because we always tend to over "feed" our stoves. Aduro, Danish manufacturer, offers, and Seguin, with Autopilot IHS, which, analyzing the quality of the fumes, improves the performance and halve the wood consumption compared to a conventional stove. 

This stove acts as boiler SINCE'il peut être raccordé au circuit de chauffage à eau chaude. Puissance fournie à la pièce 4,6 kW et au circuit 6,4 kW. Convient au plancher chauffant. Cove 2B, Charnwood.

This stove acts as boiler as it can be connected to the hot water heating system. Power supplied to the workpiece 4.6 kilowatts and 6.4 kilowatts to the circuit. Suitable for floor heating. Cove 2B, Charnwood.


surmounted'un accumulateur, ce poêle diffuse encore de la chaleur une fois éteint. Equipé du système Autopilot IHS, qui analyse les fumées, il regle la combustion selon les besoins et indique s'il faut rajouter du bois. Le rendement est amélioré et la consomation réduite. E929MH, Seguin.

Topped with a battery, this stove still radiates heat when turned off. Equipped with the Autopilot system IHS, which analyzes the smoke, it adjusts the combustion as needed and whether it is necessary to add wood. Efficiency is improved and reduced to consumption. E929MH, Seguin.


Des boilers and stoves mass

Connecting a wood stove to the central heating network (via a buffer storage tank, preferably) allows, in addition to heat the room in which it is installed, not losing the emitted heat and the broadcast nothing throughout the house or to produce hot water. Some devices allow. Note again the return of mass stoves, designed to restore the accumulated heat after a lively and intense fire during a time that varies according to their weight (more than 12 hours for the heaviest of them!). These devices are suitable for large rooms open on the floor. 

This washed concrete masonry heater is associated with a control housing which serves to distribute the distribution of heat as required. 91.5% yield. Power 0.5 to 6 kW. 1300kg. Nordoven, Hiemstra

This washed concrete masonry heater is associated with a control housing which serves to distribute the distribution of heat as required. 91.5% yield. Power 0.5 to 6 kW. 1300kg. Nordoven, Hiemstra


The front of the pellet stove mainly glazed remains smooth, because the outlet grilles'air sont placées sur le dessus. Une fonction No-Air permet de couper les ventilateurs pour limiter le bruit. Puissance 8kW. Commercialisation 9/15. Klin de MCZ.

The front of the pellet stove mainly glazed remains smooth, because the air outlet grilles are placed on top. A No-Air function to cut the fans to reduce noise. 8kW power. 9/15 Marketing. Klin MCZ.


Tax credit for energy-saving generators

The tax credit for "Energetic transition" applies until 31 December 2015 if the stove or any other generator of energy saving device, made by a certified professional EGR Qualibois, displays the Green Flame words or less efficient than 70%, a rate of CO 0.3% or less and a lower environmental performance index or equal to 2. It concerns tenants or owner-occupiers of a principal residence of over 2 years and amounts to 30% of expenditure (excluding workforce). 

Sites of manufacturers

aduro.fr, charnwood.fr, chemineesphilippe.com, godin.fr, 

hase.fr, invicta.fr, jotul.com, lorflam.com, 

mczgroupe.com, nibefire.fr, oliger.com, palazzetti.fr,  

rmbfrance.fr, seguin.fr, stuv.com, tulikivi.com, wanders.tm.fr 

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