Walk-in Shower: 20 models to discover

Ultra trend, Italian shower is now recognized in our modern bathrooms. We love above all its sleek look and design but also its accessibility for comfortable use at will. Completely or partially open, in its tiled traditional version or not, or a minimalist luxurious strand is cracked for all this shower storey. Freeze frame on 20 walk-in showers that are worth a look.

The Italian shower Traditional is a walk-in shower with no recipient (just a floor drain) and fully open the bathroom. Given a pose a bit complex (including the piping must be embedded in the ground), often referred by extension shower Italian for a shower with a low-profile receiver (some are only 50 mm thick) recessed in the ground. It can also be embellished with a glass wall to avoid splashing, making it more family. Very easy access, without steps, the walk-in shower is recommended for the elderly or disabled, it also creates an impression of space, ideal in a small bathroom. Finally, look side, it comes at will, with different tiles or in a uniform version, decorated with luxurious mosaics or very refined, or standard size XXL ... - >> Read also >> Renovation: create a walk-in shower with a walk and >> Read also >> Walk-in Shower: 3 defects to know

enlargeShower to'italienne à vos dimensions

1- A walk-in shower to your dimensions- walk-in shower with shower tray to be recoupable disk grinder with 125 mm or diamond. Receiver extra black plate, 80 x 120 cm x H.2,7 Pyro, ask in Solistone (material composed of resin and mineral), rectangular. Diameter drain, 90 mm. slate decor, taupe. 359 euros. Castorama.
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enlargeShower to'italienne carrelée

2- An Italian tiled shower- walk-in shower tray to be tiled 90 x 90 cm extruded polystyrene. Ep. 6 cm. Can be used instead of the yoke of the shower area. vertical or horizontal plug sold separately. 129 euros. Exists in dimensions 90 x 140 (149 euros) and 90 x 180 cm (199 euros). Brico Depot.
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Brico Depot

enlargeShower to'italienne sur mesure

3- A shower with custom Italian- Large custom shower and bath decorated with wall panels accessoirisables wish. Aska Facades coated graphite soft and soft lacquered white, matt chrome handles visere. laminate toilet Plan Fénix luxury white Kos. Luxury stratified customized with integrated basins. Price of the shower estimate. Mobalpa.
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slideshow picturesenlargeShower to'italienne made in France

4- A walk-in shower made in France- Italian shower with wall Line Luxury tailor-made in France. Right wall 8 mm safety glass combined with a limestone treatment or anti Timeless for transparent glass. Dimensions: L 75 cm x H 198 cm. Assortment supplemented by a reinforcement crutch. From 578 euros. Lapeyre.


enlargeShower to'italienne avec receveur extra-plat

5- A walk-in shower with extra flat tray- walk-in shower with DuraPlan shower tray 50 mm height, frame included. Dimensions: 90 x 90 cm. From 510 euros. Duravit.


enlargeCompose your own shower to'italienne

6- Compose your own walk-in shower- Shower walls 2, 40 cm transparent glass + wall 50 cm mirror glass, m. 8 mm. Aluminum profile polished chromed appearance. Sold with a wall mounting kit. Stabilizer composed of one part stabilizer L. L. 180 cm and 120 cm (cut to required) and one clamp glass + 1 glass junction kit. 5 year warranty. 459 euros. Leroy Merlin.

Leroy Merlin

enlargeShower to'italienne très fonctionnelle

7- A very functional in shower- in shower with recipient Flight Neus, extra flat, height of 4 cm with integrated projection without slope for quick and total evacuation of water into the gutter positioned at the end. Cover customizable ultra-thin 4 colors. Available in 14 dimensions which 2 XXL dimensions (170 x 80 and 180 x 80). Supplied with a low-profile plug, equipped with a removable hair recovery. Tray made of a single material developed by Jacob Delafon: made from a bi-component resin, covered with an acrylic layer, it is robust, easy to handle and has an antibacterial treatment in the mass during manufacturing making the antibacterial coating. Receiver 800 x 800 mm, from 512 euros. Jacob Delafon.

Jacob Delafon

enlargeShower to'italienne ouverte

8- A shower in the open Italian- Pure Line Taps shower. Thermostatic cartridge with ceramic recessed 3-way push chrome finish: 988.80 euros. 2 functions shower with diverter and Air Eco system. Diameter 12 or 14 cm: 86,40 euros or 109,20 Euro depending on the diameter. Porcelanosa.


enlargeShower to'italienne tout confort

9- A walk-in shower comfort- fixed walls Open 2: 120 cm and L.80 cm. H 195 cm. Widths extensible 118.5 to 120 cm and from 78.5 to 80 cm. transparent safety glass, m. 6 mm. Aluminum profile polished chromed appearance. Two stabilizer bars can be cut to L. 100 cm + busbar connection. 2 years warranty. L. 120 cm, 169 euros. L. 80 cm, 99 euros. Available in other sizes and screen-printed glass. Leroy Merlin.

Leroy Merlin

enlargeShower to'italienne avec porte coulissante

10- A walk-in shower with sliding door- Alterna wall Pure Day, L. 140 cm + Version right back wall L.90 cm. Sliding door open or closed shower. Glass 8 mm on the sliding and 6 mm on the sliding and 6 mm on the fixed. limescale treatment. transparent glass. Height 200 cm. Available in opening to the right or left. reinforcement arms (L. 125 cm) can be shortened. Stop for limiting the stroke of the sliding door. A combined with a back wall. 1249 euros. Cédéo.


enlargestone effect for this shower to'italienne

11- stone effect for this in shower- in shower with ultraflat recipient S Tonic II, intense black rectangular 100 x 80 cm, height 3 cm. Receiver Ideal Solid, a very resistant material composed of resin and natural mineral filler, coated with a gel coat effect "Pierre" for an opaque finish. finishing effect "Pierre" naturally slip-resistant (Class C according to DIN 51097 standard). Easy to install recessed or raise. From 420 euros. Connect door sliding shower. Mixer Tonic II. Ideal Standard.

ideal Standard

enlargeShower to'italienne cordonnée au carrelage

12- A walk-in shower ordinated tiling in- walk-in shower with Superplan Plus 484-1 shower tray 120 x 90 cm, alpine white. Available in over 30 colors with 12 colors matte thereby coordinate the color of the recipient with the tiles. 14 dimensions to the total of 80 x 80 to 150 x 150 cm. Arises at ground, on the ground or elevated. From 892 euros. Kaldewei.


enlargeShower to'italienne en mosaïque

13- A walk-in shower with mosaic- walk-in shower tray to be tiled, 120 x 80 cm expanded polystyrene very high density Dimensions: 120 x 80 cm. Available in different sizes. Thickness: 5 cm. Warranty: 5 years. Weight: 4.0 kg. 202.90 euros. Receiver covered with mosaic Colors imitation slate Full body porcelain stoneware, rust colors. Dimensions of tile: 29,80 x 29,80 cm. Thickness: 9 mm. important passage. 12,95 euros per plate. Castorama.


enlargeShower to'italienne minimaliste

14- A shower with minimalist Italian- walk-in shower with Subway Infinity ViPrint shower tray ceramic 18 different sizes, feasibility customized. Assorted decorations specially designed to coordinate with a selection of tiles Villeroy & Boch. From 480 euros. Villeroy & Boch.

Villeroy & Boch

enlargeShower to'italienne clef en main

15- A walk-in shower turnkey- Jewel technical wall 10 cm thick that incorporates recessed fittings, clever storage and ambient light. With siding Panolux easy to maintain, waterproof and very durable. Wide choice of colors and textures. Jewel is available in 6 finishes for wood effect, concrete or stone. Available in three widths, 80, 90 and 100 cm, Écrin comes pre-assembled for a perfect seal and installation possible in less than two hours. From 2520 euros. Jacob Delafon.

Jacob Delafon

enlargeShower to'italienne sous les toits

16- A walk-in shower attic- custom shower, after the model 'design nest under the roof' custom. Facade L500S, finishing lacquer PRISM color bright gray. Handle Counterpoint facet, finishing Titanium. washstand Glass, Color Anthracite Metallic. Price on request. Pérène.


enlargeShower to'italienne nouvelle génération

17- A walk-in shower next generation- invisible evacuation system Shower Deck: new shower tray without slope, no plug or visible siphon, embedded in the ground and covered with floorboards ceramic, not spliced, so that water flows quietly. Faster and easier to install, it easily adapts to the configuration of the part and saves the surface. No need to calculate the slope needed to flow from the shower to the Italian, the board already includes a slope of 3.5%, hidden under the tile blades. ceramic tiles (Porcelanosa Parker® collection) separated from each other by 4 mm and resting on the plate to ensure the flow of water to the lower flow system. Compatible with all references ceramic tiles 14.3 x 90 cm from Porcelanosa Group. Rigid polyurethane base. 3 cm thick. drain hole included with horizontal outlet (40 mm diameter). Delivered without tiling. From 560.29 to 1 102.26 euros depending on size, out tiles. Porcelanosa.


enlargeShower to'italienne facile à monter

18- A shower in the Italian easy to mount- Pivoting door Kinespace on chrome hinges + fixed wall in alignment. safety glass 6 mm. limescale treatment. transparent or frosted glass. Height 200 cm. Quick and easy installation thanks to the profile system equipped with clamps requiring simple Allen key and Kineclip system for quick and secure attachment of the revolving door. metal handle, chrome silicone cover strip, chrome finish reinforcing bar. Model shown: L. 170 cm with hinges on the left. 1288 euros. Kinedo in Cédéo.


enlargeShower to'italienne familiale

19- A family walk in shower- Aqua wall transparent glass, thickness 6 mm. H. 195 x L. 90 cm. Profile polished aluminum, thickness 45 mm. extensible wall bracket of 70 to 100 cm. 2 years warranty. 99 euros. Receiver tileable extruded polystyrene. Ep. 6 cm. Sun, 90 x 90, 129 euros. Dimensions 90 x 140, 149 euros dimensions 90 x 180 cm, 199 euros. Brico Depot.

Brico Depot

enlargeShower to'italienne comme un cocon douillet

20- A walk-in shower as a cozy cocoon- Large shower area with comfortable seating. Shower enclosure full height smoked glass. Map molded finish Relief kashmir, large vessel and double tap hole. Facades Loa walnut tree structured Quercy handles Rhea copper brushed finish. laminated walnut washstand structured Quercy. 2340 + 4.27 euros eco-share (the price includes all the furniture and bathroom with basin plan. Mobalpa.


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