Our candles deco ideas for Christmas


It's tradition, no Christmas without candles! Each year-end party, they light our Christmas decoration and ambiancent our interior. Discover Deco candles for Christmas 2011 ...

Candles are an integral part of the Christmas ritual. Long attached to branches of the tree with wax or pins, candles have evolved over the years. Traditional candles with decorative candles, there is now something for everyone. Although their meaning varies by region of the world, the candle itself as the symbol of light and peace in these festive periods. To choose the one that will brighten your Christmas, here is our selection of eight candles ... 

1. Candle of Advent

This year, dare to change! Instead of the traditional advent calendar, choose the 25 candles that will make you wait until Christmas. 

Calendar of paraffin'avent, 10 euros, Habitat

2. From the pattern and color for the candle

This year, the classic white candle is adorned with colors and patterns for the holidays. These candles quickly find a place to bring a touch of originality to your Christmas decoration, while remaining discreetly. 

Yrsnö candle paraffin, 14 cm. 2.49 euros each, Ikea

3. wool Spirit

It is well known, at Christmas it's cold! Fortunately wool is here to warm us. This year, the candle is no exception, she decided to follow fashion and to take an imitation wool to keep warm ...  

Candle knit, 5.90 euros. Fly

4. The flakes light up and see red

In addition to color, these six small candles bring the Christmas spirit to your decoration. For a traditional touch revisited, why not indulge? 

wooden box six warmer"flocons", 4,90 euros, Casino

5. Candles for Deco gold

Imposing by their size and color gold, these cones are sufficient to change things up your Christmas decoration. Bet on minimalism and gold side to accompany these candles.  

Candle Pyramid gold, 3.99 euros each, Conforama

6. Christmas in red and white

If this winter, you go for the holidays while red and white, these candles will be ideal to put the finishing touch to your Christmas decoration. 

Set of 3 candles, 4.50 euros, Conforama

7. A spark plug near to the nature

Like the animals, especially birds? Fall for this candle that melts into a gold decor for the holidays.  

Royal, candle wax, 5 x 7.5 x 11.1 cm. 6 euros, Home

8. The delicacy and discretion gathered in a candle

A soft color, light embroidery and a glamorous cover. That's a candle that knows how to be beautiful while keeping finesse and discretion. Ideal for Christmas decoration while sober. 

ceramic candle Lilac, P 7.5 x L x 7.5 H 10.5 cm. 9 euros, Amadeus
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