charming garden: develop a city garden in the countryside

A pond with old, wooden aisle, colored furniture ... just a good idea to make your original garden that is large or small. Town House has found 15 ideas to add charm to your garden, with the advice and decryption of a landscape gardener.

enlargeA natural pool in the garden

1- A natural pool in the garden- The natural pool has the main purpose to develop an ecosystem. In this basin, there is a swimming area and a filtration zone. Filtration of the basin is ensured by plants called épuratives plants. There are also oxygenating plants to oxygenate the water, and decorative plants to prevent the proliferation of algae. Cash is to buy in garden centers or specialized nurseries. To put the water in motion and therefore the fresh air, you need to install pumps, fountains or waterfalls. An ecosystem naturally expand to accommodate algae, small animals or other animals.
The advantages of natural basin : it is a biological alternative to traditional pool; it requires little maintenance (once a year); it does not require a building permit.
The disadvantages of natural basin: it is not necessary that the water temperature exceeds 24 ° C if the bacteria grow; water must be continuously circulated to regenerate well so it requires a large power consumption.
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Christophe Dugied

enlargeThe veil to bring the'ombre au jardin

2- The sail to provide shade in the garden- Trend of the summer on the terrace and in the garden, shade sail brings a touch of modernity and elegance to the outdoor decor. In this garden with a swimming pool in Ramatuelle, the veil overlooks a relaxation and ensures a cool area for sunny days. Rectangular or triangular, shade sails scale to any outside parties and protect the added bonus of UV rays.
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Ariadna Bufi

enlargeAnimate the garden with sculptures

3- Animate the garden with sculptures- Arrange the garden is an art. But why not expose art in his garden? Sculptures, statues and other artwork can be installed in the garden to make it alive and unique. Terracotta, stone, metal, steel or concrete, artworks will also invite outside. You choose the style you prefer: ancient, contemporary, Japanese ... Make staged as in the garden in the Paris region where the statues are discussing them. The works can hide in an alley, arise between two trees or even enthroned in the middle of the garden.
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Jean-Marc Palisse

enlargeThe small house in the garden

4- The small house in the garden- When you have a small garden, you can bet on the decor! In the Perche, this cabin has its little garden on the topic of the chicken and the chicken coop. In front of the house, the decor elements jostling for a campaign spirit worthy scenery of "Little House on the Prairie". For this, do not hesitate to expose decor finds, objects from the flea market or the recycling craft. To make the most intimate garden, a fence with a small gate surrounds the cabin: its people can live in peace, to the rhythm of nature and hens!
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Franck Schmitt

enlargegrand opening of the garden

5- grand opening of the garden- We only see him ... this magnificent tree that reigns over this garden in Ramatuelle! To reach a small stone path has interfered in a sloping driveway that opens majestically over the park. To give this impression of immensity to the output of the aisle, give special care to the choice of plants that draw the driveway. Large plants, exotic plants and rocks create volume and structure the garden.
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Ariadna Bufi

enlargeA rough wooden table that extends the beauty of garden trees

6- A rough wooden table that extends the beauty of garden trees- If your garden has large trees and wish to sublimate, opt for a large table in raw wood. In perfect harmony with your garden, it allows you to enjoy a good meal out. For your table, choose the cypress, as in this garden of Corsica, a durable, lightweight wood that resists insects, erosion and mold. Other woods are nicely as larch or teak, which have identical properties to the cypress. With a table and two wooden benches, the terrace ends to give your entire garden an air of holiday in the image of this Corsican stone property and its majestic olive tree.
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Nicolas Millet

enlargeWild Spirit in the garden

7- Wild Spirit in the garden- If you do not have a green thumb, you can opt for a wild garden as it in Provencal Gard. This wild garden was created behind a terraced, a dry stone wall to prevent passage and leave it fallow corner develop quietly. The advantage of this type of garden is that it is self-managing, so no need watering or specific treatments. Nature takes its course and local plants establish themselves naturally.
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Nicolas Mathéus

enlargeA rose arch to create unusual garden views

8- A rose arch to create unusual garden views- The entrance to this garden located in the Pole is marked by an arch of white roses materializing a gate and creating an original perspective on the garden. In addition to the input, the arch may also separate different parts of the garden, be against a wall or placed in a hedge. Support for climbing plants, the arch forms a vault conducive to contemplation of lined garden of a romantic spirit. No matter that the ark is made of steel or wood, it is important to dress without moderation!
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Franck Schmitt

enlargeCreate a wooden walkway in the garden

9- Create a wooden walkway in the garden- To join the patio, driveway turns functional and aesthetic in the image of the wooden walkway that leads to the entrance of a house in the island of Oléron. In the bordering plants, the alley becomes a small corridor of nature that structure at the same time the garden. But what wood to choose a path? Ipe often unanimously because of its resistance to fire and mold but also due to its longevity and little treatment to give him.
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Alizé Chauvet

enlargeMultiply plants in a city garden

10- Multiply plants in a city garden- This is not because we live in the city that is not entitled to his little greenery! Feel free to increase the plant diversity if you have a patio or terrace as in this garden located in Paris's Montmartre district: flowerbed in plants, vines and drooping, clipped box ball ... know that if you have a small space, although scatter plants to be able to move or install a small garden, and favor climbing occupying little floor space.
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Nicolas Millet

enlargeThe high garden plants line the terrace

11- The high garden plants line the terrace- To structure your garden, the tall plants are your best allies. This is exactly the result produced in this garden located in Ramatuelle but the effect is twofold: the wooden deck surrounds the house and the tall plants surround the terrace. These create more height and carry the look off.
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Ariadna Bufi

enlargeCreate an intimate journey into the garden

12- Create an intimate journey into the garden- If you have a long garden, you can create an intimate journey as a natural walk. A picture of this garden in the Paris area, you can draw a frame with foliage that gives shape and volume to the whole. The locinera nitida or shrub honeysuckle (the cloud-pruned shrubs) delimit space. These small evergreen shrubs with leaves grow quickly, are up to 2 meters high and require three sizes in summer. To materialize the driveway, four steps in cross railway and a paved path were filed.
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Christine Soler

enlargePots that s'intègrent dans la déco du jardin

13- Pots that fit into the decor of the garden- In the alley of the garden of the Grasse countryside, everything is in stone: the walls and floor. So to bring a bit of greenery, big pots were aligned. Fully integrated decor them gives dimension to the driveway. Ceramic, clay, wood, metal or fiber, you're spoiled for choice! You choose the material that will be contrasted with your environment or be in continuity with the spirit of your garden.
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Bernard Touillon

enlargePlacing a shack in the garden to accuellir friends

14- Placing a shack in the garden to accuellir friends- The hut in the garden always as successful! Primarily used for storing tools, it can also act as small guest house. In the Paris region of garden, the pine and oak cabin is an absolute simplicity in order to be in harmony with the nature of the garden. The cabin must fit the landscape while being aesthetic. Wood, PVC, resin or metal, it is for you to determine what material will marry the best for your garden. In the end, a cabin has the look of a summer cottage for the benefit of friends or to isolate themselves.
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Nicolas Mathéus

enlargeOne basin to'ancienne qui favorise la biodiversité dans le jardin

15- A pond old that promotes biodiversity in the garden- To bring the animal life in the garden, nothing like a pond! Everyone chooses the style he prefers: one basin to the former example like this one located in the rolling countryside. Compound of bamboos and lilies, this garden is part of a decidedly zen. In length, square or circular basin fits all garden areas, brings peace and promotes biodiversity.
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Bernard Touillon

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