Agapanthus gardens: flowers and plants Landscape Alexandre Thomas

Maxime Gasnier

tropical and exotic plants, flowering shrubs ... The Agapanthus gardens illustrate the work of the landscape architect Alexandre Thomas. Report in this green and exotic labyrinth in the heart of Normandy ...

Grigneuseville located in Upper Normandy, between Dieppe and Rouen, the Agapanthus gardens are the work of an equally wild nature under control, performed by Alexander Thomas, a landscape architect quarantine. The man envisioned a place built with topiary plants such as Buxus or Pinus, that blend into the rest of the vegetation. In some places, rest areas are installed wrought iron chairs, pool with freshwater fish, terracing slabs of natural stone ... The bucolic garden invites contemplation. 

The color gradients are mixing the richness of these picturesque gardens.

Peace and quiet could be the watchwords of Agapanthus gardens. In the midst of dense vegetation that mixes various species (plants bulbs, exotic flowering shrubs, ...) emerge from sandy trails where visitors wander. Like a maze, you let drown the prospects of games that mark the different levels of the gardens. And the only sounds that let perceive are those insects that seem to delight in this perfectly controlled jungle.  

The Agapanthus gardens are punctuated topiary plants that resemble real scultpures plant.
The paths and stone steps lead visitors to stroll through the gardens.

While hydrangeas blend with redwoods and rhododendrons, palm leaves them assert themselves throughout the forest. Colors and smells combine to bring out an almost exotic atmosphere, which spreads on the two gardens. Dépaysants desire, flower beds do not seem to count, and leave room for a flower garden amphitheater in the second. 

Just cross the road to meet rhododendrons and conifers that welcome walkers behind a large gate. The second garden, built around an old building bricks acquired in 2006, is home to curious specimens ...  

A majestic palm leaf s'impose parmi les autres espèces de plantes.
Foxglove (Digitalis purpurea) is the largest herb of its kind.

Agapanthus gardens, 1 Impasse Agapanthus, 76850 Grigneuseville.
Opened in April and October only weekends from 14h to 18h. Open daily from May to September (except Wednesday) from 14h to 19h.
Free tour, visit groups.
Rate :
10 euros.
More information

The stroll through the gardens takes visitors to meet some curious plants.
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